Son of Croknar Son of Kirygin Son of Tivgrin


Not your typical adventuring dwarf, Crunokt has unseen skills to turn the tide..
4’5 191. Brown Hair. Brown Eyes.
LG. Worshipper of Moradin.
5 Rogue, 1 Ranger. 58 HP
18 Str
14 Dex
14 Con
14 Int
12 Wis
8 Cha

21 AC. +2 Studded Leather Armor. +2 Ring of Protection. +2 Amulet of Natural Armor.
Fort 5
Reflex 9
Will 4

+1 Dwarven War Axe +10
+2 Bright Flame Dagger/Longsword +10 DR/15 Cold
Crunokt Crystal Dagger +8

Feats- Iron Will. Combat Expertise. Skill Focus Gem Cutter.
Rogue Talent- Improved Disarm. Weapon Training (Weapon Focus Dwarven War Axe)

Favored Enemy (Gnoll) +2 Atk/Dmg
Sneak Attack 3d6

Acrobatics +11
Climb +13
Craft (Gem Cutting) +16
Craft (Weapon smith) +11 ( +2 Craft Belt)
Knowledge Arcana +3
Knowledge Dungeoneering +8
Knowledge Geography +7
Knowledge History +5
Knowledge Local +6
Knowledge Nature +8
Linguistics +7
Perception +9
Profession (Miner) +5
Stealth +21 ( +10 with Ring of Chameleon Power)
Trapfinding +10

Languages: Movran, Dwarven, Andorian, Minotaur, Orc


Crunokt, the youngest of three sons is a feisty headstrong dwarf. Learning the skills of an adventurer from his father. He honed his abilities of fighting and also his thieving skills to one day set out of the mountain to find the Lost Axe of Tivgrin the Fierce, his great grandfather. Also from his father he learned the ways of a miner. While not enjoying being a miner, he did it anyway to make his father happy and have the knowledge.

From his mother Ingil he learned the art of Gem Cutting. He grew very fond of gems and their properties. Many a night he would skip sleep to work on whatever gems he could. He became very skilled and it allowed more time for his mother to craft and create new brews for the dwarves. Using top-side fruits and nuts she was able to create a brand new drink, the Dark Fire.
Dark Fire was blasted by the dwarves at first. They didn’t want a fruity sweet drink similar to what the elves would make. But after a while they came around to it because of it’s potentcy. It was so well received that the head brewmaster made her his assistant.
Dark Fire is a very limited Dwarven brew.

The oldest brother Berymuk is a guard in the caves. Constantly fighting off orcs underneath the Howling Vale. Berymuk trains Crunokt when he is given leave to return to the mountain.
The middle brother Tivgar made up his mind at a young age that he would become an adventurer like his father and great grandfather Tivgrin. Very skilled with an axe he headed south in search for the lost axe of Tivgrin. He has been gone and missing for 18 years.

Not long ago while Crunokt was crafting an especially exceptional fire agate, Dolgur Son of Ergar of Clan Dwmek of the Artisan’s Caste interrupted him. Dolgur was an esteemed merchant who hailed from the Dwaerdim outpost of Shimmerhold where he traded with the Movrans and Minotaur League. Recently a Movran merchant traded him an especially fine gauntlet – this masterly crafted item engraved with the ancient insignia of theu Dwaezak’hun (the Legendary Valeguard) was none other than the property of Tivgar! Dolgur, a longtime friend, returned the ancient armor to Crunokt without charge.

How could this be? Tivgar would never have parted with such an heirloom! Could it be possible that Tivgar met the same fate as the legendary Tivgrin the Fierce to be lost to the southern lands? Crunokt immediately hefted his axe, gathered his pack, and the finest of his mother’s Dark Fire brew and prepared to travel south to uncover the mystery of the gauntlet or to join the missing dwarves of his line.

Of course Crunokt was forbidden to travel south by the Family’s matriarch, his brewmeister mother. Crunokt would not be dissuaded and convinced Dolgur to let him join his Merchant’s charter in Shimmerhold where he would meet with the Movran who had the gauntlet and thence travel south. Dolgur agreed and there was nothing the Matriarch could do. Before ten days had passed Dolgur and Crunokt had traveled to Shimmerhold via the massive underground roads connecting the outpost to the legendary Dwaerhearth.

Dolgur helped Crunokt track down the Movran tradesman (Crunokt proved to be a natural sleuth himself). From the tradesmen Crunokt learned that the gauntlet had been picked up in Bartertown – the legendary trade city of the V’adel Tradesmen. Rumor had it that the gauntlet was found near the town of Tarn in Andoria in ruins near the small town of Tarn on the shores of Lake Aerydeen.

Dolgur modified his charter and together, along with twenty dwarven guards, the dwarven friends traveled south to the Minotaur League fortress of Bar Thoz. From the imposing monolithic fortress, Dolgur and Crunokt ventured south on a League Merchant Trireme (a swift-traveling triangle-sailed ship) to the ruined city of Vaden in Andoria. Alas, Dolgur took sick upon the Sea of Dengar and was forced to rest in Vaden. Cronokt was impatient and has made his way north to the legendary Venthar Keep in Northern Andoria. The Greening is in full swing and the banks of the Ellisian River team with activity as the Andorian Knights respond to rumors of war.


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