AV After Vanishing
AR Andorian Reckoning (Established 3223 AR)
TA Tel Ok Tel Mar Advance (Established 3366 AV, 0143 AR)

0000 AV The Ancient Empires Vanish
0101 AV The First to Emerge
0253 AV The Charm of Creation
0325 AV The First Slave War
0355 AV The First Slave War Ends
1545 AV The Dwarven Vaults Open
1689 AV The Charm of Séance
1715 AV Dwarven Emissaries
1825 AV The Orcs are Created

2042 AV The Second Slave War – Orc populations explode, growing faster than the ogres can
magically dominate them. An orc tribe manages to break free of the orgre’s control and catalyzes an open orc rebellion – The Second Slave War commences.

2689 AV The Selderine Returns to Tarmolith – After a thousand years, the elves hopes for reconciliation with the dwarves ebb when the dwarven emissaries never return to elven lands and missions to the dwarven lands fail to even find the secret entrances to the dwarven holds. The elves finally realize the price of the Charm of Séance. Seeking penitence, they reach out to their ancient gods and goddesses. The ancient Selderine hears Elven pleas across the great expanses of the planes and time. The old gods and goddesses of the elves return to the elves but require that the magic of the ancients be turned over to them immediately. The elves agree and Corollon Laerthian in turns hides the Ancient Charms horded by the elves in a secret planar vault

2899 AV The Second Slave War Ends – The Second Slave War ends and rebellious orcs are driven
from Ranor Tor with the assistance of newly created (and magically dominated) minions – the Bugbears. The Bugbears, a race that combines human and orc bloodlines, are the most successful of the Ogre’s creations. Since humans had not arrived in great numbers to Tarmolith the use of human bloodlines is a mystery. Bugbears are deeply flawed; most Ogre Magi see their, arguably most loyal creations, as failures to advance their aspirations to divinity. Bugbears cannot breed true and are utterly dependent on spawning pools sequestered deep in the bowls of Ranor Tor
for the perpetuation of the species. The creation and maturity of the dreaded Bugbears force rebellious orcs to travel north across the Blood Strait to in-turn enslave many of the wild
goblin tribes flourishing in the Fategard and Dwaershield Mountains. From the goblins, these newly arrived orcs learn of the dwarves. The orcs and goblins renew a bloody war with the dwarves in the Howling Vale. The orcs and goblins also invade Ranthyr but are quickly repulsed by the Ranthyrim, their Elanthir allies, and unfamiliar arboreal battlefield.

2924 AV Dwarves Divided – Orcs and Goblins defeat the dwarves in a massive battle under the Howling Vale and drive thousands of dwarves to the surface. The circumstances surrounding this terrible defeat are mysterious and sunder the Dwarven Empire. Some dwarven scholars say that the defeat had nothing to do with orcs and goblins battling below the Vale (though this may be simply rhetoric). What is certain is that descendents of the Hill Dwarves were driven from the Great Shield Hall. History is unclear weither the Hill Dwarves were turned away from their mountain-dwelling cousins.

2955 AV The “New Races” Begin to Arrive – The long-abandoned, resource poor Movran Tundra and
Plains begin to be populated by small bands of humans and other marooned planar travelers. At first the Movran wilderness proves to be vast enough to contain rapidly growing tribes and interactions between tribes are rare. As new tribes arrive and old tribes expand, struggle for
resources begin in earnest.

3044 AV Movran Tribes Expand – The human tribes of the Movran Plains thrive and expand much faster than the Elder Races anticipate. A prodigious birth rate of human tribes coupled with the mysterious arrival of non-native inhabitants swell the population of the Movran Plains. The Hill Dwarves form an early alliance and trade with the first Movrans forming a strong alliance.

3060 AV The Dwarves Shut off Dwaerhearth – Weary of constant fighting on and beneath the Howling Vale the Mountain Dwarves retreat to their ancestral vaults and seal Dwaerhearth. The Hill Dwarves expand their relations with the Movran Barbarians and Plainsman and found Highvale as a place of trade.

3088 AV The Ogre Magi Expeditions – Internal power struggles and minor rebellions reduced the
scope of the Ogre Magi’s plans for world domination to the immediate region around the Iron City of Ranor Tor. The one exception is a small expedition into The Wastes by a band of Ogre-Magi – each a powerful Ogre warlord in their own right. The majority of expedition’s members were lost to the sandy expanses and numerous dangers of The Wastes; a few returned to Ranor Tor. The purpose of the expeditions remains a mystery even to many of the Ogre Magi though it is rumored that Enbraxis Ool was one of the survivors. Internal power struggles and minor rebellions contain future expeditions to the labyrinth below the Iron City of Ranor Tor. The only exception is an expedition into The Wastes to the major ruins there.

3134 AV Movrans Invade Ranthyr – The relations between the Movrans and neighboring Ranthyrim and Elanthyrim were always strained (owing again to the curs of the Charm of Séance which sundered the alliance between dwarves and elves). Raids into Ranthyr by ambitious Movran tribes swiftly escalate into open war when several large tribes band together and invade the Forest of Ranthyr. The Ranthyrim, in turn, call upon their traditional allies in the other elven nations. Only the Elanthyr Elves of the Shifting Sea head the Ranthyrim’s call. The third elven nation us declared lost by both Ranthyrim and Elanthir when messangers and scouting bands never returned from across The Wastes.

3140 AV Movran Raiders are Driven from Ranthyr – The Elanthir successfully negotiate with several northern Movran Tribes (through diplomacy and outright bribes) to pull their support for the invasion. The combined force of Ranthyrim resistance, Elanthir Sharders, and their Movran allies the human raiders are soundly defeated at the Battle of the Twin Oaks. Remnants of the invading tribes are chased into the plains where they are dispearsed – forming new tribes and being incorporated by victorious tribes. Many Ranthyrim believe that the victorious Movran tribes joined the Elanthir simply to remove competing tribes (a truism in most cases). Both Elanthir and Ranthyrim recall ambassadors from the Movran tribes.

3150 AV Halflings Appear on the Moonshelf – Halfling bands begin to emerge from the uninhabited drylands of the Moonshelf. Several Movran Tribes attempt to enslave the halflings but are met with fierce resistance at the hands of powerful Halfling casters called Proxies and their allies – huge, hereto unseen – blink dog packs. Many vanquished Movrans befriend the gregarious halflings (though it is rumored that several bands of slavers mysteriously disappeared). From the moment Halflings appeared on the Moonshelf they have sent expeditions into the ruins of
Tarmolith. Bands of halfling explorers are now a common site coming and going from ruins to the Moonshelf.

3189 AV The Ogre’s Reawaken the Charm of Creation – Rivarly between ogre magi warlords degenerates into civil war between two major factions: one faction seeks to use the Charm of Creation while the second faction urges caution and time to gather more knowledge about the Ancient’s charms. A civil war between ogre factions breaks out in the Iron City – the arcane duels can be seen as far away as Ranthyr. The Charm of Creation is used and another race is awakened on Tarmolith. Newly created Gnolls, like the Bugbears, were magically dominated by their creators. The civil war turns against the more cautious Ogre Magi as numerical numbers turn in favor of those utilizing the Ancient’s charm.

3192 AV The End of the Ogre Civil War – The ogre magi faction urging caution regarding the Charm of Creation successfully sever the magical domination keeping the Gnolls under control. The Gnolls promptly turn on their creators and slaughter many of their former masters before fleeing into the Sakend Mountains. Weakened by the betrayal of their minions, the reckless ogres are defeated.

3223 AV, 0000 AR (Andorian Reckoning) The Andorian / Draconian Arrival – The Ancient home of the Andorians and Drakkians was destroyed in the culmination of a multi-generational war of genocide. The largest armies gathered by each race wielded magical might that should never be seen. The magic-fueled cataclysm catalyzed by the combined arcane might of each army ripped the home world of the Andorians and Drakkian apart. Planar tides hurled those near the epicenter of the magical conflagration into the astral void. A massive explosion that could be seen across the continent heralded the arrival of the Andorians and Drakkian. As with the original Movran tribes, the drifting planar travelers were mysteriously pulled to Tarmolith. Both races were
unceremoniously deposited on the shores of Lake Aerydeen.

3224 AV, 0001 AR The Forgotten Accord – The cause of the racial war between the Andorians and
Drakkians was forgotten as each race blamed the other for the destruction of their home world and their battles began anew. Both races were nearly annihilated in the first hours after their arrival on Tarmolith. Scars of their battle can still be found around the mountainous regions near Lake Aerydeen. Each remnant army, were forced into mutual, exhausted, retreat. Each race fortified opposite shores of Lake Aerydeen and the battle degenerated into countless exchanges of raids and skirmishes. Eventually, both races weary by battle and dealing with the loss of their home world abandoned the shores of Lake Aerydeen. Some scholars speculate that there was a truce struck between the Andorian Generals and Draconian Brood Mothers – now known amongst scholars as The Forgotten Accord. Neither Andorians nor Drakkians acknowledge the existence of the Forgotten Accord.

3273 AV, 0050 AR Andorian Empire and Tahakis Are Founded – Within 50 years the Andorians had founded Venthar Keep, which was named for a famous Andorian General. Simultaneously, the Drakkians founded Tahakis; their capitol city heralded the future intentions of the Drakkians.
Tahakis was a goddess of vengeance and retribution from their destroyed homeworld. Even as Tahakis’ fortress walls and labyrinthine depths were created with magic, Draconian Brood Mothers began to plan the eradication of the remnant Andorians.

3301 AV, 0078 AR The Gnomes’ Arrival – The gnomes’s arrival on Tarmolith is a little known event. It is said that halfling bards witnessed the event from the Moonshelf and recorded the event but any records have been lost (the event was not a high priority for the halflings). What
is certain is that the gnomes still feel friendship toward the halflings for the aid rendered by them in the months after their mysterious arrival on Tarmolith. While helpful, the Moonshelf Halflings were quick to return to their explorations and leave the bewildered gnomes to their own devices. The gnomes immediately began to argue about the means by which they arrived on Tarmolith. It is not certain if the gnomes have always been fractious but these original arguments have escalated to religious fervor since.

3323 AV, 0100 AR The Drakkian Invasion – The Drakkians were the first to renew the battle against their racial enemies. Drakkians flying citadels invaded Andoria on the 100th anniversary of the destruction of their home world. The Andorians were ill prepared for the invasion and
retreated across their newly formed nation to the Southern Isles where they hastily crafted defensive fortifications (eventually these defenses became Andoria, the capitol city of the future Andorian Empire).

3328 AV, 0105 AR The Ogre Magi’s Invasion – Unbeknownst to the Andorians and Drakkians the Ogre
Magi had been silently observing the new races with interest. The Ogre Magi had been massing their might to enslave both races and struck when the fighting might of each nascent nation was engaged with the other. The Ogre’s army, comprised of Goblins, Orcs, Bugbears, and Gnolls, struck first at Tahakis where they razed weakly defended above-ground fortresses to the ground. Many Broods were sent back to Ranor Tor in chains. Other, more resourceful or magically strong Brood Mothers survived by fleeing into magically warded catacombs below the city.

3329 AV, 0106 AR The Drakko-Andor Accord – The advancing Ogre army turned toward Andoria and caught the hapless Draconian invasion force between them and their ancient enemies. Sensing eminent defeat and enslavement the Drakkians offered a truce to the battered Andorians. Despite extreme reservations by factions of both sides a truce was signed and for the first time in the history of the two races the Drakkians and Andorians fought together. The Drakko-Andor forces surged against the ogre armies until the later were forced back to the Strait of Blood. The
Andorians and Drakkians founded Kamzan Fortress where their mutual forces gathered to defend their newly formed nations from the Ogres.

3330 AV, 0107 AR The Dissolution of the Drakko-Andor Accord – The Drakko-Andor Accord began to falter as the combined armies prepared to strike at the heart of Ranor Tor. The leaders of each race disagreed on the best strategy to invade the Iron City. The Drakkians prepared powerful arcane magic while the Andorians favored systematic military advances. Behind the scenes the Ogre Magi’s had started to to manipulate power-hungry factions on either side. Superstition and ingrained racial hatred combined with the Ogre Magi’s subterfuge began to wear at the already tenuous Drakko-Andor Accord.

3330 AV, 0107 AR The Three-sided War – The strain between the Drakkians and Andorians began to
break cohesion of the armies at Kamzan Fortress. When a surprise attack by the Ogre army that had been occupying Tahakis occurred the defenders at Kamzan quickly capitulated. The Ogre Magi’s scheming was a success and distrust, old hatreds, and promises of power successfully shattered the all-to-brief alliance. The Three-sided War erupts between the Ogres, Andorians, and Drakkians. Kamzan Fortress and the Strait of Blood would be ever associated with betrayal, tragedy, and defeat for Andorian and Drakkian nations.

3331 AV, 0108 AR The Fire Dragon – The Drakkians, having little support from the recently freed
Tahakis, resort to ancient arcane rituals never used since the death of their home world. In one of the most powerful displays of non-Ancient magic ever known to Tarmolith, the Drakkian Sorcerers summon a legendary fire elemental. Drakkian scholars claim that the elemental was a
manifestation of all dead Drakkians that died in the destruction of their home world. The titanic elemental, named simply “The Fire Dragon” by the Andorians, covered the Draconian retreat incinerating all those in its way. The Fire Dragon’s onslaught spread to the Ranthyr Forest. Ranthyrim Elves (prepared for an eventual attack on their homeland) retaliated against all three sides of the conflict. It is said that magical fang arrows blotted out the sun and ravaged the Ogre, Andorian, and Drakkian armies.

3332 AV, 0109 AR The Great Retreat – The four armies struggled in a long campaign for dominance
over the strategic position at the confluence of the Ranthyr Forest, the Strait of Blood, the ruins of the Kamzan network, and Inalyen River Delta. Eventually, the Ranthyrim, with the
timely arrival of Elanthyr Sharders and their Movran allies, force an end to the Battle of the Delta. In the final battles Elanthir Clerics summon an aspect of Corollon Laerthian to
defend Ranthyr from the Fire Dragon. The titanic fire elemental was banished to slumber in the bowls of the Fategard Mountains.

3357 AV, 0134 AR The Dwaer War – During an especially hot summer, Dwaerim settlements along
The Wastes side of the Dwaershield Mountains are destroyed. Dwaerim investigators find only foundations of their destroyed settlements and no evidence of the former inhabitants. Sensing a new threat from The Wastes noncombatants from Dwaerim outposts and Highvale are sent to Dwaerhearth to ask for aid. All Dwaerim refugees are turned away from the gates of Dwaerhearth. The Dwaeradim, fighting a never-ending battle against orcs and goblins beneath the Icewall and Howling Vale, felt that the safety of Dwaerhearth was only extended to those who did not forsake the Dwaeradim High Thane.

3358 AV, 0135 AR Dwaerhearth Is Sealed – Many Dwaerim, incensed at a “second betrayal” by their
mountain-dwelling cousins mustered an army that was joined by many Movran Tribes (must of the later more bent on plunder than dwarven politics) and marched on Dwaerhearth even as Dwaerim outposts continued to vanish near The Wastes. The combined Movran and Dwaerim forces attacked Dwaerhearth’s gates and were handily defeated. The Dwaeradim decreed that no outsiders (including the Dwaerim) would ever set foot in Dwaerhearth again.

3366 AV, 0143 AR, 0000 TA (Tel Ok Tel Mar Advance) The Founding of Tel Ok Tel Mar – A Legion of Minotaurs magically appears on a remote peninsula jutting into the Sea of Dengar. The original
destination of the military force was the rear lines of an enemy army on their home world. Instead of commencing a flanking maneuver they found themselves marooned on Tarmolith. The Minotaurs quickly founded a small mirror of their homeland on Tarmolith. The Minotaurs named their capitol Tel Ok Tel Mar meaning literally “the first of many” and quickly conquered the local peninsula.

3375 AV, 0152 AR, 0009 TA The Rise of the Andorian Empire – The Ogre Magi projected that their armies would be the quickest to recover after the massacre at the Strait of Blood. The Ogres were gravely mistaken. The battles had hardened the Andorian armies, which had quickly reformed and returned to fortify the Kamzan Fortress network. Advancing Ogre armies were handily defeated and the Andorians pursued the Ogres back to the Strait of Blood where they erected a massive wall to contain any future Ogre advances. Over the next fifty years the Andorian nation thrived while her military forces grew in strength.

3400 AV, 0167 AR, 0014 TA The Arborean King – The Arborean King, leader of the Ranthyrim, impressed with the resolve and growing military power of the Andorian Empire, sought a truce. The Andorian Order of Bards claims responsibility for this change in temperment and many ballads have been written of Andorian heroes completing impossible tasks to win the support of the Arborean King (or the affection of one of his sixteen daughters). The bards’ tales may not be entirely accurate but the power of the Andorian Empire was enough to dissuade attacks by the
Draconians and Ogres.

3433 AV, 0200 AR, 0047 TA The Ancient Roads and V’Adel Hills – The Ranthyrim and Andorians, with the help of the Andorian Order of Bards, seemed to temporarily avoid the curse of the Charm of Séance and formed a tentative alliance. On the 200th anniversary of the Andorian arrival, the V’Adel Hills were identified for the founding of a place of trade – called simply Tradetown, Bartertown, or The Great Bazaar. The V’Adel, a semi-autonomous population, grows in power.

3436 AV, 0203 AR, 0050 TA The Minotaur Advance – After the founding of Tel Ok Tel Mar and the Three Military Schools for which the Minotaurs are known, the Minotaur armies advanced north and established Bar Toz Fortress. The minotaurs pause briefly at Bar Toz but quickly travel north to establish advance camps at Far Thaz and Vok Orn. The few Movran Tribes below Lake Hyrendil posed no threat to the Minotaurs and were quickly enslaved and strict methods whereby the humans could earn freedom were established. The Tel Ok Tel Mar advance was stopped at Pal Amaz Forest where an entire Legion of Minotaurs was lost to the forest. The Lost Legion returned as feral monstrosities that have plagued the Minotaur League.

3500 AV, 0247 AR, 0094 TA The Ice Elves’ Expedition – The Elanthyrim send an expedition of adventurers to reestablish contac with the lost elven nation; several Ranthyrim rangers accompany the Elanthyrim. The Expedition departs from Anagot with intentions to travel the Shifting Sea to The Howling Vale and make their way into the Iceless Sea. Evidence of the expedition is found on the shores of the Iceless Sea but the expedition never returned.

3502 AV, 0249 AR, 0096 TA Something Awakens in the Ruins of Hranth – A Moonshelf Halfling expedition into the depths of the Ruins of Hranth awakens “something”. Halfling survivors return
from the ruins with shattered minds. Afterward, Ogre Magi minions are found patrolling the area and adventurers venturing into the Ruins of Hranth do not return.

3506 AV, 0253 AR, 0100 TA The Gnome Reception – Reluctant to advance further into Pal Amaz Forest, the Minotaur League cross the Bay of Triremes (so named for the Minotaur Armada) and travel south toward Andoria. The gnomes prepare an elaborate welcome involving a drawbridge, fireworks, and lots of spirits. The reception turns disaster when an explosion destroys a large portion of Tinkerheim along with the advancing Minotaurs. The Tel Ok Tel Mar Minotaurs are now wary of gnomish ingenuity and no legions have been dispatched to the south since.

3513 AV, 0260 AR, 0107 TA The Movran Horde – The Tribes of the Movran Plains and Tundra once again band together to raid their neighbors. This time the Movran armies advance south toward the burgeoning city of Bartertown. The Movran advance is attacked by Ranthyrim elves as they skirt the Ranthyrim Forest and the Movrans retaliate by setting fire to Ranthyr before traveling further south. Anti-elf sentiment grows in Ranthyr and the xenophobic factions opposed to the
Arborean King see their ranks swell.

3514 AV, 0261 AR, 0108 TA The Movran Horde’s Defeat – The Andorian Knights muster from Kamzan Fortress, Venthar Keep, and Crossroad Keep to defend Bartertown. The Movrans are defeated and allowed to retreat to the Movran Plains only after an Ogre army is spotted advancing along the Strait of Blood. Courageous Andorian defenders at the Strait of Blood hold out against a massive Ogre onslaught. When the Andorian defenders return after defeating the Movran horde only twelve defenders remain of a thousand.

3550 AV, 0297 AR, 0144 TA The Death of the Arborean King – The death of the long-reigning King of Ranthyr was unexpected and the successor to the throne even more so. The newly crowned Arborean King immediately closed all trade routes through the Ranthyr Forest, effectively forcing all trade to travel through the Gnoll-infested Sakend Mountains. The V’Adel Tradesman, utilizing decades of horded wealth, hire an army of Movran Mercenaries to secure a pass through the Sakend Mountains but the attempt is largely ineffective (the Gnolls simply retreated into the mountains). Gnoll raiders struck lightly guarded caravans from their remote war camps without punity. The V’Adel Tradesmen begin to hire mercenaries to directly guard large caravans –
effectively forcing small-time merchants to join larger, wealthier, consortiums. Often human raiders posed as Movran mercenaries only to turn on their hapless employers. Trade between the North and South begins to ebb.

3553 AV, 0300 AR, 0147 TA The Noble’s War (The First Ogre War) – Despite significantly reduced trade with the north, the threat of Draconian invasion, increasing gnoll activities in the Sakend Mountains, and internal feuds the Andorian Knights cross the Strait of Blood and invade the Death Gates. Andorian Scholars suspect that the Ogre Magi may have encouraged the nobles who advocated the untimely assault. The Andorian Invasion forces were annihilated and only
ragtag remnants of the Andorian Knight’s army return to the defensive network of castles at the Strait of Blood. The Ogres armies quickly counterattack but are once again repulsed by the rag-tag defenders at the Strait of Blood.

3565 AV, 0312 AR, 0159 TA Hrothgar the Wise – Hrothgar of the Movran Plains is born to a small tribe in the center of the grasslands. Hrothgar quickly makes a name for himself as a charismatic and strong leader. When Ogre scouts enter the Movran Plains Hrothgar defeats them
handedly with only a motley band. Hrothgar’s hit-and-run tactics earn him the title “The Wise” though his victories are due mostly to his tenacity in battle and prowess with a battleaxe. Hrothgar earns many victories over beasts and evil clerics and he quickly ascends in prestige throughout the Movran Plains and Tundra. Hrothgar’s Hall, at first simply a long-hall on a hill, becomes a destination for Movran, Dwaerim, and V’Adel Tradesmen and a place where Hrothgar’s exploits are sung by Zarathor the Bold, Hrothgar’s right-hand man and arguably one of the most capable bards Tarmolith has ever seen.

3566 AV, 0313 AR, 0160 TA The Second Ogre War – The First Ogre War, misnamed afterward by Andorian populations who had largely forgotten the first wars with the ogres, was a largely a feint to lure the Andorians into complacency with easy victory. Andorian Nobles in the pocket of the Ogre Magi secretly gain in power in Andoria and begin to withhold resources from the Andorian Knights who, over the course of 10 short years, lose battle readiness due to internal feuds, deteriorating defenses, political bickering, and vice. The increasing scouting and raids by Ogre minions bypassing the Strait of Blood by crossing the Bay of Ranthyr. Hrothgar the Wise, recognizing the Ogre’s scouts as a precursor to another invasion begins to prepare the Movrans for war. Hrothgar mobilizes the Tribes of the Central Movran Plains during a Plains Rialla (a gathering of all Movran tribes) and marches south. Ranthyrim forces that assume his forces are bent on invading Ranthyr once again hamper Hrothgar’s advance. Hrothgar and Zarathor are forced to parley with the Wood Elves and convince them that their destination is not Ranthyr. The delay is costly and the The Second Ogre War begins before Hrothgar’s army arrives at the Strait of Blood.

3567 AV, 0314 AR, 0161 TA The Strait of Blood Falls – While Hrothgar and the newly formed Movran army is delayed on the edges of Ranthyr, the Ogre Magi’s forces advance on the Andorian defense network at the Strait of Blood. The defenders, lacking supplies, and manpower due
to the treachery of key Andorian Nobles are ultimately overrun. Hearing of the attack on the Blood Strait fast-moving elements of Hrothgar’s army make to reinforce the Andorian Knights at the Blood Strait. Hrothgar is too late and arrives in time to shield the broken lines of the shattered Andorian defenders. The armies of the Ogre Magi quickly surround advance elements of Hrothgar’s forces and the survivors of the Blood Strait network at Kamzan Fortress. A long siege ensues.

3568 AV, 0315 AR, 0162 TA The Burning of Bartertown and Sacking of Kaydeck – The siege of Kamzan Fortress was not the main objective of the Ogre advance. History notes that Hrothgar the Wise had
warned of Ogre tactics and had questioned the wisdom of concentrating all Andorian forces at Kamzan Fortress. Andorian Nobles, elevated to positions as generals, saw Hrothgar as a barbarian and ignored his counsel. When messengers from the Andorian coast finally fought their way through the (surprisingly few) Ogre minions surrounding Kamzan Fortress it was too late for the Andorian defenders to avoid tragedy. The messangers reported that Bartertown was in flames and that the mass of the Ogre armies had already entered Andoria. The besieging forces deployed around Kamzan Fortress were only a token element of the Ogre advance. By the time the Kamzan defenders had crushed the token Ogre forces, the city of Kaydeck had already fallen to the Ogre Advance.

3569 AV, 0316 AR, 0163 TA The Burning March – The interior of Andoria was lightly defended. The minor garrisons of the cities of Thella and Kisvin fought to the death to allow as many non-combatants to flee into the outlying isles in the Bay of Ranthyr – ogre war gallons massacred
many of those attempting to escape. The refugees may not have survived but the popular Lament of the Sunblade Justice tells of an angelic being that shattered the Ogre’s war galleons and fought off the advancing Ogre-minion horde long enough for the beleaguered refugees to flee to outlying
islands. The Sunblade Justice’s delay also allowed the population of Vaden to retreat into the Andorian Highlands before the Ogre’s onslaught arrived. The burning of dozens of villages and three major cities came to be known as TheBurning March.

3569 AV, 0316 AR, 0163 TA The Ironwall – During the Burning March many Andorian Knights pledged
themselves to fight alongside Hrothgar and his Movran allies. Predicting the emminant defeat of the starving Andorian Knights at Kamzan Fortress, Hrothgar led his forces into the narrow pass leading to the town of Tarn on the shores of Lake Aerydeen. Andorian garrisons at Venthar and
Crossroads Keeps refused to join Hrothgar’s retreat; the stubborn garrisons were eventually starved or slain. The Ogres Magi’s reinforced their armies with newly spawned Bugbears by sea when the Andorian Armada strangely failed to intercept a fleet of Ogre war galleons making for the coast near Antium. Soon enough, Antium was under siege while the bulk of the enlarged Ogre Army traveled south to Port Bheren and Port Navanar. Meanwhile at Tarn, Zarathor summoned the magic of an ancient staff to create the legendary Ironwall. – a massive wall was placed directly across the only pass leading to Lake Aerydeen. The magical barrier (remaining to this day) protected the remnant Andorian Knights and Movran Armies from an Ogre assault.

3570 AV, 0317 AR, 0164 TA Assassinations in Andoria – Leaving their forces to recover behind the Ironwall and falling snows, Hrothgar the Wise, Zarathor the Bard, and a group of hand-picked followers braved the dangerous weather and made their way through the Ogre lines to Port Bheren. The Ogre Magi’s armies had taken Port Bheren and a massive fleet of Ogre War Galleons prepared to assault Port Navanar. Zarathor the Bard’s magic allowed Hrothgar and his allies to travel to Port Navanar undetected. Hrothgar immediately made his way to the capitol city of Andoria where he and his allies learned the full extent of noble schemes. Andorian nobles sought to slay the king and turn Andoria over to the Ogres in return for eternal life and power. Horthgar the Wise
made short work of the evil nobles. Ballads tell of Hrothgar driving several nobles from a tower window to the rocky cliffs below the King’s Castle. During Hrothgar’s campaign to rid the Andorians of the scheming nobles he discovered that the Andorian Armada had been deployed far to sea. The Andorian Fleet was summoned with flares and unleashed; the Ogres were driven from Port Navanar. Upon the Greening (Spring), the combined forces of the Movran Armies, Andorian Knights, Kisvin Raiders, and Andorian Armada drove the Ogres back across the Strait of Blood. During the campaign it is rumored that Hrothgar the Wise clandestinely landed at Ranor Tor and slew a minion of Enbraxis Ool responsible for enticing the Andorian nobles who had betrayed the Andorian Empire.

3571 AV, 0318 AR, 0165 TA The Second Ogre War Ends – After the end of the Second Ogre War the Andorians King gfited Hrothgar with a magical sword rumored to have originated on the Andorian homeworld. The well-rewarded Movrans returned to the Plains. Hrothgar lingered for a time but eventually departed for the legendary city of Quemkarza on far distant shores. He and his companions were never seen again. The V’Adel Tradesmen eventually rebuilt Bartertown (but it has never reached its former glory) and the Andorian Knights sent garrisons to reclaim Kamzan Fortress and the Blood Strait. The defense network of castles at the Blood Strait was never recovered and Kamzan Fortress became the major defense garrison defending the V’adel and Andorians from future Ogre invasions. The refugees of Thella and Kisvin never forgave the sacking of their cities; Kisvin Raiders continue to strike merchants allied to certain noble families along the shipping lanes between Andoria and Bartertown. Kaydek, Thella, and Kisvin remain largely unpopulated ruins to this day.

3675 AV, 0320 AR, 0169 TA The Blink Dogs Disapear – During a mysterious storm, the likes of which have never been seen on the Moonshelf, the Blink Dog allies of the halflings vanish. Only a small fraction of the magical beasts remain and these few have become wary of their former
allies. The halfling Proxies call a Star Moot but no known action is taken.

3685 AV, 0330 AR, 0179 TA The Founding of Shimmerhold – The Minotaurs of Tel Ok Tel Mar and their Movran thralls approach the Dwaeradim. Surprisingly, the Mountain Dwarves and Minotaurs negotiations are prosperous and result in the founding of Shimmerhold – a place of trade
between the two nations. The V’Adel Tradesmen commission expeditions to travel to Shimmerhold and trade routes are once again open between Dwaerhearth and the nations south of the Icewall Mountains.

3606 AV, 0353 AR, 0200 TA Tensions Build on Tarmolith – Utilizing the strange powers of ancient artifacts known as Ley Line Anchors the ogres begin manipulating the magical fabric of Tarmolith. Brishen Dale and Haldor the Joyous under the employ of Hrothmir the Untried (grandson of Hrothgar the Wise) investigate while reports of Ogre Minions and Ogres themselves are spotted throughout Andoria, The Moonshelf, Ranthyr, and The Movran Plains. To deal with the growing threat a Plains Rialla is called and the Movrans once again gather for war under the green-gold banners of Hrothgar the Wise (via his grandson). An expedition is dispatched to the Illuminated Desert and to seek the Spirit of Knowledge dwelling there that might shed light onto the Ogre plot revolving around the strange Ley Line Anchors. The expedition is long and brutal but is a success. Brishen Dale, leading a group of powerful heroes, determines that the Ley Line Anchors can manipulate the very fabric holding Tarmolith together. It is likely that if the Ogre Magi’s minions succeed the entire Andorian Empire could be destroyed. Luckily, the Ogre Magi are dealt a vicious blow as King Calaster meets with another group of heroes led by Haldor the Joyous and secretly joins the Andorian Knights in alliance with the advancing Movran Horde.

3606 AV, 0353 AR, 0200 TA Present Day

The Moonshelf Halflings – The halflings continue to explore the ruins of the Ancient Empires. They continue to seek information about the sudden storms on the Moonshelf and the return of their Blink Dog allies. Exploratory expeditions have become much more cautious and no expedition has returned to The Ruins of Hranth.

The Tel Ok Tel Mar Empire – The Minotaurs continue to fight their feral decedents and the Lost Legion constantly seeks to cross the Horns of Tel Ok Tel Mar. Trade between the Dwaeradim and the Minotaurs has made both nations thrive. It is rumored that on the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Minotaur capitol the Council of Imperators and the Emporer will call another Advance (though the objective of their conquest is unknown). Minotaur emissaries and scouting expeditions have been seen in all nations.

The Movran Plainsmen – The Movran Plainsmen have recently discovered Ogre minions scouting along the Velverdyne River. The last time that Ogre Minions invaded the Movran Plains the Second Ogre War was soon to follow. A band of adventurers traveled to the Velverdyne Monestary to investigate and soon after Hrothmir, Son of Hrothdan, Son of Hrothgar the Wise called a Plains Rialla. Wealth from a dragon’s horde retrieved by Hrothmir’s grandfather was used to host a Plains Rialla the likes the Movrans have never seen. An Ogre assassin unsuccessfully disrupted a wedding binding the decendents of Hrothgar and the hero Asgardin Spear-Thrower. The Plains Rialla is a stunning success and the Movran Horde currently prepares to march south to the Sakend Mountain Passes.

The Movran Barbarians – Several Movran Tribes from the Tundra have gathered to aid Hrothmir the Untried and travel south to war with the Ogre Magi’s minions. The sudden dearth of warriors on the Tundra has spurred the vicious orc tribes of the Thunderdelves to gather for invasion. The emergence of a strange faith — that of the Winter God Vatun – has begun to gather power and influence on the Tundra. The leaders of the faith Ilyitch and Adrik Volundr are perhaps the Tundra’s best hope for surviving invasion. Interestingly, in their efforts to grow the faith of Vatun and thwart to orc invasion, the heroes Ilyitch and Adrik Volundr may have stumbled upon remnants of the Sildarym — the fourth nation of Elves.

The Elanthirym – The Ice Elves are preparing to send another expedition to search for the lost nation of elves. This time the Elanthyrim plan to travel south to the Sea of Fallen Stars where Drakkian outriggers have discovered a new civilization.

The Ranthirym – The Wood Elves continue to defend their woodland realms against any attack (both perceived and real). The death of the Arborean King has resulted in a power struggle between various elven nobles, the King’s 16 daughters, and even factions of forest spirits. Catalyzed by the turmoil within the Ranthyr Forest there are a growing number of Wood Elves who believe that the Arborean King was assassinated. Currently, emissaries from the Heart Grove — the powerful leaders of the Sylvan races in Ranthyr — travel to meet with emissaries from the Andorian Court on the Shores of Lake Aerydeen.

The Dwaeradim – The Mountain Dwarves continue to cultivate a friendship between with the Minotaurs of Tel Ok Tel Mar. It is rumored that the Dwaeradim are seeking the assistance of
the Council of Imperators and the Emperor. Graduates from the School of Okt Lorn have been seen to enter the tunnel networks below the High Vale beside Dwaeradim rangers. What these combined forreys hope to accomplish is unknown to all but the High Thane of Dwaerhold and the Emperor of
Tel Ok Tel Mar.

The Dwaerim – The Dwaerim continue to trade with the Movran humans and have financially assisted the V’Adel Tradesmen in the construction of a second Bartertown. The Trailmaster’s council is considering once again investigating the disappearance of Dwaerim settlements on the south side
of the Shield Wall Mountains. As always the Dwaerim search for the legendary Shield Hall of their ancestors.

The Andorian Empire – The Andorians are a fractured people worn by the ravages of war. The heyday of the Andorian Empire has passed – the political system that worked successfully for 300 years has degenerated into power grabs by the remnants of Council of Nobles. Though the Andorians
are still loyal to their King, the monarch seems unable to stem the growing power of his nobles. Even though some nobles may still be dealing with the Ogre Magi, lack of evidence allows them to operate without sanction. The Kisvin Raiders continue to pillage specific noble’s ships in the Bay of Ranthyr and raids have expanded to include the main road between Bartertown and Antium. Antium openly seeks independence. Meanwhile, the King garners support from the common people by allowing the people to pick their own representatives to the Council of Nobles.

The Drakkians – The Drakkians have yet to fully recover from the Ogre attack on their stronghold of Tahakis. The 143 Drakkian Brood Mothers only recently explained how close the entire Drakkian race was total extinction – the most powerful Brood Mothers have only recently ended a long
campaign of resurrections of fallen Brood Mothers to ensure the perpetuation of the species. These matriarchs have fallen into a torpor to recover from the resurrection rites and have left the Draconian empire in the claws of their untried successors. The Drakkians continually seek to advance their arcane knowledge and expeditions have been sent into The Wastes to explore the ruins there. Ogre Magi and their minions have been encountered in the ruins of The Wastes.
The Drakkian expeditions (or the ogre’s scouts) have stirred something in the desert and reports of multi-armed creatures scouting the Fategard Mountains have become commonplace. Draconian outriggers have crossed the Sea of Fallen Stars and a colony of Drakkians has been founded
in the Ruins of Paraluji.

The Ogre Magi – The Ogre Magi and their minions continue to scheme, manipulate, and gather power. The Bugbear spawning pools churn around the clock and it is only a matter of time before another invasion is unleashed. Ogre minions bearing the bloody claw and wand insignia of Enbraxis Ool
have been slain near the Velverdyne River on the Movran Plains. Several assassination attempts have been made on key Movran and Andorian leaders. It is likely that a plot to unleash the combined powers of mysterious artifacts known as Ley Line Anchors will result in the destruction of the Andorian Empire if they are not thwarted. No one dares to enter Ranor Tor to discover where the Ogre’s will strike next.


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