The Elder Races

Ogres | Ogre Minions | Elves | Dwarves

In the centuries following the collapse of the now forgotten empires, Tarmolith remained unclaimed by sentient beings except for remote areas where remnants of the Elder Races (survivors of whatever cataclysm that destroyed the ancient empires) resided and established small nations of their own. Among these survivors are the dwarves of Dwaerhearth who isolated themselves deep within the mountains, the elves who live in the remote reaches of Tarmolith and ultimately lost contact with the other Elder Races and their eventual descendants, and the Ogres whose dire magic and brute strength allowed many to survive the cataclysm. The mystery of the ancient ones demise is unknown (or hidden) to even the most wise of these three races yet the elves, dwarves, and ogres still have knowledge of ancient histories and other secrets.

The Younger Races

Andorians | Drakkians | Gnomes | Movrans | V’adel Tradesmen | Tel Ok Tel Mar Minotaurs | Moonshelf Halflings

The Ancient empires’ mastery of planar magic has been lost but their experiments and manipulations continue to shape the world of Tarmolith. These alterations to the very fabric of the world have drawn all manner of strange beasts, magical races, and monsters of myth to Tarmolith. These magical beings tend to gather around the ruins of the ancient empires – lending credence to the claim that these ruins may not be as inactive as they appear. Even the most hardened explorers avoid inhabited ruins or enter them only with ample preparation. Refugees fleeing other worlds also have a tendency to turn up in Tarmolith; it’s as if the world itself acts as a lodestone for anyone utilizing teleportation or planar magic.

As a result, refugees from other worlds have found themselves unexpectedly marooned on Tarmolith. The ruins of unsuccessful colonies are numerous and only distinguished from remnants of the ancient empires in that they are not nearly as old. Those races that successfully transitioned to life in the world thrived and formed their own civilizations. These visitor races are collectively referred to as the New Races or “Outsiders” by the Elder Races (Note that the New Races are not considered Outsiders for purposes of game play). “Outsiders” include the Andorians, the Drakkians, the gnomes of Tinkerhiem, the majority of those inhabiting the Movran Plains and Tundra, the minotaurs of Tel Ok Tel Mar, and the halflings of the Moonshelf.


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