5th Campaign - The Rise of the Winter God

As told by the Chosen of Vatun, Ilytch Balgarov of the Thunderdelves.



This entry is blank, but I assume it covers Ilytch’s escape.


Ilytch is cornered in a rock outcropping by the orc slaver, Crackskull, and his two norcer minions. Adrick arrives to waylay the pursuers and battle ensues. Unbeknownst to Ilytch, an air elemental named Caraburan (the dusty wind of the mountain and a messenger of Vatun) reveals itself to Adrick as “The Protector of the Chosen One of Vatun”. Crackskull and his minions are dispatched in battle. Brief introductions are exchanged before departing the scene.

We create false tracks, double back and move west to evade the pursuing orc party. We are heading west towards the Tundra, to the land that once was Erika’s homeland, currently occupied by the Nolivari. After another day of running, we must rest, but we have no food.


Ilytch is starved after three days with no food. Our travel speed is halved as we attempt to hunt on the move. However, the orc warband has gained ground and are only a half day away.


Our need for hunting has given the orc warband time to catch up. A battle is imminent. We attempt to ambush the warband at an area of advantageous terrain and are able to defeat the their second scouting party.


We travel farther west towards the Mithrasil and encounter a strange race of elves near the Duskwood, but the disappear when we attempt to parlay. Towards the end of the day, we encounter three humanoid skill sitting atop poles.


We encounter some ruins that show evidence of occupation by skeletons and decide to avoid the encounter. We reach the Mithrasil at midday, but the river is wide and we have no way to cross. While pondering our next move, we are ambushed by Dark Creepers and kill several of the foes.

The remainder of the Dark Creepers and their leader, Grakhirt – a Shadow Stalker, pursue us to the bridge. They are able to defeat us using Deeper Darkness to impede our visibility and hide their sneak attacks. However, we are saved by Sylnarii elves (the lost tribe/third nation of elves) led by Adrelle, an apparent Druid. She says we must be the messengers to alert the humans of the impending orc hordes.

- How did we cross the bridge? What keeps the orcs from doing the same?

DM: Adrelle of the Sylnarii shapes stone into a narrow span so narrow that Ilytch and Adrik must make balance checks to cross. She subsequently destroys the span


We spend the day exploring the ruins on the other side of the bridge and find some treasure. We are again attacked by Dark Creepers, though without their leader, we are able to defeat the small band.




We travel to the Colchion Highlands. We encounter a humanoid figure wearing a red cloak in the forest, but it is too far to make out. We make camp and rest/wait. The war drums of the orcs can be heard on the other side of the Mithrasil.


We decide to pursue the humanoid by following their tracks. We are led north to a human encampment called Veduny. We are to speak with their Seer, Tshilaba, a wisened, hunchback old crone. After the counsel, we trade our goods for equipment and learn of the Nolivari, where we must go to warn the humans of the encroaching orcs. Prince Corin and Princess Teliva rule Nolivari and should be our primary point of contact there.

- Did we know to seek Tshilaba? If so, where did this info come from?

DM: Tshilaba the Seer is the matron of the Veduny. Several camp guards took you directly to her after some diplomatic words from Ilyitch and the warning about the impending orc invasion.

Though we lost track of the humanoid we were following, we see the cat that was with them. They are obviously Veduny (based on the colors we see in the encampment?) and we surmise that the cat must be a familiar. We ask a recent contact, Lala (likely a member of the Society of Skalds) about the humanoid and are told that she has an “evil eye” and most in the camp avoid her. She is also known to be a Harrower. She has a reputation as one who deals with curses and diseases and her name is Aisha.

We visit her caravan and ask for audience. She invites us in and we take counsel. She offers each of us a Harrow reading.

Ilytch (The Keep) – Rely on your strength, having learned from your past. Do not be detoured from convictions and path.


We begin our journey towards Nolivari, 2.5 days away. We camp that night, but are awoken by Caraburan for an unknown reason. We finish the night unmolested.


During our travels, we encounter tracks made by heavy boots running NW towards the ruins. Later, we are attacked by two humanoids (Adrick determines to be Bugbears) with fine armor and swords. We are able to defeat the bugbears and take their gear.

Subsequently, we encounter two centaurs (Beraxus and ???) who demand we leave their territory. This will delay our journey as we must now journey further north around lands resulting in a half-day delay. We also see the bodies of more bugbears, apparently slain by the Sylnarii (based on the arrows?).


We find a clearing that was inhabited by humanoids. The mutilated trees in the area suggest the construction of at least two large battering rams.


There is a noise in the distance and we try to hide and observe. Movran hunters threaten, but we parlay to avoid bloodshed and they escort us back to Nolivari.

We gain access to Prince Corin and take counsel. He fears the norcers that attack the town are being led by some greater power. He asks that we find/eliminate the organizing force and offers to pay 250 gp each for the service. He knows the norcers are ruled by Hragtam, but appear to be motivated by something more sinister/powerful. The norcer lair is suspected to be less than 30 miles away.


We begin the day by clearing the old, dilapidated Shrine of Vatun within the Nolivari encampment. It was likely inhabited by Ilytch’s mother’s husband, Rarun, in the past. Our efforts in Vatun’s name have invigorated Caraburan (to storm elemental). Afterwards, we make way for the norcer lair to the south and are attacked by norcer scouts that evening.


We enter the lair of the norcers. After a few skirmishes, we find Hragtam, the tribe leader. We beat his guards and capture him. We claim his treasure and are able to discern that there is a civil war brewing amongst the norcers due to the influence of Grakhirt (Hragtam vs. shaman) and thus Hragtam agrees to lead us to the shaman. During our battle with the shaman, Adrick is cursed.

- Not actually sure when/where Adrick was cursed. Do you remember?

DM: After the battle, Adrik defaced a statue of Maglabiyte which resulted in a “beserking” curse being placed upon him. Outside the stress of battle, Adrik can contain the curse, during the battle he has a chance of attacking allies.

We continue exploring the norcer lair and find where the women, elderly, and young are hiding. Hragtam’s mate offers all of their treasure in exchange for their lives and we agree to let them live.

Further exploration reveals a prison with several prisoners including a gnoll, two V’del, a Synarii elf, and a norcer. We release/feed the V’del (Tamar Nosharin, and McGurin) and they escort us back to Nolivari. We release/feed/heal the Sylnarii (Aravien Shadowleaf). Before she departs, we give her a silver statue of a Sylnarii warrior found in the norcer lair as a gift of thanks to the Synarii for saving our lives at the Mithrasil and send word that we have alerted the humans about the orc invasion. We parlay with the norcer prisoner (Karg), who says he was imprisoned by Hragtam for suggesting they cease aggression on the humans promises to end the norcer raids if he is allowed to lead the remaining norcers away from the human settlements. Due to Ilytch’s feelings about imprisonment, we reluctantly agree to his terms in hopes of limited further bloodshed.

- This was a bad idea and goes against the Harrowing in Veduny. There is no doubt we will face Karg again in the future. Ilytch must not stray from conviction and path.

DM: Possibly


We arrive back in Nolivari in the evening and present the hostage, Hragtam, to the Prince and Princess. However, we still haven’t eliminated the “organizing force” of the norcers. We hire the freed V’del, Tamar, to oversee the rebuilding of the Temple of Vatun among the Nolivari.


We begin the journey back to Veduny to have Adrick’s curse removed by the Harrower, Aisha. During our journey, we are overrun by a band of norcers led by Shun-Valka, a high priest of Maglabiyte (a goblin god whose shrine we desecrated in the norcer lair). We defeated the war band.

- Though we killed a norcer “shaman” in the caves, it is likely that we were deceived by Hragtam. This was the main shaman and, based on some documents found on the body, the one suspected of having ties to Grakhirt.

DM: The n’orcer “shaman” was the witchdoctor that Hragtam was vying for control of the n’orcer settlement. These two had been set against each other by Grakhirt the Dark Stalker (a criminal mastermind of sorts in the area). Separate (and aloof) from the n’orcer infighting was Shum-Valka, the priest of Maglabiyte. Shum-Valka hunted down Adrik and Ilyitch due to the insult to Maglabiyte’s shrine (it is unlikely that he resided at the n’orcer settlement though he had significant influence there). You did not determine where he came from.


We arrive in the Veduny encampment around midnight and approach Aisha’s caravan waiting to receive counsel. We awake the next day to find a potion in Adrick’s backpack though maintain no memory of ever seeing her. He drinks the elixir and the curse is lifted. We leave a box of treasure at the site and depart.


We rest and spend the day trading and gathering supplies at the Veduny camp.


We return to the norcer lair to finish our mission. Karg and the others appear to have fled and so we venture to the deeper caverns. In the subterranean cave network, we are attacked again by a force of norcers and Dark Creepers (working together?) until finally encountering Grakhirt himself. After a long battle where Ilytch came extremely close to death, we were finally able to defeat Grakhirt and his minions. We mark all the bodies with the symbol of Vatun and take Grakhirt’s head back to Nolivari to claim our reward.

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Snowdeep 27th

Your desecration of the Temple of Maglabiyte in the n’orcer lair resulted in a curse on Adrick. You return to the Veduny to attempt to have the curse removed. On the journey, you are overrun by a band of n’orcers led by the shaman, Shum-Valka.
Shum-Valka (murderously angry): I shall feast upon your hearts and deliver your souls!
Adrik Volundr scoffs at the orcs words.
Karaburan makes angry wind noises and crackles with electricity

After the battle, you make your way back to Veduny late at night.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Lala… can you take us to see Aisha
Lala the Tulip: Her caravan was not left at our camp. She is with us we suspect but she speaks with no one as usual and has not been seen.
Ilytch Bilgarov: My comrade Adrick has been cursed by the Blood God, Maglubiyte, and we’re in dire need of her services.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Have you seen a cat skulking about?
Lala the Tulip brushes hair from her eyes and points to the cat which is watching from the rafters of an especially elaborate caravan.
Adrik Volundr listens intently
The cat regards you blankly for it is, after all, just a cat. It pauses for a moment and heads off in the direction of Aisha’s wagon.
You regard the wagon entrance to Aisha’s “home” for some time. After some time, you realize no one is coming to the door.

Snowdeep 28th
The night passes without incident and you wake up with a thin layer of snow (fairly common for you) across your winter blankets. You pack up your gear and Adrik notices something odd in his masterwork backpack.
The Cat glares and points at the stairs of the wagon as you begin to rummage through your packs.
The Cat points at the stares with its tail and meows loudly.
The Cat seems annoyed as Ilytch steps onto the stairs.
Lala the Tulip: At least your hair color wasn’t changed or you aren’t cursed with passing wind constantly. All-in-all a good meeting with the witch.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Nonetheless, I do feel a bit ravaged by the encounter..
Lala the Tulip: In thanks for your warning about the advancing horde I would be glad to try to help you for a reasonable donation to the Veduny.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Of course
Lala the Tulip: No, no, no cat. A simple moving fee of 50 gold will suffice. I wouldn’t have even asked about money except that we will need it to survive along the road.
Ilytch Bilgarov: That is acceptable.

Snowdeep 30th

After having the curse removed, you return to the norcer lair where you encounter norcers, Dark Creepers, and finally Grakhirt the Dark Stalker.
Karaburan crackles with righteous wrath in a cadence that sounds roughly like a hymn to Vatun.
Grakhirt the Dark Stalker: laughs manically and reaches out a glowing hand to touch Ilytch!
Grakhirt the Dark Stalker curses in the language of the dark ones
Adrik Volundr growls in rage at Grakhirt’s dastardly attack
Ilytch Bilgarov Ilytch returns the maniacal laugh as he lashes out with his chains to steal the last breath from the dark stalker.

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Mountainthaw 1st

After defeating the Grakhirt and the norcers, you return to your temple in Nolivari to find it ransacked and desecrated.
Tamar Nosharin: My Lords! Alas! Foul murder has been committed upon your sacred site.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Who dares defile the shrine of the Winter God? Do you know?
Tamar Nosharin: A lay worker was murdered, his body left upon your finely crafted statue. His name was Boris and he was a skilled stonemason.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Do you have any idea who committed this heinous act?
Tamar Nosharin: The body was found in the temple. Boris had arrived earlier than others that I had hired. The Nolivari Guards secured the site briefly. We were not allowed to enter.
Tamar Nosharin nods when Ilyitch suggests the guards have the body.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Perhaps Prince Corin will let us take counsel with the guards who found the body at the scene…
Tamar Nosharin: I am sorry m’lords. No one will work in your shrine — the place, they say, is cursed!
Ilytch Bilgarov: What about you Tamar? What do you think?
Tamar Nosharin: I do not know. I did see the body. It was laid out as if in sacrifice but no weapon was to be found… only bloody round holes in the poor man’s chest. The murder was most certainly an affront to your Power.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Have any orcs or norcers been spotted around Nolivari? Perhaps they mean to exact revenge for our defiling of their temple…
Tamar Nosharin: For the last day, sporadic storms have occurred above the temple… the anger of Vatun the locals say. They say that you are not worthy to follow in the Storm Priest’s path.
Tamar Nosharin: No, the N’orcers have been defeated and none have been spotted near Nolivari.
Tamar Nosharin: To answer your previous question, I saw three round bloody holes — I am a merchant and skilled in identifying weaponry. I do not know what could have caused this type of wound.
Tamar Nosharin: A strange spear perhaps. Definitely a piercing weapon.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Are there any heirs of Rarun Stillmason living still in Nolivari?
Tamar Nosharin: I do not know this.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Were the holes in a single line or displayed as a shape?
Ilytch Bilgarov: Would you have identified the holes if they were made by a trident… a three-pronged spear?
Tamar Nosharin: They appeared to be random to me. I have to admit I was quite disturbed and do not remember clearly.
Tamar Nosharin: It was not a weapon of the people of Antium.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Thank you Tamar! We will take care of this. Please just bide your time, but do not yet leave Nolivari. There is much work here yet to do.
GM: Tridents would be a coastal weapon found in Antium, Thella, and Kisvin.
Tamar Nosharin bows in the V’adel fashion and turns to return to a prominent inn and tavern by the name of the Queen’s Robes.
Tamar Nosharin: Indeed, sir, I shall inform any who will listen.

You seek counsel from Prince Corin and Princess Teliva
Ilytch Bilgarov bows to the prince and princess of the Nolivari
Prince Corin motions you to enter and be seated in the plush waiting room.
Princess Teliva enters shortly after you sit and nods to you.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Greetings noble family. We have tidings on the state of affairs with the norcer tribe.
Adrik Volundr nods and sits down, a stern look on his face
Ilytch Bilgarov: As well as some queries for your highnesses…
Prince Corin: Greetings warriors. Tell me of your victory, I presume, over our foes?
Ilytch Bilgarov: Indeed Prince Corin! We were victorious over the darkness in the South. Though surely some norcers remain, they are without leadership.
Princess Teliva motions for a nearby servant to bring forth a small coffer of golden coins emblazoned with a small image of Nolivari.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Additionally, we found the one who was organizing their bands. His name was Grakhirt. He was a creature of darkness. And he is no more…
Ilytch Bilgarov rifles his bag for the head of Grakhirt and tosses it at the feet of the Prince and Princess.
Prince Corin: I did not believe the cowardly n’orcers would strike us with siege weapons without some leadership.
Princess Teliva flinches at the head and scowls.
Prince Corin inspects the head with interest.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Your gifts honor us and the Winter God!
Princess Teliva motions for a servant to take the head away.
Servant picks up the head with a pair of tongs from the nearby fireplace.
Ilytch Bilgarov: My apologies Princess if I have offended you. I am still learning to accommodate the manners necessary for royals such as yourself.
Prince Corin: Indeed. I would have posted guards to watch your abode but they were needed to patrol and guard in the happenstance that you were not successful.
Princess Teliva nods at Ilytch
Ilytch Bilgarov: We have some dark tidings plaguing our house. Is there one of knowledge that we can speak with on such matters?
Ilytch Bilgarov: In addition, we would like to see the body of the stonemason and interview the guards that found him.
Prince Corin: The V’adel trader who is renovating the Storm Caller’s shrine is an interesting fellow. Boris, our citizen who was slain, will be missed. He was quite skilled and had not passed on his knowledge to his apprentices.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Would you honor your humble servants with such favors?
Ilytch Bilgarov: What do you know of the V’adel?
Prince Corin: Indeed. The body is held in a cellar here at that castle. I will have our Captian-of-the-Guard answer any questions you may have and lead you to the body.
Ilytch Bilgarov: You honor us with your favor!
Ilytch Bilgarov bows again to the Royals
Prince Corin: I do not know much of the V’adel except that he has many trade writs that we will honor even here in the wilderness.
Adrik Volundr follows suit and bows to the royal couple
Captain Grastof: Hello sirs. I will escort you to the body of our slain citizen.
Captain Grastof: I am Captian Grastof in the service of Prince Corin.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Thank you Captain.
Ilytch Bilgarov motions down the hall
Ilytch Bilgarov: I’ll follow you.
Captain Grastof appears to be an Andorian. He has fine armor (obviously not crafted here in Nolivari) and a fine sword. He is middle-aged and seems to be fairly competent.
Ilytch Bilgarov follows the Captain’s lead toward the body
Captain Grastof takes you to a stone cellar. After descending a short spiral stone stair you find a table with the body of, you presume, the stonemason Boris. The room is cold and the body is frozen.
Adrik Volundr stares grimly at the corpse as he talks to the captain
Captain Grastof: My men and I were summoned to the scene by Tamar himself. We found the body at the base of the statue.
Captain Grastof: I could not determine the cause of the wounds but the body was soaking wet.
Adrik Volundr: Did his body seem naturally laid out as if he had taken a blow or was it in some strange arrangement of some sort?
Captain Grastof: The body was crumpled in a heap at the base of the statue. However, snow and ice had been piled up around the body in a strange pattern.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Was the body soaking wet because of the blood or did it appear that Boris had been submerged in some way?
Captain Grastof takes out a piece of parchment with a pattern drawn on it.
Captain Grastof hands it to Adrik.
Ilytch Bilgarov looks puzzled by the bizarre events unfolding
Adrik Volundr takes a close look at the parchment while listening to the captain’s answer to Ilytch’s question
Captain Grastof: The body was soaked with water. Mountain Thaw is not cold enough for ice to stay frozen during some days. I suspect ice covered his body but cooled due to the body’s warmth before his soul truely fled.
Karl (Adrik Volundr): Gudrun
Karl (Adrik Volundr): “he of secret lore”
Ilytch Bilgarov: Adrick… do you recognize the symbol?
Adrik determines that the pattern is a Telchurite Desecration Curse. Adrik knows from Gadrun that the foul Telchur is the enemy of Vatun. Telchur is a god of Winter. Unlike Vatun (who seeks to allow his followers to transcend winter and become stronger because of the cold), Tulchur seeks placation from winter.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Where do the followers of Telchur reside?
Adrik thinks that a stronghold — the Iceminster — is located in the midst of the Shifting Sea (far to the north of Shimmerhold).
Ilytch Bilgarov: Has the worship of Telchur spread south to Bartertown?
Captain Grastof: I do not know of this “tell curr” you speak of.
Adrik Volundr looks at the body as Ilytch converses with the captain
Ilytch Bilgarov: Captain… can you tell me who is the longest lived of the Nolivari?
Captain Grastof: Rory the Long-lived may have raided Ranthyr before the Second Ogre War in my homeland of Andoria.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Where might I find the venerable Rory?
Captain Grastof: I will take you to him directly. He is very old and often his availability is based on how well he is doing.
Ilytch Bilgarov: That would be much appreciated Captain…
Captain Grastof nods
Captain Grastof: Of course. You are heroes to this town and as such you have earned more leeway then a typical outsider.
Captain Grastof leaves
Adrik detects magic and finds trace evocation magic upon the body. He also finds some negative energy associated with a desecration spell.
Captain Grastof: I will take you posthaste
Captain Grastof leads you from the castle and into the town proper, through the market, and into an area that, when not covered in snow, might be a field.
Captain Grastof turns to you on the way
Captain Grastof: Vanquishers of the foul n’orcers. In your honor at the Queen’s Robes this eve the Prince and Princess have hired a Movran bard to sing in your honor.
Captain Grastof: I have heard Breelee of Bridlen sing and she is quite creative and her skill is rarely matched upon the Highlands.
Ilytch Bilgarov: That would be a great honor.
Adrik Volundr: Indeed
You arrive at a small farmstead and after Captain Grastof announces you on Prince’s business you are allowed to enter a nice stone and wood home. Inside you see a modest family and are introduced to a man so old he looks more like a shriveled gnome than a man.
Rory the Long-lived: eh?
Ilytch Bilgarov: Well met family. May we trouble your patriarch for a few moments?
Rory the Long-lived wipes drool from his lips
Rory the Long-lived: what do you whipper-snappers want?
Ilytch Bilgarov: I have some questions that I thought perhaps you could answer. I hope it will not be too much of a bother.
Rory the Long-lived looks surprisingly hale for being over 100 (rumored)
Ilytch Bilgarov: I am curious what you know of the Rain Priest, Rarun.
Rory the Long-lived: keep it short, it’s my sleeping time soon
Narrator: it is late in the afternoon
Narrator: The Rain Priest… Storm Caller if he was mad. I knew him. Nice fellow. Pretty wife.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Did he have any heirs?
Narrator: Eh?
Narrator: hairs?
Ilytch Bilgarov: Children?
Narrator: yes, he had a fine set of hair… not bald was he.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I’m refering to children…
Rory the Long-lived: Children? Rarun? Not that I am aware of.
Rory the Long-lived gums some straw
Ilytch Bilgarov: Are you aware of any rivals during his time? Any known that follow the tenets of Telchur?
Rory the Long-lived: Rivals you say. There were plenty of rivals for Erika. All the eligible men of Nolivari wanted a piec…cough Telchur you say?
Rory the Long-lived pauses for an exorbitantly long time.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I am referring more to spiritual rivals than rival suitors…
Adrik Volundr hands over the parchment and asks Rory if he has seen the symbol before
Ilytch Bilgarov: Thus, were there any that were jealous of his role as Rain Priest among the Nolivari?
Rory the Long-lived: Telchur? Ah… don’t know of a Telchur but Rarun did occasionally fight enemies of Nolivari. We didn’t have a guard and those were the days before the Prince. He seemed like a just fellow. He did get angry … lots of lightning and storm-this and strike-that… and he had a really fiery axe.
Rory the Long-lived: uh…
Rory the Long-lived: wait…
Rory the Long-lived: there was one time…
Rory the Long-lived drools a bit and his daughter wipes it with a rag
Rory the Long-lived: He had a duel with a guy from the plains… a nomad.
Rory the Long-lived: It was all formal and they left the town. After he came back the nomads never returned.
Rory the Long-lived: Took him two moons to recover though, so near to death he was.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Do you by any chance remember the name of this nomad or perhaps the name of their tribe?
Rory the Long-lived: The nomadic group was… uh…
Rory the Long-lived: eh?
Rory the Long-lived: Oh yes…
Rory the Long-lived: The T’zir’ghul of Lake Hyrendil.. angry folk were they and vicious. Survivors have to be that far north on the Tundra.
Rory the Long-lived does not seem to recognize the symbol (or maybe he can’t see it as his eyes are rheumy).
Ilytch Bilgarov: Do you remember how these T’zir’ghul dressed/appeared?
Rory the Long-lived: the who?
Ilytch Bilgarov: How might one spot one of these nomads?
Rory the Long-lived: I can’t recall. They had crude weapons made from razor sharp black stone.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Did you ever see anyone killed with one of these weapons?
Rory the Long-lived: eh. ….uh… no.
Ilytch Bilgarov: What did Rarun’s wounds look like?
Rory the Long-lived: Never saw ‘em. Was too busy staring at Erika’s cough He was in his shine while he recovered.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Fair enough… you have been most helpful Rory…
Rory the Long-lived falls asleep

Captain Grastof leads you to Boris’ home / workshop
Boris’ home is a two-story structure made completely of stone with a blue-slate roof. It is finely crafted and is located near the market (back near the center of town and the Queen’s Robes). The widow receives Captain Grastof.
Captain Grastof: The widow will speak to you but be warned she is still upset at the loss of her husband.
Ilytch Bilgarov enters the home solemnly with head bowed
Adrik Volundr does the same
Ilytch Bilgarov: I’m very sorry for your loss ma’am…
Widow Avery: He was working for you two I hear.
Widow Avery wipes away a tear
Adrik Volundr: As am I, good lady, we only just heard the terrible news
Ilytch Bilgarov: It is my understanding that he was a good man…
Widow Avery: Your shrine is cursed… always has been since the days of the Rain Priest.
Ilytch Bilgarov: This was no curse m’lady… it was just plain murder…
Ilytch Bilgarov: We found this symbol at the scene of his murder…
Ilytch Bilgarov motions to Adrick to produce the parchment
Adrik Volundr pulls out the parchment
Widow Avery regards the parchment
Widow Avery: I do not recognize this.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Did your husband have any enemies? Rival contractors? Did he perhaps owe anyone money?
Ilytch Bilgarov: Or did anyone owe him large sums of money?
Widow Avery: No, no enemies, we owed no money. He was well regarded in Nolivari, his father helped build the Prince’s castle.
Widow Avery: Nobody we have leant money would have wanted to harm him. He was a good man.
Adrik Volundr: Do you have any of his effects?
Adrik Volundr says this somberly
Ilytch Bilgarov: Well, m’lady murder is not a curse… just a crime. One that we plan to get to the bottom of…
Adrik Volundr: We will not rest until the culprit is found and justice is meted out.
Widow Avery: Captain, take these men away. I will not have these, who are indirectly to blame for my husband’s death, searching through our things!
Adrik Volundr: we are here to help, my lady
Widow Avery seems to be just upset
Ilytch Bilgarov: You mentioned that you thought the Shrine has been cursed since the days of Rarun. What brings you to that conclusion?
Widow Avery: Sure, see what you need to see. His workshop is where he kept his effects.
Captain Grastof leads you through the house to an adjacent work room.
Widow Avery: Cursed since the death of the Rain Priest. Ever since his death and the abduction of Erika and so many others. Those who worshiped at the shrine have had nothing but bad luck. The faith is dead there and your attempts to rekindle the Storm God are futile.
Widow Avery: Thank you. Perhaps you are not so bad as you think of our family. Please, please.. you are good souls. Do not build your shrine there for you too will be lost.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I understand your feelings m’lady, but the Storm God will persevere… as will we. We will find your husband’s killer and bring him to justice… either in court or at the end of a blade…
Ilytch Bilgarov: These words do not seem to be yours… who is poisoning your ears to the truth of Vatun…
Widow Avery: Poisoned words! I am referring to the death of my husband and the curse that strikes ALL followers of Vatun. Poor Erika, Poor Rarun, and now you who have avenged our fallen warriors.
Widow Avery: ENOUGH! leave me with my grief before you bring more ill upon us!
Widow Avery regards Adrik and his fine words
Widow Avery: Please, leave me to my grief, I know you mean well.
Ilytch Bilgarov: My apologies m’lady. I meant not to offend. I bid you good day…
Adrik Volundr: Bastards!
Adrik Volundr: Let us go to the market.
Adrik Volundr: And ready your wits and your chain!
Adrik Volundr pulls his axe and checks the blade

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Ilytch Bilgarov and Adrik Volundr return to their temple and revile at the desecration.
Ilytch Bilgarov growls under his breath
Ilytch Bilgarov: Vatun has left this place. Nothing remains but the stench of Telchur.
Adrik Volundr: Not for long.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Let us go to the Inn and find those responsible for this desecration!
Adrik Volundr: I want Telchur to see me and know a mere spell won’t scare me away!
Adrik Volundr clenches his axe and raises it to the sky
Adrik Volundr: Agreed, time for retribution.
You travel across the muddy streets of Nolivari. Adrik attempts to avoid muddy puddles and dirt-covered snow as Ilyitch plods through the snow and mud with an barely contained rage.
Ilytch Bilgarov spits in his hand and runs his hand through his shaggy hair to “clean up”.
The Queen’s Robe’s is white with dark cross timbers. The structure is two-stories. The sound of celebration echo across the early night sky. You enter the structure.
Adrik Volundr Adrik looks about for the two Telchurites.
Captain Grastof salutes you as you enter the room from the center of the commons.
Captain Grastof: Hail and well-met warriors.
Adrik Volundr nods
Adrik Volundr: well met Captain
Breelee of Bridlen tunes her mandolin and jests with several nearby townfolk.
Ilytch Bilgarov grumbles
Barmaid skowls at Adrik but goes off to get some local brews.
Ilytch Bilgarov scours the room with his eyes looking for any sign of the Telchurites.
Ilytch Bilgarov: [SKILL] Perception [1d20+7 = 27]
Ilytch Bilgarov nods to Adrick
Ilytch Bilgarov: It appears that the fell words of the Telchurites have reached the ears of many of the townsfolk.
Adrik Volundr: it seems they have been busy indeed
Ilytch scans the room and notices several other people scowling and talking about the two of you in low (indecipherable) tones. You get the impression (with your massive roll) that they are not sending good vibes your way. On the far side of the room several barbarians - the two that you saw with the recovered magical amulet from the N’orcer lair — the same two that you saw in the mind of the Widow Avery.
Ilytch Bilgarov: It appears their gratitude for our services was shorter lived than I had hoped.
Adrik Volundr grimaces in disgust
In the back of the room — to your left — is a cloaked figure who seems to be watching the townfolk near Breelee of Bridlen intently. When one of the townfolk seems to get too friendly she starts to rise but then settles with the skilled bard defuses the situation with a jest.
Adrik Volundr: The minds of the people are fickle
Ilytch Bilgarov will bring Adrick’s attention to the Telchurites across the bar…
Ilytch Bilgarov: Perhaps we should introduce ourselves.
Ilytch Bilgarov: But let’s speak with Grastof first.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Good evening Captain. I hope this evening is going well for you.
Adrik Volundr nods respectfully
Ilytch Bilgarov: I wanted to bring something to your attention. Do you recall the black shards that were found at both the scene of the murder as well as in the body?
Movran Hunter ([whispers]): Look how they strut about the room as if THEY are the ones who defeated the N’orcers. As if they are the ones who fought their strength at the city gates.
Ilytch Bilgarov: We have noticed that the Movran hunters carry weapons of obsidian.
Adrik Volundr: excuse me a moment, Captain
Adrik Volundr turns and walks purposely over to the movran hunter
Adrik Volundr reaches over and grabs the movran by his shirt
Adrik Volundr pulls the movran close to his face
Movran Hunter restrains the hunting dog
Ilytch Bilgarov: [SKILL] Diplomacy [1d20+2 = 20]
Captain Grastof: Obsidian… I have not seen the Movran’s wield their weapons. It is likely though. Steel is hard to find on the Tundra or expensive at Shimmerhold.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Don’t be surprised if you see the Movran’s wield their weapons this eve.
Big Movran Hunter ([heavily accented]): Best back off BOY or I’ll teach you a lesson!
Ilytch Bilgarov motions to Adrick’s conversation
Big Movran Hunter shoves Adrik away from him with tremendous strength.
Adrik and the Big Movran stand their ground as the dogs howl and growl around you!
Adrik Volundr: [SKILL] Intimidate [1d20+7 = 26]
Adrik Volundr: [SKILL] Intimidate [1d20+7 = 27]
massive dog: bowrr mmmmm rrr…bowr. (backs off noticeably from Adrik’s pressence)
Big Movran Hunter snarls and glares down at Arik but is noticeably shaken — he obviously did not expect Adrik’s tenacity.
Captain Grastof: Guests! Calm yourselves. Our Prince and Princess shall be joining us. I will not have them witness a fight!
Ilytch Bilgarov nods to the Captain
massive dog cringes and backs away
Ilytch Bilgarov: I will guarantee you will get know fight from us if not provoked.
Big Movran Hunter: Your words are pretty and many but that is all they are!
Ilytch Bilgarov shouts
Big Movran Hunter: Ha. We shall see who is the stonger man. This is not over you pampered twit!
Ilytch Bilgarov: and we all know that words are difficult for the mentally diminished that worship Telchur.
Captain Grastof (SHOUTS): Enough!

Ilytch Bilgarov turns and bows slightly
The townfolk and militia grow quiet as their leaders enter the town. There is obviously a lot of respect for the Prince and Princess. Prince Corin has a fine tabard on and his wife has a fur-lined dress that shows off her middle-aged (and attractive for her age) assets. The guards that escort the leaders seem to be pretty grizzled veterans — they nod to Captain Grastof.
When the two leaders get to the middle of the room the townsfolk and militia begin to clap which crescendoes into a ruckus cheer!
Prince Corin motions for the townfolk to calm down but it takes a bit for them to do so.
Prince Corin: Thank you my friends! It is good to see you so peaceful (scattered laughs from the townfolk and militia). It is good to see you all making mery in times of such trouble!
Campaign saved.
Ilytch Bilgarov motions to Adrick to come
Ilytch Bilgarov: Let’s get that ale my friend!
Princess Teliva: Let us celebrate our defense of home and hearth! Let us also celebrate the defeat of the evil from the Velet Dun and vengeance over the foul N’orcers!
Adrik Volundr cheers loudly for this
Ilytch Bilgarov gives a sly smile in the direction of the Telchurites
Barmaid places the ales down in front of Ilytch and seems to be a bit less agressive after Adrik’s stunt as if she is pondering the strange altercation with her obviously limited intellect.
Ilytch Bilgarov: HAZAAAAHHH!!!!
Adrik Volundr smiles at the barmaid
The townfolk cheer along with Ilytch but the latter’s below echoes above any of the lesser folk.
Breelee of Bridlen stands up and plays a fun melody on her mandolin (modified 20).
Ilytch Bilgarov stands slack-jawed and enamored by the beautiful music
Adrik Volundr listens, obviously impressed
The sounds of celebration echo through the old structure and the Queen’s Robes seems to be a very friendly place for awhile. As Breelee enters a third song from the Movran Plains the undercurrents begin to take a more sour turn as folk seem to be digesting the growing tension between the Telchurites and Vatunites.
Breelee of Bridlen plays a flurish to get everyone’s attention.
Breelee of Bridlen: Townfolk, hunters, guests, warriors and all others!
Breelee of Bridlen: We are gathered her tonight to drink and make merry!
Ilytch Bilgarov cheers loudly for her performance and smashes his cup/glass on the floor in celebration!
Breelee of Bridlen: Why? Do we need a reason! Haha!
Barmaid frowns at Ilytch and begins to say something.
Prince Corin waves her off and laughs.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Barmaid… bring me more ale!
Barmaid glares
Ilytch Bilgarov: HAZAAAHH!!!!
Prince Corin shakes his head and motions for more.
Breelee of Bridlen: I have been commissioned to write a song for the heroes of Bridlen. From what I understand you are, everyone, a hero!
Adrik Volundr ([shouts]): agreed!
Ilytch Bilgarov smiles uncontrollably as if this was the first time in his life that he has experienced joy.
Breelee of Bridlen: But your leaders have singled out two of you for your heroics… for smiting our enemies, for rescuing our friends, and for making sure those that strike at us in our homes are no longer capable of doing so again!
Ilytch Bilgarov: HAZAAH!!
Breelee of Bridlen begins to sing a ballad (Modified 17)
Ilytch Bilgarov smashes another glass
Adrik Volundr cheers
Ilytch Bilgarov: HAZAAH!! HAZAAH!!
Barmaid throws up her hands in exasperation.
Adrik Volundr whispers to Ilytch “I think we may have to pay for that…but well worth it”
Big Movran Hunter scoffs
Ilytch Bilgarov looks at barmaids hands
Ilytch Bilgarov: OK… bring me two more this time!!
Breelee of Bridlen passes Ilytch, Grastof, and Adrik as she goes to recieve payment and talk with the leaders of Nolivari.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I want to thank you for your performance. I have never in my life heard anything more beautiful.
Ilytch Bilgarov bows low
Breelee of Bridlen: I am glad you found it to your liking. I did not have much time to prepare.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I will remember your songs always and will tell all who will hear that you are the fairest in all the land.
Ilytch Bilgarov turns to Prince and Princess
Adrik Volundr: Truly an impressive display
Breelee of Bridlen: You should spend more time amongst civilized folk. Blood and the wilderness are poor company they say.
Adrik Volundr: No offense but at least in battle or in the wilderness, lines are clearly drawn.
Ilytch Bilgarov: You have honored us greatly with this gift. I hope that we can repay your kindness!
Adrik Volundr: It seems that here my friend and I are fighting not just n’orcers (looks meaningfully around him).
Keith (Ilytch Bilgarov): [half orc now at half mast ;)]
Breelee of Bridlen: It may be as you say Adrik. To the South the lines are clear as well … a battle is brewing and a Plain’s Rialla has been called by the grandson of Hrotghar the Wise. Even these civilized lands will see more trouble in the days to come.
Adrik Volundr nods grimly
Adrik Volundr: grim tidings indeed from the south, but I cannot worry about those lands, it seems we have enough troubles here and now
Campaign saved.
Adrik Volundr goes on ruefully
Breelee of Bridlen: If you ever want to make a name for yourselves travel to the South. War is brewing and warriors with such prowess as yours will be in demand.
Adrik Volundr: I suppose it is comforting to know that we are not the only ones under threat
Adrik Volundr chuckles
Breelee of Bridlen: What of these Unghal Orcs … is this something that will threaten my home to the south of the Witching Glades (said with concern).
Adrik Volundr: it is possible, but the Unghal Orcs will have much to deal with up here
Captain Grastof: Worry not fair-sung maiden. We will out with our swords and off with these Unghal heads.
Adrik Volundr: tell your southern friends there are warriors up here ready and willing to fight
Adrik Volundr: i will not rest until the orc chiefs’ heads are on pikes!
Prince Corin: Perhaps we will come to the soft Plainsmen’s aid … once our own house is in order.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Our services are needed here m’lady.
Ilytch Bilgarov nods knowingly to Prince Corin
Breelee of Bridlen: Then I will take my leave and spread the word of the Skalds to the dwarves of the Dwaershields.
Ilytch Bilgarov: But know that I would travel to the ends of the earth to hear you sing again.
Ilytch Bilgarov: M’lady… you cannot travel east. Those are the territories of the Ungul!
Ilytch Bilgarov: One bodyguard, no matter how formidable, is not sufficient to traverse such treacherous lands.
Ilytch Bilgarov nods respectfully to her bodyguard
Breelee of Bridlen: This is bad news indeed for Lord Hrothmir and the Skalds have sent messengers to pass the Hybol Dhur and travel the Hirryk Steppe to Highvale and there seek aid from the Dwaerim.
Ilytch Bilgarov: When are you scheduled to depart m’lady?
Breelee of Bridlen: I will rest here for a few days and then depart for the Mithrasil with my companion. I wish to contact the Stonesingers and support Lord Hrothmir’s call to war.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Let us speak again before you depart. Perhaps our paths may intertwine.
Ilytch Bilgarov bows low to Breelee and then the Prince and Princess
Breelee of Bridlen (smiles): Indeed
Adrik Volundr: it was truly an honor
Adrik Volundr bows
Ilytch Bilgarov: I bid you all good night. My comrade and I have much to discuss.
Barmaid picks up shards of glass, splinters of wood, and mops up remnants of half-orcish backwash.
Ilytch Bilgarov looks to see what has become of the Telchurites during this time.
The Telchurites are mingling with many of the Townfolk. The townfolk in turn laugh, scowl, murmur, and curse in your general direction.
Ilytch Bilgarov moves towards the door to leave
drunken townfolk: (too loudly) Yeah! Those glory seekers will bring a deep winter upon us with their irreverence!
Adrik Volundr slaps a gold piece down at the bar, “sorry for my friend’s enthusiasm”
Adrik Volundr turns and follows Ilytch out the door
Ilytch Bilgarov turns before leaving and speaks
Ilytch Bilgarov: May that long winter make you hard!
Adrik Volundr: we may have trouble, my friend
Adrik Volundr looks eager to smash some heads
Ilytch Bilgarov: I should hope not to follow such an enjoyable evening with bloodshed.
Adrik Volundr: agreed
A mob of Telchurites leaves the Queen’s Robes and follows you out onto the street. They are followed by Captain Grastof who seems annoyed and shouts at the Nolivari not to intervere. The upshot is that the Telchurites and their hunting dogs approach Adrik and Ilytch with a barely contained rabble lingering near Captain Grastof.
Movran Hunter: Hey! You! Little one. Why don’t you spew your noise to my face!
Ilytch Bilgarov ([shouts]): Grastof… you may wish to call off your dogs… and I don’t speak of the four legged ones!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Though one could hardly tell the difference with these…
Ilytch Bilgarov unhooks his chains in preparation
Adrik Volundr whispers to Ilytch, “if trouble happens i say we head to one of the alleys and make our stand there”
Movran Hunter: You DARE to chatter your bonebox at me and walk away?!
Movran Hunter strides forward but has not yet drawn his weapon
Ilytch Bilgarov whispers back
Ilytch Bilgarov: We cannot be seen to cower from these dogs. We must face them in the street.
Movran Hunter: I do not wish to spill blood? You are bloodthirsty and foolish. I seek to bruise you. That you may learn to respect your betters.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Your foul words may have the townsfolk fooled, but I know it was YOU that killed the stonemason Avery!
Adrik Volundr watches the movran’s reaction closely
Movran Hunter: BWHAAHAH! You pin your man’s death on us who you don’t even know. Fool. Come and eat your false words!
Movran Hunter pounds his fists together
Ilytch Bilgarov: Bring it dog!
Movran Hunter: Haha! You hide behind your bloody chains fool! Fight me fair and I will show you that you and your foolish god have no reason to be here!
Ilytch Bilgarov: My chains are as much a part of me as your fists are a part of you.
Movran Hunter: WEAK words! You can’t even resolve a dispute without fatal violence! How can you placate the winter if you only know violence! You are a barbarian!
Ilytch Bilgarov: I don’t placate the winter. I DOMINATE it! Your placation makes you weak…
Ilytch Bilgarov: And your weakness is reflected in your choice of diety…
Movran Hunter: How can you dominate the force of winter. You can’t even keep your own house safe!
Captain Grastof: Enough!!!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Winter comes in the front door it doesn’t cower in shadows to commit murder.
Captain Grastof: If you wish to fight then do so OUTSIDE our walls. Our Prince will not tolerate violence in the face of the Unghal invasion!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Of course Captain. I wished not to follow this enjoyable evening with bloodshed anyway.
Movran Hunter: Bah! You hide behind your friends instead of facing me — the INEVITABILITY of your LOSS to the cold night!
Movran Hunter stalks off
The Townsfolk who watched the exchange — by the end there were more than 50 including several prominent folk from inside (sans the Prince and Princess).
The townsfolk seemed to be evenly split inside the Queen’s Robes. After the exchange a lot of townfolk stalk after the Telchurites from the North. A slightly smaller number stay behind to talk amongst themselves and give you a thumbs up.
Ilytch notices that the Telchurites branch off from their followers and seem to be heading toward the Nolivari gates to the north side of town.

The room becomes dreadfully cold. Ice begins to form across the ceiling and around the door frame. Ice at the window spider-webs the glass and the whole room groans. Your breath almost freezes in the air in front of you as you ready your weapons and spells.
The window shatters and the door hinges buckle. Living ice swirls into the room and evil faces form in the air around you. Striking from all directions ice creatures slash at your clothes and the malevolent pressence of Telchur’s power is almost palpable.
The creatures are certainly outerplanar. They seem to be intelligent. Indeed, they are most likely Ice Mephits.
These creatures are known to be vulnerable to fire.

Inkeeper: Hmm… I see that you are not at fault. After all, why would you attack yourselves in your room!
Breelee of Bridlen: There is no way you’ll be able to rest in this disaster of a room. You are welcome to sleep in my suite… on the floor.
Ilytch Bilgarov: My eternal gratitude m’lady. I will take you up on your offer.
Ilytch Bilgarov: For now I must rest and heal.

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Mountainthaw 2nd

Adrik Volundr: all hail Vatun!

Telchurite Barbarian: The shrine is the other way supplicant.
Telchurite Barbarian stands up and motions the other cave
Telchurite Barbarian: Over there. Talk to Varas. He’ll want to know.
Varas the Techurite seems to be listening to the dogs…
Hunting Dog: BARrrroooooo!!!!! Arrwwwfff arrrrfwwfffrrrr…
Varas the Techurite: Flee fools! Your tricks have no place in the temple of Telchur!!!!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Cause Fear – One creature of 5 HD or less flees for 1d4 rounds.
Varas the Telchurite: [GM] 1 [1d201 = 12]
Ilytch Bilgarov: [1d4 = 1]
Telchurite Brigand: What is going on in there!
Adrik Volundr: YOUR DOOM!
Telchurite Brigand: Yeah, shut them dogs up Varas!
Telchurite Brigand (to Ilyitch): What’s going on here Skor? Who shouted that!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Varas said to get to Nolavari immediately!!!
Telchurite Brigand: Varas?
Varas the Telchurite: He lies! Imposters! Kill them all! They seek to desecrate the shrine of Telchur! We will not be able to placate the god if this place is defiled!
Telchurite Barbarian: You DARE to use magic on my mind! In THIS place!
Hunting Dog: BARR wwarrooorr ARRRRrrrr!!!!

Ilytch Bilgarov: [ATTACK (M)] Spiked chain (1) [1d205 = 20]
Attack 20 → [at Telcurite Barbarian] [HIT]
Ilytch Bilgarov: [DAMAGE (M)] Spiked chain (5) [TYPE: piercing] [2d48 = 16]
Damage 16 → [to Telcurite Barbarian] [HEAVY DAMAGE]

Ilytch Bilgarov: This same pain awaits you Varas. You should surrender while you can!!
Varas the Telchurite: You may have taken the strong one but the true strength of Telchure is cold!
Varas the Telchurite: bastard! you will pay for your insolence!!!
Adrik Volundr roars in triumpth
Adrik Volundr: well fought once again, my friend
Adrik Volundr: a glorious battle, but let us hope there is a short respite before the next one!
Adrik Volundr: speaking of which we’d best move quickly, more may arrive at any time
Ilytch Bilgarov: Indeed! I have never been hit as hard as I was by that barbarian.
Adrik Volundr: the telchurites may be all bastards but they are worthy foes in battle

Varas the Telchurite struggles to his knees
Varas the Telchurite: spits out some teeth and blood
Ilytch Bilgarov: Indeed! I have never been hit as hard as I was by that barbarian.

Ilytch Bilgarov: [SPELL] Zone Of Trutch
Ilytch Bilgarov: Who is the priest of Telchur?
Varas the Telchurite: There are two you fools!
Varas the Telchurite: Frostpriest Icender Wyrzun travels with the Zhur-gul Clan. He is our leader and reports directly to Kizencal Frostburn the Great White Death. Locally, we report to Lady Belara Haramass the Snowword of Telchur.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Who is Belara Haramass? How can we recognize her?
Varas the Telchurite: Belara poses as a matchmaker, widwife, and tailor. She is very well respected in Nolivari and will be vying for leadership upon the abdication of Prince Corin.
Adrik Volundr uses his amulet of detect thoughts as he listens to Varas
Ilytch Bilgarov: What powers did the Barbarian’s belt bestow?
Varas the Telchurite: It is a belt of strength — taken from the Rainpriest and abandoned by the orcs for they knew not what it was.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Are there any allegiances between Telchur and the Orcs?
Varas the Telchurite: We will fight the Unghal — they oppose our ruleship of the Highlands. We seek to placate Telchur in all ways. In all ways with the growing power of Telchur we will not see the dangers of winter!
Ilytch Bilgarov: What are the Telchurites planning with respect to Prince Corin?
Varas the Telchurite: Belara seeks support to remove him from his lofty place. He is weak and it is likely that he will step down if enough of the town turns against him. It is Princess Teliva that Belara will take more direct action against.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Who is the highest ranking Telchurite spy in Nolivari?
Varas the Telchurite: I do not know that. It is Belara who deals more directly with the many spies in Nolivari.
Varas the Telchurite: We have spies amonst the servants and several worshipers amongst the guards.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Does the T’Zir’Ghul Clan still reside around Lake Hyrendil? When is the next clan gathering?
Varas the Telchurite: The T’Zir’Ghul travel from Lake Hyrendil to the shores of the Shifting Sea travel the tundra to the Highlands where they meet at the the Stone Carin near the Witching Glades before returning north.

Varas the Telchurite (zone of truth’d): I hate that I am a traitor. I can only hope that my fellow Telcurites will slay you with obsidian knifes and flay your skin to suffer the burn of cold and ice!
Varas the Telchurite: yes (sobs)
Ilytch Bilgarov: But you are a traitor. Perhaps we should should let them flay you for your betrayal!!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Where can we find the Great White Death?
Varas the Telchurite: He dwells far to the north upon the Shifting Sea where he guards a great horde including — it is rumored — a Blade of Curosk.
Ilytch Bilgarov: What do you know of the movements of the Unghul?
Varas the Telchurite: Our spies amongst the guard say that Skarl the Ranger has reported to the weakling Grastov. His report being that bodies have been seen washing down the Mithrasil from the Velet Dun
Varas the Telchurite: The orcs have only made their way across in small numbers.
Varas the Telchurite: Skarl has gotten close enough to the Unghal raiders to note that the legendary Kurzel Kur is leading the orcs that have crossed the river.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Who killed the stone mason in the temple of Vatun? Varas the Telchurite: The icy minions of Snowword Belara Haramass slew the mason and used his soul to fuel the desecration of your cursed abode.
Varas the Telchurite: The final slaying was made by Lady Belaras with an obsidian dagger — the sacrifice that called the power of Telchur into the midst of the Rainpriest’s temple!
Ilytch Bilgarov: What do you know of the Captain of the Guard, Grastof?
Varas the Telchurite: That fool is related to the Rainpriest! A nephew or some sort. It is only a matter of time before he is deposed of for his family’s herasy.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Who in Nolivari has the ear of Lady Belaras? Who is her closest confidant?
Varas the Telchurite: Everyone listens to Lady Belaras — she is second only to Prince Corin in prestige.
Varas the Telchurite wakes up from the Zone of Truth and realizes what he’s spilled!
Varas the Telchurite is incoherant in his rage!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Your loose tongue has betrayed all you hold dear. You can die in shame knowing that you single-handedly brought down the entire Telchurite Faith!!
Varas the Telchurite: The shame that I more greatly feel is that I have been defeated by the likes of you half-man!
Ilytch Bilgarov: wraps his chain around Varas’ neck and snaps it!
Varas the Telchurite: May the ice and snows never melt upon you.
Varas the Telchurite: …hurkkk!

Princess Teliva steps out from the shadows as you enter the desecrated temple.
Princess Teliva: It seems that my blade was well-placed. All of Nolivari thanks you — though they will not know the risks you took or the importance of your actions.
Ilytch Bilgarov: We have discovered that the leader of the Telchurites in Nolivari is none other than Lady Belaras.
Princess Teliva frowns
Ilytch Bilgarov: She apparantly wields great influence and has plans to turn the town against Prince Corin such that he will voluntarily step down and she can take his place. You must prevent that at all costs!
Princess Teliva: Lady Belaras is a highly honored citizen. You are sure that she seeks to thwart my husband’s rule?
Ilytch Bilgarov: I am certain! Our captor was unable to lie.
Ilytch Bilgarov: We also learned that our enemies are even more powerful than originally suspected. Indeed, a White Wyrm presides over the ill gotten gains of the Telchurites.
Princess Teliva: I will certainly act on this information for it seems you are as trustworthy as the Rainpriest.
Princess Teliva: Nolivari can not hope to prevail against such a beast! It will certainly be up to those who channel the power of the Gods to stand up to such!
Ilytch Bilgarov: It is my hope that I may one day take his place and protect Nolivari as he once did. My mother, Erika, would’ve wished that…
Adrik Volundr: and I will be there to help you do so, Ilytch
Ilytch Bilgarov: Is there anything you can do to control/hamper the influence of Lady Belaras during our absence. While the physical threat of the Telchurites is no more, the greater threat will come from within. We have learned that Telchur has many spies among your servants and guards. Know also there is a plan to dispatch Grastof. I fear his life is in jeapordy.
Princess Teliva: We will do what we to keep Prince Corin in power. I believe in my husband and I believe that he is right person to lead Nolivari. I will keep eyes on Grastof. Your mother was no warrior like my husband, not so skilled as I, nor so knowledgeable or magically inclined as Aishe but her spirit is strong in you Ilyitch. Let know one tell you that you are not Nolivari.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Your words honor me Princess.

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Mountainthaw 3rd

The party returns to the Queen’s Robes after their encounter at the Telchurite shrine.

Breelee of Bridlen: Shall we depart then? Time is of the essence.
Ilytch Bilgarov: My apologies for the delay.
Ilytch Bilgarov: We are ready to go at your convenience.
Skie Aerydeen: We should depart no later than today. I sense a storm on the way.
Adrik Volundr suggests that Ilytch and himself should be the vanguard for the group, as both have experience in the immediate area
Ilytch Bilgarov gives an expression of supplication
Adrik Volundr exchanges a glance with Ilytch
Skie Aerydeen (scoffs): If you know the way then lead. We will follow.
Adrik Volundr nods
Ilytch Bilgarov: And we promised Prince Corin that no harm would come to his emissaries.
Adrik Volundr: And none shall!
Adrik Volundr speaks to Skie
Ilytch Bilgarov: It may be in our best interest to locate the Veduny during our journey.
Adrik Volundr: Once we reach the river, you will need to lead us, as Ilytch and I do not know the best route to the dwarves
Skie Aerydeen: If they are on the move on the plains then it will be luck if we come across their trail but I will search for signs.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Let us make haste…
Breelee of Bridlen: Agreed. Let us move out.
Adrik Volundr: Agreed Ilytch.
Adrik Volundr sighs in relief as Nolivari is left behind
You gather your gear, secure it tightly, and trudge out of town through the gates. Duglen and Tolen (grizzled Nolivari veterans) fall in line behind you with heavy draft horses in tow. The horizon is grey and flurries of snow fill the air — though not yet thick enough to obscure your vision.
Adrik Volundr: It is good to be back in the wilds, although we will return soon enough and the name of Vatun will be restored!
Adrik Volundr shakes his axe at the sky
Ilytch Bilgarov breathes the frigid air deep into his lungs and sighs…

The first leg of your journey away from Nolivari takes you through the burned outskirts of the town (torched during the N’orcer attack). A fresh cowl of snow masks the destruction and makes the region look peaceful. The trail is not well-traveled and Adrik and Ilytch have to trailblaze through about 16" deep snow.

Ilytch Bilgarov whispers to Adrick so that the others cannot hear
Ilytch Bilgarov: I miss the presence of Karaburan.
Adrik Volundr nods to Ilytch

Before long the snow-covered trail becomes less apparent and not long after you at trudging through the wilderness. Nolivari is now several hours behind you but you can still (occasionally) see outlying cabins and small clusters of buildings.
Adrik Volundr: those outlying cabins will be in danger soon enough
Ilytch Bilgarov: If not already… for Karg and his band are roaming these highlands.
Breelee of Bridlen pauses and listens to the wind whistling across the plains.
Breelee of Bridlen holds up her gloved-hand.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Do you hear something m’lady?
Breelee of Bridlen: Indeed. I hear cries of anger on the winds. Curses maybe.
Breelee of Bridlen points to the North.
Adrik Volundr: Best prepare ourselves
Ilytch Bilgarov: In what tongue?
Breelee of Bridlen: It could very well be frustration or sadness. I can only make out echoes of words… likely Movran.
Ilytch Bilgarov: There are many curses on the tundra. Some are to be feared more than others.
Adrik Volundr: Ilytch and I will check it out, but you best ready your bows
Skie Aerydeen: Do you want me to investigate?
Skie Aerydeen shrugs
Skie Aerydeen: Very well then. Be careful. There are many dangers on the plains.
Adrik Volundr nods grimly
Ilytch Bilgarov: How far off are these curses?
Adrik Volundr: You had best shadow us, Skie…
Breelee of Bridlen: I can not tell. They carry on the winds. Not far into those woods (points).
Skie Aerydeen: Indeed. I will stay about thirty feet back. Breelee, you stay another thirty behind me.
Adrik Volundr: Ready to check it out, my friend?
Ilytch Bilgarov: Indeed. My chains are feeling lonely in the cold…
Adrik Volundr: I say we approach with stealth
Ilytch Bilgarov breathes deep and hunkers down as he heads towards the trees.

Adrik and Ilyitch advance into the evergreen woods. The woods are sparce but covered with snow. They act like a snow-break for the building snows. As you enter the woods you smell smoke on the wind. Before long you hear the curses and can see several cabins sequestered and protected within the woods.

You advance on the cabins with as much stealth as you can trudging through the snow. You make it to the first cabin before you can clearly hear the shouts.

distant voice (movran): Curse you! My friends; you should not have perished thus! I will seek vengeance! Your deaths will not be in vain! Ah! My friends, my family will miss you and your kindness!
Adrik Volundr looks to Ilytch
Adrik Volundr whispers to the half-orc
Adrik Volundr: Should we head over and announce ourselves, it sounds like one man?
distant voice: What foul sorcerery! MILATHA! GET OUT CHILDREN! WE LEAVE NOW! (shouts to the cabin you hunker against).
Ilytch Bilgarov: I fear he laments the loss of Varas and the barbarian.
Adrik Volundr: Nevermind, more than one…
Adrik Volundr: Perhaps we can parlay instead, let us see your chain rest this time
Adrik Volundr approaches the far cabin, weapon in hand but held downward and not combat ready
A massive man, covered in furs and carrying a battle axe, emerges from the second cabin. The man is grizzled with a full red beard and braided locks. He is definitely a Movran barbarian and it is obvious that he is a survivor living off the land with his family (presumably behind you in the first cabin). He spots you as you approach the second cabin.
Adrik Volundr: Hail, and well met!
Movran Barbarian: What!? Who are you! Half-orc! Prepare for battle!
Movran Barbarian hefts his axe.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Hail great hunter! What is troubling you this day?
Adrik Volundr holds up his free hand in a peaceful gesture
Movran Barbarian seems startled at your words.
Adrik Volundr: Stay your hand, good sir, we wish merely to speak!
Movran Barbarian: If you mean my family harm you best be fleeing or only your heads will fly!
Adrik Volundr: I am sure you would honor your family well, but a fight is not what we seek.
Movran Barbarian does not seem convinced.
Ilytch Bilgarov: No harm will come to you or yours…
Adrik Volundr gets excited and lifts his axe while speaking
Movran Barbarian seems to be more intent on the half-orc to heed Adrik’s words.
Movran Barbarian snarls!
Movran Barbarian: You lie!
Movran Barbarian swings at Ilytch wildly, but lands a fell blow across his face drawing blood
Ilytch Bilgarov: We mean no harm. Please do not make me use these chains….
Ilytch Bilgarov: Cause Fear – One creature of 5 HD or less flees for 1d4 rounds.
Movran Barbarian flees from Ilytch’s Fear Spell.
Adrik Volundr lifts an eyebrow
Movran Barbarian flees past Ilytch and Adrik toward his family’s cabin.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Let us try to talk some sense into the wife.
Ilytch Bilgarov makes his way towards the other cabin.
Ilytch Bilgarov calls to Milatha
Milatha steps out of the first cabin with a hand axe in hand.
Milatha : What is this! Fhalran! Oh spirits! It’s an orc!
Adrik Volundr holds up his hand in a peaceful gesture
Ilytch Bilgarov: Come out woman we must have words before your husband comes to harm. I have laid no hand on your husband. We only wish to speak.
Milatha watches her husband flee with concern.
Adrik Volundr: He will return shortly, milady
Adrik Volundr: In the meantime, we wish you to understand we mean no harm.
Ilytch Bilgarov: What has unsettled your husband this day? We sensed his anger on the wind.
Milatha regards Ilytch and brings up her hand axe to defend the cabin.
Milatha looks at Adrik with more understanding.
Milatha : Who are you! If you mean us harm then by the spirits I will make you bleed!
Adrik Volundr: When your husband returns tell him to stay his hand, we merely wish to speak.
Ilytch Bilgarov backs off and motions for Adrick to take over the conversation.
Adrik Volundr: I am sure you would die with honor.
Milatha does not lower her hand axe.
Adrik Volundr: As my friend asked, what has unhindged your husband so?
Adrik Volundr: We heard his cursing a hundred paces away!
GM: Ilytch can hear the sounds of distress coming from the second cabin (the one that Fhalran the Barbarian) had just emerged from.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Adrick… parlay with the lady. I’m going to check out the other cabin.
Adrik Volundr nods
Ilytch Bilgarov moves towards the other cabin while loosening his chains
Milatha takes a half step as if she’s about to try to stop Ilytch but then stops short of Adrik.
Ilytch Bilgarov rubs the frost off the window while attempting to look inside
Adrik Volundr: My friend looks alarming, but he is a man of honor and can be trusted.
Milatha still seems to be reluctant to be friendly to Adrik and certainly not to Ilytch.
GM: Ilytch looks through the frosted window to a cold cabin. In the center of the one-room abode a small child sits crying soundlessly over the desicated corpse of a human. The corpse has all life drained from it — as if all blood had been siphoned away.
Adrik Volundr: You are among friends, my lady, Ilytch and I are friends of Nolivari.
Ilytch Bilgarov shouts to Adrick
Milatha : You are from Nolivari? How do I know you to be speaking truth?
Ilytch Bilgarov: Something much fouler than Barbarians abound on the tundra. What do know of a creature that could drain the blood from a man?
Adrik Volundr: A moment, milady, my friend calls!
Fhalran the Barbarian (BELLOWS!): Foul Magic! Stay away from MY wife EVIL ONE!
Adrik Volundr runs over to Ilytch
Adrik Volundr glances at Fhalran
Ilytch Bilgarov: What could do that to a body?
Milatha : Wait! Wait! I don’t think they mean us harm! Fhalran! Calm down! Calm the spirits down!
Fhalran the Barbarian charges Adrik and Ilytch with his bloodied axe.
Adrik Volundr: If I meant your wife harm, she would not be untouched now… I tell you now, we mean no harm… so back off and let us help you!
Fhalran the Barbarian: ROOOOOARRRRR!!!!!!
Ilytch Bilgarov: [SKILL] Intimidate [1d20+8 = 27]
Ilytch Bilgarov: ROOOOOAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
Fhalran the Barbarian seems startled.
Milatha intercepts the barbarian.
Adrik Volundr seems taken back by Ilytch’s roar.
Ilytch Bilgarov (SHOUTS): I’ll not take another unprovoked attack from you Barbarian!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Stay your weapon and speak to us like men!
Fhalran the Barbarian stops short.
Adrik Volundr: I’d best listen to him (to Fhalran).
Fhalran the Barbarian: It was not you who slew our friend? You have sorcerer’s ways about you!
Adrik Volundr: Once those chains are off his shoulders they usually don’t return there without being blooded.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I have no sorcery about me friend. I have only the spirit of the Storm God in my soul.
Adrik Volundr: Let us take a look then and see if we can make sense of this foul deed.
Ilytch Bilgarov (evangelizes): Praise Vatun!!
Fhalran the Barbarian: Ha! The Storm God has not been heard from since the days of the Storm Priest. You call upon Vatun? How do I know you are not some trickster.
Adrik Volundr: Followers of Vatun are no tricksters! You speak of the storm god being gone, I tell you now….HE HAS RETURNED!
Ilytch Bilgarov: I have offered nothing but parlay since our meeting and I did not strike back when you struck me. What trickery can be found in those actions?
Fhalran the Barbarian: No mortal could have taken a blow to the chest from my axe and lived. Perhaps some god does favor you. (lowers his axe).
Adrik Volundr: Good to see you see reason, now show us what caused your cursing in the first place.
Ilytch Bilgarov: The Storm Priest lives on in me as his wife is my mother.
Milatha glares at several children who peer out from the first cabin.
Milatha gestures sharply for them to close the door.
Fhalran the Barbarian: Perhaps it is fortunate that the brood of the Stormpriest arrive here. My friend, Ildor, has been slain!
Ilytch Bilgarov: And what foul creature could do that to a man? Did you see the manner of his death?
Fhalran the Barbarian: A spirit of evil! It has struck before but never so blatantly.
Adrik Volundr investigates the “corpse” only to find that the man is not dead!
Ilytch Bilgarov: What manner of evil is this? Your friend still lives?
Adrik Volundr determines that the man is barely alive (1 constitution)
Adrik Volundr: This man is not dead!
Adrik Volundr: Ilytch help me get this one to a bed.
Adrik Volundr lifts the man and takes him to the nearest bed
You suspect that the creature that did this was vampiric. Likely, the creature struck from many places simultaneously. It was not a vampire or creature with fangs… more like an elemental?
Ilytch Bilgarov assists Adrick in lifting the body to a bed.
Adrik Volundr: It would seem that some kind of vampiric elemental being of some sort attacked this man.
Milatha ushers the distraught child away from the cabin.
Fhalran the Barbarian blanches with fear
Fhalran the Barbarian: It has struck again! How is it that it still lives!
Adrik Volundr tries to revive the wounded man.
Adrik Volundr: What do you speak of!?
Ilytch Bilgarov: Do you have a name for this evil?
Ilytch Bilgarov: Have you seen it yourself?
Fhalran the Barbarian: Years ago we lost Ildor’s wife to an evil mist! It took her in the woods.
Fhalran the Barbarian: We followed the beast to its cave and there defeated it!
Adrik Volundr: An evil mist you say?
Fhalran the Barbarian: But now it has returned, larger, stronger! What evil has drawn this beast to us?!
Ilytch Bilgarov: How far away is this cave you speak of?
Adrik Volundr: I think it may be time to revisit this cave…
Fhalran the Barbarian: You would do this? The peril is great.
Adrik Volundr: Evil is certainly on the rise, but we, the heralds of Vatun have also come…
Fhalran the Barbarian pauses for a moment.
Adrik Volundr: And we shall prevail!
Fhalran the Barbarian: Why?
Fhalran the Barbarian: Why do you risk yourselves for people you do not even know before this day. For a person who tried to fell you with an axe no less?
Ilytch Bilgarov: The winters are harsh and few can be trusted. I hold no ill will for you protecting your family.
Adrik Volundr: It is the honorable thing to do…and to destroy such an evil also brings glory to the Storm God.
Fhalran the Barbarian seems impressed.
Fhalran the Barbarian: Perhaps there is something to this Vatun you speak of if his followers are as fearless and powerful as you.
Adrik Volundr: If you see the wisdom of his ways, you too could follow.
Adrik Volundr: The path of Storm God is open to all those that are worthy and certainly you are a warrior of some skill.
Fhalran the Barbarian: Bah! I am but a man surviving the snows year after year. I live for my family and friends. What could the Gods — or your Vatun — have need of me?
Ilytch Bilgarov: When we return victorious, I call on you to hear the words of the Rain Priest as you heard them those long years ago… and spread the glory of the return of Vatun to the Tundra.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I ask again… how far is this cave you speak of?
Adrik Volundr: A man surviving in the winter is just the man that Vatun blesses if such a man seeks such.
Fhalran the Barbarian: I will spread the word of your god… and of your heroic words even if you perish to the cave of ice in yonder valley.
Adrik Volundr: Agreed, talk of our God can wait, let us investigate this cave…
Fhalran the Barbarian: The cave is not far. Perhaps an hour from here through the forest.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Let us alert our companions!
Ilytch Bilgarov: We will deal with this at the source or surprised on our journey.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I’d rather face this evil head on than unexpected in the days to come.
Adrik Volundr nods in agreement

You backtrack to the outskirts of the small scattering of buildings to find Breelee and Skie. You find them hunkered down in a small snow-covered ditch near 100 yards from the cabin with their bows out. As you approach they stand up from their cover and lower their ranged weapons (bow and crossbow).
Breelee of Bridlen: By the gods Ilytch. What happened to you? Did a giant slash you with a blade?
Adrik Volundr fills in the rest of the party on the happenings by the cabins.
Ilytch Bilgarov: In a manner… yes.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I apologize for further delays m’lady, but there is evil afoot and we must face it before we journey onward.
Breelee of Bridlen: We do not have the strength to deviate for such a cause. I am sorry for these folks but my own mission can not be put at risk.
Adrik Volundr nods in understanding.
Skie Aerydeen: We should press on m’lady. We do not know what hornet’s nest these men seek to stir. We can not be brought into a fight against minions from the Planes.
Breelee of Bridlen frowns.
Ilytch Bilgarov: M’lady the “cause” will find you whether you choose to face it or not. This creature feeds upon those that travel our path.
Ilytch Bilgarov: [SKILL] Diplomacy [1d20+2 = 22]
Adrik Volundr: We could easily meet you on the path ahead…or you could listen to llytch’s wise words.
Adrik Volundr is impressed at Ilytch’s newfound charm.
Skie Aerydeen: We can afford to delay for a few hours but no more.
Breelee of Bridlen: Then we will delay for two hours… we can risk no more.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Then let us make haste!
Guard Duglen : Sir. What shall we do?
Adrik Volundr: Make camp by the cabins and await our return.
Guard Tolen: Sir, we can’t just stand idly by while folks are attacked! We are the Guard of Nolivari!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Stay back from the cave and ensure the safety of these good people. They are Nolivari!
Adrik Volundr: Stay here, we need someone here to help these people (nodding at Ilytch’s words).
Guard Tolen: We will guard them with our lives! For Prince and Town!

The party makes their way to the cold valley not far from the Fhalran’s cabin. You descend rugged terrain and find a barren rock-covered expanse at the center of a large depression in the Earth.
Adrik Volundr: We’d best prepare ourselves here
At the center of the depression is a small mound of rocks. Atop the rocks is a strange ice-formation. Above the ice-formation a rift in the very fabric of the world — from which gusts of cold emerge in wafts that send chills through your bodies. It is obvious that something foul has occurred here — perhaps a rite of some sort.
Adrik Volundr uses a charge from magic weapon wand on his weapon and Ilytch’s.
Ilytch Bilgarov takes off the belt that we recovered from the Telchurite barbarian and hands it to Adrick.
Adrik Volundr puts on the belt, nodding to Ilytch
Ilytch Bilgarov: This belonged to the Rain Priest. You have stood beside me from the beginning and I want the spirit of the Rain Priest to course through you as well friend.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Take it and wield your might axe with the favor of Vatun!!
Adrik Volundr: And let all our foes fear us!
Adrik Volundr: My thanks, a princely gift it is.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Not a gift from me, but from the Storm Lord. It should’ve gone to you from the start.
Adrik Volundr uses his detect alignment ability (evil).
Adrik reaches out with his “sight” and focuses on the strange outcropping.
The strange ice formation is in fact a “face” — one you recognize as symbolic of Telchur. The ice formation most likely was “placed” on those rocks. Adrik senses evil from the rift but not from the statute itself.
Adrik Volundr relays this information quietly to his companions.
GM: As you consider the outcropping the rift seems to ripple in the space above the ice formation.
Ilytch Bilgarov steps over to Adrick and touches him
Ilytch Bilgarov: The strength of the Storm God is with you on your first strike.
Adrik determines that the “rift” is a portal to the Elemental Plane of Air and that the ice formation is a portal key of some sort.
Adrik Volundr nods grimly
Adrik Volundr: I think i may have a solution.
The rift shimmers briefly then turns blood red as a mist starts to swirl from the Elemental Plane. The “entity” that emerges moves in predatory motions — it is attracted to the party instantly!
Adrik Volundr launches a firebolt at the ice formation.
Ilytch Bilgarov scowls
Ilytch Bilgarov: I hope your solution involves ridding the world of this symbol?
Adrik Volundr eyes widen slightly
Adrik Volundr: This creature drains blood and we cannot hide from it!
Adrik Volundr: It is vunerable to physical attacks but is formidable after … feeding!!
Ilytch Bilgarov (SHOUTS): Then let us face it head on!!
Adrik Volundr: agreed!
Ilytch Bilgarov charges towards the mist… chains a’blazin
Adrik Volundr throws a firebolt at the ice formation
Breelee of Bridlen rushes forward with her shield to form a line with Adrik.
Breelee of Bridlen: Everyone in formation — we’ll meet this thing with a wall of shields!
Adrik Volundr: VATUN!
Breelee of Bridlen: For ANDORIA! For King Calaster!!!
Adrik Volundr turns and unleashes another firebolt on the ice formation.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Well fought ladies! I’d be wiser not to underestimate your skills in battle…
Adrik sends forth bolts of flame several more times before melting the stylized face of Telchur!
Adrik Volundr: TAKE
Adrik Volundr: THAT
Adrik Volundr: FOUL
Adrik Volundr: EVIL
Skie Aerydeen whips her boar spear in an arc
Ilytch Bilgarov shrinks back to normal size
Adrik Volundr: RETURN to the Abyss with you!
Skie Aerydeen: What WAS that thing!
Ilytch Bilgarov: An evil that is no more. Thanks to you!
Adrik Volundr: The window into Telchur’s realm is no more
Ilytch Bilgarov slumps in visible fatigue from the battle.
With the melting of the strange spell-like effect (the face of Telchur) the rift to the Planes vanishes to bar passage of any more demonic beasts!
Adrik Volundr: Thanks be to Vatun (lifts his axe to the heavens)
Adrik Volundr: In your name, we triumph!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Is anyone injured?
Adrik Volundr scans the area with detect evil.
Adrik Volundr shakes his head in the negative
Adrik finds only traces of evil where the blood remains from the foul vampiric mist. He determines that it will pass with time.
Ilytch Bilgarov channels positive energy to all in range
Breelee of Bridlen: It must be hard work to be a follower of Vatun.
Breelee of Bridlen smears some of the blood around with her boot.
Adrik Volundr: Evil yet remains here, but it is fading fast.
Adrik Volundr turns and heads back towards the cabins.

You quickly backtrack to the cabins where you find Fhalren and Tolen tending to Ildor (the victim) and his traumatized son. They look up as you enter the cabin and smile at your return.
Adrik Volundr: The foul creature that attacked you is no more!
Adrik Volundr: It was a foul servant of Telchur himself.
Fhalran the Barbarian: Hah! Vatun must truly guide you if you return so swiftly and all alive at that. I see that you have several friends too.
Ilytch Bilgarov: It was a plague brought on the followers of Telchur!!
Adrik Volundr: But the creature was no match for the wrath of Vatun!
Ildor (in a weak voice): Ah, my son and I have you to thank. I know of this Telchur… I was warned that if I did not placate him foul things would happen.
Adrik Volundr: Vatun makes no such threats! Telchur and all that follow him have no honor!
Ildor (in a weak voice): I refused to have anything to do with the cloaked priest of Telchur and for my pride I paid. Soon enough I was struck by the same foul being that took my wife several years ago.
Adrik Volundr: For that I am sorry, all I can say to you is that Ilytch and I will not rest until the influence of Telchur is purged!
Skie Aerydeen (looks very pale): We can’t stay here… we must press on.
Breelee of Bridlen: Forget it Skie! There is no way we’re moving on with you in such shape. Ilytch too.
Adrik Volundr: Breelee speaks true, we must rest.
Ilytch Bilgarov: We will set out at the earliest time possible in the morrow…
Adrik Volundr nods
Ilytch Bilgarov: For now… you must rest.
Fhalran the Barbarian: You, of course, are welcome in our homes. Your God too at THAT! Har!
Adrik Volundr: Well said, good Fhalran!
Skie Aerydeen: But we lose time. Our mission!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Your generosity is noted and Vatun will bring favor upon your house!
Adrik Volundr: Our mission will fail if we travel on in our weakened state.
Breelee of Bridlen: Our mission can wait. I refuse to walk into an orc vanguard without everyone at full strength. It was the right thing to do to help these people.
Breelee of Bridlen motions to Ildor, Fhalren, Milatha, and their brood.
Ilytch Bilgarov speaks solemnly
Ilytch Bilgarov: The strong travel many miles, the weak travel few, the dead travel none…
Children start to cry.
Ildor (leans up in bed): Curse these Telchurites! I will definitely champion your cause. All hail Vatun!
Ildor collapses from the strain of hailing Vatun.
Adrik Volundr: [CAST] Alarm

Mountainthaw 4th

You awake to the smell of bacon. Fhalren cooks huge slabs of ham, crisps bacon, melts cheese, and hacks out huge pieces of freshly baked bread.
Adrik Volundr: Ahh, excellent!
Skie and Breelee have already gathered their gear and seem anxious to get on the road (but not anxious enough to ignore the bacon).
Adrik Volundr: Don’t spread the word, but far better than the breakfast fare back in Nolivari!
Ilytch Bilgarov graciously accepts and eats his breakfast.
Adrik Volundr: We are honored to have assisted you, but we must now move on.
Guard Duglen : Are you sure you shouldn’t journey to Nolivari? Fhalran, Ildor. Your families would be safer behind Nolivari’s walls.
Adrik Volundr: Do not forget that Vatun favors your household, Ilytch and I will be sure to visit upon our return.
Guard Tolen: Agreed. Orcs travel here. You are in their path should they make for Nolivari.
Children: We’re children, we’re children, we’re children!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Fhalran. Thank you for your hospitality, but we must bid you farewell. Forget not the blessings of Vatun that we all shared yesterday. Spread the word of the return of the Rain Priest and trust not the followers of Telchur, for they speak falsely.
Fhalran the Barbarian: Agreed. The methods of this Telchur are not to be trusted. They exploit our fear and then punish if we do not follow them. No, I prefer this Vatun of yours. He has my axe and you have convinced me that the Rainpriest has been reborn.
Adrik Volundr offers his hand to Fhalran
Ilytch Bilgarov: I bid you good-day!

You gather your gear, tighten your belts, and then hit the snowy trail once more. Adrik and Ilytch take the fore and trailblaze into the rising sun. Soon the Fhalran homestead is far behind. The weather is still dreary but the snow flurries have stopped — you suspect a lull before another winter storm. This is confirmed by Skie who watches the horizon warily.
You make your way East and after half a day you realize that you are close enough to the Veduny camp that you should reach their original location by nightfall (of course they will be far to the west). Not far beyond the former Veduny camp is the Mithrasil… and the approaching Unghul Hordes.
Adrik Volundr searches for a defendable campsite
Adrik peruses the former Veduny camp near the Mithrasil. After checking the snow-covered camp ground he finds a copse of trees that remains (likely the former location of the old crone — the leader of the Veduny).
You set camp and guard… knowing that you are very near the Mithrasil and that there are Orcs already suspected to be on the east side of the river
Adrik Volundr: [CAST] Alarm
During the night — Adrik’s alarm chimes!
Ilytch Bilgarov: [SKILL] Perception [1d20+7 = 26]
Adrik Volundr springs up and reaches over to a torch.
Adrik Volundr lights the torch.
The shadowed figure seems impressed that you found him and approaches the camp.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Hail friend of Nolivari. What brings you here in the middle of the night?
Skarl the Ranger: I can see that you are not orcs. Well, at least all but one anyway.
Skarl the Ranger: I am Skarl of Nolivari.
Skarl the Ranger: A ranger in the employ of Prince Corin. I have been tasked to observe the orcs.
Skie Aerydeen: I have heard of you at the Queen’s Robes.
Ilytch Bilgarov: And what can you report of their movements of late?
Skarl the Ranger: Tidings are not good half-man (to Ilytch). A group of orcs and their slaves have forded the river on crude rafts. Dozens of orcs were lost to the Mithrasil but over a dozen make camp near here.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Is this the band led by Kurzel Kur?
Adrik and Ilytch see that a massive eagle perching in a tree nearby watches intently every movement that Skarl makes (perhaps it looks for single). Hanging from the eagle’s talons are strands of leather for delivering messages.
Skarl the Ranger: Indeed. I have heard the name several times in reference to the task master. This creature is mean and strong. He has already murdered two of his own kin. The beast has one eye.
Breelee of Bridlen: There is no way we’re going to attack this group? Right?
Ilytch Bilgarov: Would you rather they find you sleeping?
Skie Aerydeen: I would rather bypass them and cross the Mithrasil.
Ilytch Bilgarov motions to Skarl
Adrik Volundr: I hear your concerns comrades, but Ilytch speaks true.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Have you seen any sign of the Unghul Chieftan, Vlachbal?
Guard Duglen: What of the weapons. We aren’t here to attack orcs.
Guard Tolen: We’ll attack the orcs if Adrik or Ilytch say we will Dug.
Skarl the Ranger: I do not know of this Vlachbal. It is likely he leads the bulk of the orc invasion horde currently massing on the west side of the Mithrasil.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I look not to make war now. I merely seek to ensure our safety. If we can cross the Mithrasil without incident so much the better. But the orcs are active at night and can see far in the darkness. We may not make it through until morning…
Ilytch Bilgarov nods again to Skarl
Ilytch Bilgarov: Have these orcs been active at night? Do they hunt?
Adrik Volundr extinguishes the torch.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Are they far enough that we might rest this night unmolested?
Skarl the Ranger: The Orcs do hunt. They have already slain a Centaur. They have built a bridge across a tributary — to better guide the orc hordes to Nolivari. They have quite a hold on the West side of the Mithrasil and have set up a camp between us and the Ancient Bridge.
Ilytch Bilgarov: And how do you evade them and their norcer trackers?
Ilytch Bilgarov: How close are we to the bridge?
Skarl the Ranger: No more than half a day’s journey. The orcs are closer of course.
Ilytch Bilgarov: In which direction?
Skarl the Ranger: Aye, the orcs are between this camp and the ancient bridge.
Skarl the Ranger: To the south.
Skarl the Ranger: I can draw a map for you if you like?
Ilytch Bilgarov nods to Duglen
Ilytch Bilgarov: There is your answer Duglen!
Ilytch Bilgarov returns his gaze to Skarl
Ilytch Bilgarov: Have you reported these tidings to your master Lady Belaras?
Skarl begins to describe the forward encampment of Kurzel Kur. He describes a small ravine (the tributary) that the orcs have built a bridge over. He describes the camp, the position of Kurzel Kur and his n’orcer slaves.
Guard Duglen : I don’t know what you’re talking about? What has the midwife to do with this?
GM: You suspect that Duglen seems uncomfortable with the subject.
Skarl the Ranger doesn’t seem to care about the reference to Belaras.

Chat log started at 25.11.2012 / 18:28:51

Ilytch Bilgarov: Breelee… there is no safe passage across the Mithrasil if these orcs are patrolling. If there are orcs here, they are likely camped to the north as well.
Adrik Volundr: Agreed, and in greater numbers. At least here, we know their numbers and placement thanks to Skarl.
Breelee: I have been tasked by King Calaster to garner the support of the Dwaerim of the Shieldshield Mountains. If there are orcs to the North then we will have to deal with those orcs.
Adrik Volundr: Here we have the advantage of intelligence gathered by Skarl, we may not be so fortunate to the north.
Ilytch Bilgarov: And garner their support we shall! But not at the cost of your lives.
Adrik Volundr: When the orcs will be more on their home terrain and be in greater numbers
Breelee: If the orcs vanguard has set up position to the south of here and to the north of the Ancient Bridge, wouldn’t you assume that they are across the Mithrasil. To cross here would be suicide?
Ilytch Bilgarov: We need not cross M’lady… only exterminate the vermin that hunt us in the night.
Skarl: I have not ventured more the North m’lady. However, the main camp of the orcs is at the Ancient Bridge. If they cross by barge the current will take them to the Vanguard’s camp and possibly even further North.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Thus, the only way the orcs cannot cross in numbers (due to the currents) is to the south.
Skarl: The current takes the orcs who have crossed to the north… Here. The first orcs have crossed and made landfall just south of our position as I’ve noted. The armory is to the south, the orcs are to the south, potential crossings — due to the current — is a large length of the Mithrasil.
Breelee (to Skarl): So you are saying that it is safer to travel across the Mithrasil to the South? Hmm…
Ilytch Bilgarov: What say you ladies?
Adrik Volundr studies his axe’s blade
Skie: Ah, the currents of the Mithrasil will make any journey east-to-west drag to the North. If we do not go significantly to the south, past the Ancient Bridge, we are likely to cross and get pulled by the current directly into the Orc Horde.
Breelee frowns.
Breelee: To travel North we must go South? Who writes this plot anyway?
Adrik Volundr: You will soon, m’lady, when the day is ours.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I put my faith in Vatun!
Breelee sighs
Breelee: Alright then. South it is so that we may cross and make for the Velet-dun, The Snarl, and the ancient road.
Adrik Volundr: Skarl, how thick is the ice covering the creek?
Skarl (points to the tributary and speaks to Adrik): It would be treacherous to cross unless your Vatun would guide your path… for it would take a miracle.
Skarl: I would help you with your attack but I must live to report this to Prince Corin.
Adrik Volundr nods
Skarl: I wish you all the luck adventurers. I will send word of your courageous attack. I also must travel to the North to scout out other Orc Vanguards.

Mountainthaw 5th

The party decided to try to sneak into the orc encampment to ambush the forces of Kurzel Kur, but are discovered on entry…
N’orker: Grugh lur t’ rock?
N’orker: Grugh heard something at the rock.
N’orker: Baraa!!! Wrigh wurggle thesk!
N’orker: Over here! The come through the rocks!
Unghal Orc Warrior snarls and hurls a javelin at Adrik. The javelin strikes a nearby pine tree and nearly pierces the trunk.
Adrik Volundr: for Vatun!
Kurzul Kur: Ah, Ilytch, my favorite slave. I always wanted to bugger ye but yer father wouldn’t have it. Now I’ll have the chance when you’re no more than a corpse!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Much has changed since we last spoke, but I see your missing eye has given you a vision of the future that is no clearer than before!
Adrik Volundr laughs heartily
Kurzul Kur: You seem anxious little half man! My loins throb in anticipation!
Ilytch Bilgarov: I can see you’re still the cur you always were, but now you will learn to fear me!!
Adrik Volundr: Brelee, Skie move closer!
Adrik Volundr: A few paces will do just fine
Skie: Adrik! I can’t see Ilytch! I’ll move up!
Kurzul Kur eyes go wide with fear as he regards Ilytch anew!
Adrik Volundr: fear Vatun!
Kurzul Kur: AAHH!!!!!
Kurzul Kur screams in fear!
Ilytch Bilgarov (to orc warriors): Your master fears me. You would be wise to do the same!! Retreat now and I will spare your life!!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Aaaggggghhhhh!
Adrik Volundr: Not so fast, ha!
Kurzul Kur screams in fear from in his tent. The sounds seem muffled by something — possibly a fur blanket.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Breelee… can you stop the retreating norcer? He will alert the others to our presence!
Kurzul Kur makes muted whimpering noises.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Adrick! We must subdue Kurzel Kur while he is still weakened. Do not kill him though!
Breelee curses in a very unlady-like way.
Kurzul Kur roars in anger!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Your death is upon you Kurzel Kur! Wake to find the wrath of Vatun at your door!!
Kurzul Kur: DIE YOU INSOLENT CUR… whoa!
Adrik Volundr lets out a primal roar
Skie shakes her head at Ilytch’s brash attack.
Breelee seems impressed.
Kurzul Kur: I’m going to wrap those chains around your balls and pull until they go “squish”!
Kurzul Kur looks really pissed off.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Rrroroaoaoaoaoaooror!!!!!!!!!!!!
Breelee pulls out a flag and begins to wave it back and forth!
The flag bears the red fringe of an Andorian battle standard, the white field and icy expanse symbolic of Vatun, and the strong stylized stockade wall of Nolivari.
Kurzul Kur snarls at Ilytch and glares at the party.
Kurzul Kur jumps into the river provoking attacks of opportunity.
Kurzul Kur howls in pain as he hurls himself in to the icy tributary.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Don’t let him get away!!!
Adrik Volundr: Run to the bridge!
Any normal being would have been slain but Kurzel Kur keeps going.
Kurzul Kur points at Ilytch and grins bloodily as he disappears under the ice flow.
Skie: By the hells!
Breelee runs along the frozen tributary searching for Kurzel Kur.
Breelee: There! He’s already near the bridge under the ice!
Kurzul Kur appears to be swimming with the current.
Ilytch Bilgarov: The escapees will cause us great harm in the future I fear, but it was a hard fought battle. Vatun would be proud of all of us today!!
Adrik Volundr: We will need to move quickly then to take advantage of this victory.
Adrik Volundr: Let us search the camp to see if there is anything of use.
Ilytch Bilgarov: In my bones I know we shall see Kurzel Kur again…
Adrik Volundr: Indeed, and next time he will not be so lucky
Adrik focuses a detect magic spell and peers at the sword. It is indeed magical and appears to be of Dwarven (Dwearim/hill dwarf) make. It glows with faint enchantment magic.
GM: The Blade’s name is Hrandethnur.
Upon searching the orc camp you find very little in the way of supplies — very little, apparently, made the cross-river journey. There is very little food. Kurzel Kur’s tent has a map which may be of use. He also had two potions in a satchel that he dropped in his tent. Lastly, he has masterwork cold weather gear (orc size).
GM: In the satchel there were 200 gold coins and dwarven-wrought necklace with a tiger-eye worth some amount of coin.
Skie: The necklace is dwarven make worth maybe 75 gold. It is rare, probably made a landed dwarven noble once.

Chat log started at 28.11.2012 / 19:07:51

Adrik Volundr leaves an orc head on a javelin hammered into the ground…the head is left with a brand depicting the holy symbol of Vatun.
Adrik Volundr: Let this be a symbol of Vatun’s wrath!
Adrik then looks around and easily finds the N’orcer’s tracks leading (hurriedly) south. The N’orcer fled pell-mell into the light forest along the banks of the Mithrasil’s western shore.
Adrik Volundr: I have the n’orcers tracks here…they lead south and will be easy to follow.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Then let us catch that cur before he alerts the entire orc host!!
Adrik Volundr nods and gathers his gear and prepares to make haste after the orc.
Guard Duglen appears to be going about his business — he flinches when he sees the brand but it could be a reaction to the rare use of magic. Guard Tolen’s reaction is a bit more obvious as he smiles and nods — he may even have said “Vatun” under his breath (Krom-style).
Ilytch Bilgarov: What’s the matter Duglen… too much for you?
Ilytch Bilgarov: Or perhaps you’d prefer to see a symbol of Telchur?
Duglen: It matters not. The orcs are dead. It was your fighting prowess as much as divine intervention that slew these orcs … more so even.
Adrik Volundr: Let us move then and mete some ‘divine intervention’ on that n’orker.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Indeed! But I thought you might recognize the might of the Storm God. We don’t abide the Placater outside the safety of the city walls, where his power lies…
Adrik Volundr: Well said, well said.
Ilytch Bilgarov sniffs the air and begins a short, but abrupt stride heading south.
There is no “path” going south, not even a deer trail. The forest is light enough that you can maneuver through it without issue. The constant roar of the Mithrasil’s expanse is an unerring landmark.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Adrick… can you lead us through this thicket?
Adrik Volundr takes the best path after the n’orcer
Adrik Volundr: He will follow the Mithrasil… perhaps we can leave his trail and get a better one.
Adrik takes off at a crouched jog. He easily finds the fleeing N’orcer’s trail. Before long, Adrik angles away from the Mithrasil taking to a bluff. He then abruptly stops and crouches even lower and points - the fleeing N’orcer is below about 250’ away.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Skie… can you hit that target at this range?
Adrik wings the N’orker and it goes down with an arrow through the leg.
The party easily catches up and looms over the hapless raider.
Ilytch Bilgarov sets off after the n’orcers position.
Adrik Volundr growls.
Ilytch Bilgarov growls low at the n’orcer in an intimidating manner.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Where ya’ off to? Do you have a contact on this side of the Mithrasil?
Adrik Volundr pulls out his axe and idly studies the blade, flicking off bits of dried blood still on the edge.
Hapless N’orcer : Ieee!!! Mithkas kolas Ilytch-tor dolcs rrad! (have mercy great one, Ilytch
- I never did anything to you)!
Adrik Volundr stands over the n’orcer
Adrik Volundr: I’d best answer the question… NOW!
Breelee: Foul orcish language… you understand any of that?
Adrik Volundr nods grimly.
Adrik Volundr: Yes, it is always wise to know the language of the enemy
Hapless N’orcer (whines): Let me live, help me with the arrow. I tell all!
Adrik Volundr: We will help with the arrow…after you tell all.
Ilytch Bilgarov pulls the arrow from the n’orcers leg with no sympathy.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I helped with the arrow… now tell all!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Who do you report to?
Hapless N’orcer : You just kill me. I know it. Brand my head like the others! I not help. You promise in name of Vlachbal’s whore!
Adrik Volundr: How about I brand you first, then kill you?
Breelee turns away
Hapless N’orcer shakes off the brand
Adrik Volundr looks to Ilytch
Ilytch Bilgarov grabs the n’orcer around the throat and squeezes the life from him…
Not-so-Hapless N’orcer avoids the brand and snarls in deviance.
Not-so-Hapless N’orcer ‘s snarl promptly fades along with his life.
Ilytch Bilgarov: He is in a better place now!
Adrik Volundr: Let us continue then.
Skie nods
Breelee looks a bit ill but it does not last.
The party returns to their trek toward the Ancient Bridge and the previously discovered armory. Adrik and Ilytch continue to lead the way with the guards and the emissaries not far behind. The terrain becomes more rugged with each step further south until you are picking your way across water-worn rocks and boulders.
Snows drift from the skies in flurries — no blizzard, or at least you suspect no storm. It is as if the weather has broken before you leaving only the flurries as a reminder of the dangers of winter.
Adrik Volundr: Vatun is pleased…
Ilytch Bilgarov glances knowingly at Duglen
Despite the favorable weather, other dangers of winter loom. As it nears nightfall the sounds of howling can be heard on the cold winds from further south (from between your position and the Ancient Bridge).
Adrik immediately notices that it is not a normal wolf as there is too much intelligence in the howls. They are communicating with each other in a manner too complex for normal wolves. The “wolves” are also actively trying to frighten someone or something.
Adrik Volundr: Let us set up defensively
Ilytch Bilgarov: We must be wary…
Adrik Volundr: These creatures, worgs to my knowlege, could be headed this way.
Adrik knows of worgs from his youth living on the outskirts of the Howling Vale (named for strong winds and not worg-howls). Worgs attempt to knock opponents down before tearing them apart, they are stealthy, and very intelligent. Some can even speak a crude language. All Worgs can mimic human voices.
Adrik Volundr: Be wary… they may try to trick us once we close.
Adrik Volundr lights a torch
Adrik Volundr readies his buckler and axe
Ilytch Bilgarov moves out in front to scan the dark horizon
As you near the Ancient Bridge you find that the bluff trail you are running along becomes a worn path (possibly an ancient road at one time). You follow the road and pick up speed. Before long the howls are very close and the menace from the worgs is almost palpable.
The worgs pace with intelligent purpose and promptly spin around and growl in your position. The “winter wolf” does appear to be some sort of abomination. It currently snarls at the woman in the niche but you can not make out what it is “saying”.
Adrik Volundr casts magic weapon on Ilytch’s chain
Ilytch Bilgarov: We are sorely weakened by our encounter with the orcs earlier. May Vatun be with us in the battle…
Adrik Volundr: He is always with us Ilytch, always, sometimes we just need to find him.
Winter Wolf (rasping voice in a growl): Your presence here is inconvenient. Flee for your lives or you will be our next victims!
Ilytch Bilgarov resigns himself to a fight he is ill prepared for…
Ilytch Bilgarov: Release your prey and we will gladly leave…
Adrik Volundr: Feel the wrath of Vatun, creature! We are his heralds and are your doom!
You can not make out the cloaked form of the humanoid beyond. You heard her scream so you know she is female.
Skie: Are we actually going to fight this thing!
Adrik Volundr: another story for you Breelee!
Skie pulls out her boar spear and brandishes it in front of her.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Breelee… I’ve heard that songs can tame the savage beast. Perhaps you could attempt parlay?
Guard Tolen: Vatun will protect us!!!!
Guard Tolen (more softly): right?
Guard Tolen readies his spear
Mysterious Cloaked Humanoid regards the party and appears to be unarmed. She brandishes a torch to keep the wolves at bay.
Duglen snarls and readies his spear
Breelee blanches, then regains her composure and brandishes the party’s banner.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Wolf… have you any allegiance to the God of Winter? If so, cease your attacks on the Heralds of Vatun!!
Winter Wolf sees Ilytch go down.
Winter Wolf: Stormpriest!
Mysterious Cloaked Humanoid regards the party suspiciously but seems thankful that the wolves are no longer about to ravish her.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Duglen… get a weapon to the stranger!
Duglen: Best to keep the spear — I’ll not face a wolf with a long knife!
Winter Wolf snarls
Winter Wolf: And now you shall die girl! Feel the frost of my fangs!
Guard Tolen brandishes his spear to help defend Ilytch (2 armor)
Guard Tolen hauls Ilytch to his feet and out of the woods.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Girl… if you value the lives of those that saved you… pull them out of the fray!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Do the same Duglen!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Tolen… your comrade is a traitor!
Guard Tolen: Stormpriest! He is of Telchur! I will kill him for you!
Adrik Volundr: For Vatun!!!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Tolen… pull Breelee from the maw of that wolf!
Adrik Volundr sags to the ground
Ilytch Bilgarov calls down the healing power of Vatun
Mysterious Cloaked Humanoid eyes sparkle with interest at Ilytch’s display.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Vatun… bring forth your healing praise for these brave warriors in your service!!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Tolen… restrain this traitor!
Guard Tolen holds his spear over Duglen’s throat and awaits Ilytch and Adrik’s command.
Ilytch Bilgarov throws Tolen his rope
Astara throws back her hood
Ilytch Bilgarov: Tolen… Tie him up!
Astara : Thank you brave warriors. I am in your debt.
Ilytch Bilgarov: What in the name of Vatun is a lone unarmed girl doing in these woods at night???
Astara : I live on the banks of the Mithrasil but fled the approaching orcs.
Astara : I have seen you before. When you crossed on the stone bridge.
Ilytch Bilgarov: [SKILL] Perception [1d20
7 = 22]
Ilytch Bilgarov speaks to Tolen
Adrik Volundr is unconscious but is breathing easily
The woman appears to be a half-elf. She is definitely not a Ranthyrim Elf. She is very likely of Sylnarri descent though she is not full-blooded. She eyes Ilytch intensely and she is breathing hard (both in fear but also… something else).
Ilytch Bilgarov: After you tie up the walking dead man… could you gather some wood for a fire. We must rest…
Ilytch Bilgarov: [SKILL] Sense Motive [1d20+7 = 27]
Ilytch Bilgarov: You say you’ve seen me before. Were you in the company of Adrell? When we crossed the Mithrasil a fortnight back?
[w] → Ilytch Bilgarov: This girl appears desire Ilytch something fierce. There is something mysterious about her though.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Where is the rest of your family? Are there any of your kind remaining at the bridge?
Astara : I have no family. I live on my own along the Mithrasil.
[w] → Ilytch Bilgarov: This girl wants Ilytch so badly it literally lights up her eyes.
[w] → Ilytch Bilgarov: make a will save
Ilytch Bilgarov: [SAVE] Will [1d20+6 = 10]
[w] → Ilytch Bilgarov: You see nothing more than a very willing teenage girl.
Astara : Yeah, I saw you cross on the river of stone and camp in the area. I was afraid of you.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Were you with Adrell?
Astara : I was further south. You did not see me but I saw you. I am glad you saved me from the wolves. It would not have made it.
Astara moves close to Ilytch.
Astara : Thank you.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Ya.. You… Your… welcome….
Ilytch Bilgarov looks over his shoulder to Tolen.
Ilytch Bilgarov: We should camp here tonight!
Astara presses her advantage and leans to cling to Ilytch (she is about half his height).
Ilytch Bilgarov is obviously flustered by the girls attentions, but knows that his friends lay dying and he must make camp to survive the night.
Ilytch Bilgarov: What is your name?
Astara : I am Astara if it please you.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Astara… would you help me tend my comrades while I prepare camp for the night. Unless you know a better place to rest unmolested…
Astara : I will help all of my rescuers… as for the molesting… we will have to see how safe our next camp is.
Guard Tolen crafts a crude lean-to and curses Duglen as he drags the tied up guard into it.
Ilytch Bilgarov: You need not bring him in. He can keep guard out there…
Ilytch Bilgarov: If he wishes to return to Vatun’s hearth… he will have to tell me all I wish to know.
Guard Tolen drags Duglen out into the snows without question.
Ilytch Bilgarov shouts to Duglen in the cold…
Ilytch Bilgarov: Let me know when you wish to join us in the warmth…
Duglen: I have not appeased the winter! It will take me. Let me in or my death will be on your hands!
Ilytch Bilgarov: I have no qualms about your death on my hands. If you don’t tell me what I wish to know, freezing in the night will feel like a vacation compared to what I do to you.
Astara shifts uncomfortably and clings to Ilytch.
Duglen shivers.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I’m sure Tolen will have no problem telling Prince Corin that you were lost to the elements.
Ilytch Bilgarov nods to Tolen
Ilytch Bilgarov: Would you Tolen?
Guard Tolen: It is awfully cold on this journey…
Duglen: I will tell you. curse thisssss cccc cc cold!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Then tell me who ordered you to betray us!!
Guard Tolen: Ittt ww wu was L llla dy B b belarus
Ilytch Bilgarov: Who else in the house of the Prince is in the service of Lady Bellarus?
Ilytch Bilgarov looks to Tolen
Ilytch Bilgarov: Take note of these names and pass them on to Princess Teliva upon your return.
Guard Tolen: I dd doon’t know… but ttt… spu spare m mme and I I’l tell you wh who is going to mmm murder Gras… Grastof.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I will spare your life. Now tell me who is to murder Grastof!
Guard Tolen: G… guard Tyralis is supposed to k, kill Commander Grastof w.. wuhen the orcs are defeated.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Tolen… make sure this info gets to Skarl upon your return trip.
Guard Tolen: Agreed. I will have to find Skarl anyway for he will help guide me back with the weapons.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I would allow Duglen to tell him himself, but I’m afraid he’ll have some issues on that front.
Ilytch Bilgarov grabs his dagger and places the blade into the embers of the campfire menacingly.
Guard Tolen: I understand that this traitor needs to die but we should do it mercifully.
Astara watches Ilytch intently.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I have given my word that I would spare his life and I am nothing if not a man of my word!
Ilytch Bilgarov: But those who speak with false tongues deserve no tongues to speak…
Guard Tolen: So says the Stormpriest… then so say we all.
Duglen: No!!! NO!!! I Told you what I know!
Ilytch Bilgarov takes the glowing dagger from the fire and cuts out Duglen’s tongue… the heat of the blade cauterizing the wound.
Duglen screams but they go mute.
Ilytch Bilgarov casts Duglen’s tongue into the fire.
Astara rushes to grab Ilytch’s back and hide from the passed out Duglen.
Guard Tolen: He chose poorly.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Your lies are yours alone from now on Duglen.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Tolen… I will let you decide if you wish an escort back with the traitor. I don’t wish to send you back alone, but I fear you’re safer without him.
Guard Tolen: I will do as you command Stormpriest. I am of Vatun and you are his messenger.
Guard Tolen: He is only useful as a beast of burden but he does not need his hands then.
Guard Tolen: Let him redeem himself by serving Nolivari to the last.
Ilytch Bilgarov: You are wise Tolen. Let Princess Nolivari dispense his justice upon your return…
Guard Tolen nods
Ilytch Bilgarov: Your service to Vatun will be rewarded in the afterlife, but for now….
Astara tugs Ilytch deeper into the shelter.
Ilytch Bilgarov hands Tolen a silver ring
Ilytch Bilgarov submits to Astara’s beckoning and returns to the tent…
Astara and Ilytch lock passionately and Ilytch is taken aback (literally) by Astara’s aggressiveness. It is by FAR one of the more interesting nights Ilytch has spent in his night.

Mountainthaw 6th

However… upon the early rays of sunshine, Ilytch turns over to his “conquest”… and to his horror… “Astara” begins to shift as Ilytch clutches her closely. She begins to turn green — her strength isn’t human! Her hands extend into long claws! She arches her back in ectasy as she begins to transform. She grows knots of dark, moldering skin. Her hair spills over her features and she appears as a sickly, thin, green-skinned crone!
Green Hag pins Ilytch down during the last moments!
The Green Hag’s voice never changes — even as she laughs at you it is the laugh of a teenage girl.
Ilytch Bilgarov SCREAMS in terror!!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Tolen!!!
Green Hag vanishes even as her laugh lingers!
Green Hag laugh echoes into the night
Adrik Volundr finally opens his eyes
Adrik Volundr: What? ….I….live?
Ilytch Bilgarov: Adrick… I fear my judgement has failed me and I have failed Vatun.
Ilytch is horrified by the last thing “Astara” said. “You will be an excellent father. I will tell my sisters about you.”
Adrik Volundr: What…?
Ilytch Bilgarov: The girl was not what she seemed… and she deceived me into her bed.
Ilytch Bilgarov: She has left me weakened and drained….
Adrik Volundr: What…happened to you? She?
Ilytch Bilgarov: Yes…
Adrik Volundr: Where…is Astara?
Ilytch Bilgarov: She is gone… along with my Strength… and my honor….
Adrik Volundr frowns
Ilytch Bilgarov: We need to find her! Can you find her tracks?
Adrik Volundr nods
Adrik Volundr: I will try
Adrik Volundr: Think of redemption Ilytch…we all must face trials… and we all make… mistakes…

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The weather breaks badly on the morning of the 6th Day of Mountain Thaw. Storms, normally a sign of favor from Vatun, seem to originate from the distant Thunderdelves. More cold is in the future.
Ilytch Bilgarov: [CAST] Augury
Ilytch peers into the flames of the morning fire. His eyes reflect the flames which swirl independently from the fire itself. He gets a very strong impression that chasing after the Green Hag would be “bad” idea.
Adrik Volundr: What sign does our lord leave us?
Ilytch Bilgarov: The flames suggest his will is to leave her be. While it scars my soul to do so… I must obey the will of Vatun…
Adrik Volundr nods grimly
Ilytch Bilgarov hangs his head in shame and disgust
Adrik Volundr: This is a test of strength Ilytch.
Adrik Volundr: We must think of bigger things now… but in time the fates I think will bring us in contact with this hag once more.
Ilytch Bilgarov is visibly disheartened by this news and the events of last night. He wears his remorse in his head like a crown of shame.
Adrik Volundr: So to the Bridge then?
Guard Tolen: The Bridge is definitely the best option for Nolivari. Those weapons will definitely be needed since the orcs already cross the Mithrasil.
Adrik Volundr: Let us move then and leave this place.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Yes! Let us leave. The foulness of this place sickens me…
Ilytch Bilgarov gets up, and begins to set off without looking back to see who is following…
Adrik Volundr follows Ilytch
You depart from the camp as the weather worsens. Soon even the hag’s long strides are lost to the snows. It is not long before her tracks vanish abruptly. Skie seems puzzled as she investigates a thicket where the tracks terminated.
Ilytch Bilgarov: What say you Ranger? What do you see?
Skie: The girl we saw yesterday. Her tracks ends here.
Adrik Volundr: End you say, let me take a look.
Ilytch Bilgarov: End? That is indeed strange…
Adrik investigates the tracks. They do, indeed, vanish. This is not due to the inclement weather.
The tracks end in a copse of trees surrounded by a thicket of thorns.
Adrik Volundr: It would seem that the tracks end with the help of foul magic.
Adrik Volundr: This is beyond our means to track…for now.
Ilytch Bilgarov: It is no matter… she is gone…
Adrik Volundr: Let us push on then, and focus on the Bridge.
Adrik Volundr uses his detect alignment ability
Adrik Volundr pauses then turns to Ilytch and shakes his head
Adrik scans the thricket and the copse of trees but does not see any auras associated with an alignment.
Adrik Volundr: [CAST] Detect Magic
Adrik Volundr: I know we had said we need to push on but do you think it possible that the creature’s scent is still here?
Adrik Volundr looks to Ilytch
Ilytch Bilgarov: Her scent is still here, but it is Vatun’s wish that not follow her. There must be important happenings in the Unghul movements that we must attend to…
Adrik Volundr: I detect some faint magic…
Ilytch Bilgarov seems solemn and despite his words, it is obvious there is doubt in his heart.
Adrik Volundr focuses on the tree
Ilytch Bilgarov continues walking towards the Ancient Bridge…
Adrik Volundr shrugs his shoulders and heads off after Ilytch
Adrik Volundr: This is not the end (out loud in the direction of the tree)!
Ilytch Bilgarov turns back to address Adrick
Ilytch Bilgarov: I fear, my friend, that this is just the beginning with her…
Adrik Volundr nods slowly
Ilytch Bilgarov slows to speak with Adrick more privately
Adrik Volundr speaks in a quiet, solemn voice
Adrik Volundr: Think of this as a test, my friend, will you put aside your personal wishes for those of the Winter God?
Ilytch Bilgarov: Our fates are now intertwined thanks to my foolishness and I have, I’m afraid, dragged you into my folly.
Adrik Volundr: it will be most enjoyable rectifying this wrong in the future

The party travels south as the winds pick up and the flurries of snow turn into biting ice. Even the toughened Adrik and Ilytch hold their cloaks close to protect themselves from the cold. Skie is also resilient to the miserable weather but Breelee is suffering — though she keeps pace.
Breelee accepts the heavy winter cloak and gear from Ilytch with a weary looking smile and a whispered “thanks”.
Ilytch Bilgarov trudges on through the snowy tundra… head down and consumed with thoughts of revenge…
Adrik Volundr keeps his head up despite the wind, scanning the horizon for any sign of foe or friend.
You do not easily see the approaching noon hour as the weather increases in intensity. However, to your relief, you do see the shelter of the ruined city at the Ancient Bridge near. You enter the “streets” and rubble with thanks for shelter from the storm. You are thankful until Adrik kicks something … and finds a human skull and ribcage.
Adrik Volundr bends to inspect the human remains.
The body does not appear to be incredibly old but it is picked clean of meat. The body was that of an orc most likely and its limbs were hacked from its torso with what appears to be a giant cleaver.
Adrik Volundr: Impressive…quite a weapon to cause such damage.
Adrik Volundr: We had best on our guard!
Ilytch Bilgarov: It would appear something besides us disapprove of the orc’s encroachment.
Upon closer inspection there is not one orc, but several. There is also a bear-like carcass but it is much older.
Adrik determines that there is “something” in the area — perhaps it is living in the nearby ruins (ahead).
Adrik Volundr sniffs the air almost as an animal would.
Adrik Volundr: I smell something…it is not far.
Adrik Volundr: We should prepare, I do not know what this might be ahead of us, but I sense….danger.
LARGE VOICE bellows from the ruins ahead. The base echo of the creature’s roar carries over the winds and appears to be in response to your chanting.
Adrik Volundr: impressive
Ilytch Bilgarov casts Bull Strength on himself to counter the weakness left by the hag attack.
[GM] [TURN] Cyclops
Cyclops fires a massive crossbow at Ilytch. The lance-sized “arrow” races toward him.
Breelee swings her banner around with gusto.
The Cyclops has a massive battle axe leaning on ruined two-story wall next to him. Anyone coming near him is going to be in a world of hurt (though his lance-sized arrows are nasty enough).
A single huge eye stares from the forehead of this nine-foot-tall giant. Below this sole orb, an even larger mouth gapes like a cave. The Cyclops wields the massive crossbow with skill (it is obvious he is a hunter). Though the crossbow is nasty, the axe is most likely way worse.
Cyclops roars
Bu-gah: I am Bu-gah the Mighty! I see all and I relish the thought of feasting on your bones!
Bu-gah punctuates his words by firing another “lance” at Ilytch.
Bu-gah misses widely.
The winds swirl through the ruins making it hard to see the Cyclops as it fires at you from the ruined building ahead. He is massive enough that as you close it is impossible to not see him due to the weather.
Bu-gah (previously) dropped his crossbow and lifted his axe.
Ilytch Bilgarov: [CAST] Cause Fear
Bu-gah raises his eyebrow in fear … and promptly shakes it off with a deep laugh.
Bu-gah carves a trough the size of Iltych to the half-orc’s left.
Breelee continues to wave the party’s standard inspiring all of you to great feats of heroism (somehow).
Adrik Volundr: VATUN!
Adrik Volundr charges.
The Cyclops’ axe cuts the air over Adrik’s head with a dangerous whoosh.
Bu-gah does not seem to phased by the piercing wound.
Adrik Volundr draws forth Hrandethnur and prepares to unleash the Nine Hells on the cyclops!
Bu-gah seems to be minimally concerned with Ilytch’s chains now.
Bu-gah looks pretty beat up between Ilytch’s and Skie’s attacks.
Adrik Volundr: [ATTACK (M)] Hrandethnur [CRIT 19] (6) [CONFIRM] [1d2012 = 26]
Adrik decapitates the Cyclops!
Adrik Volundr roars in victory.
Adrik Volundr: I like the feel of this (checking the blade of the massive greatsword)
Ilytch Bilgarov: Excellent battle my friend! That sword is strong in your hands.
Adrik Volundr: Not as good a feel as the axe, but nice nonetheless.
Adrik Volundr inspects the body and the nearby ground looking for tracks.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Vatun was with us today, for we are weakened. We must be careful of battling foes while not at full strength.
Ilytch Bilgarov: It almost cost us dearly today as I felt my life slipping away at one point.
Adrik Volundr nods
Ilytch Bilgarov turns to Breelee
Ilytch Bilgarov: Thank you Breelee! You saved my life today. I am in your debt.
Adrik Volundr: The healing power of Vatun was also timely
Adrik Volundr: Unfortunately I don’t know enough about the creature to know if it is solitary.
Adrik Volundr: Breelee, do you know any tales of this monster?
Adrik determines that the Cyclops was indeed a solitary creature — or at least he determines based on the creature’s longterm camp site.
Adrik Volundr: From the tracks here…and here, I can tell this creature is a solitary one.
Adrik Volundr: From the smell…I can understand why.
Adrik Volundr chuckles
Ilytch Bilgarov: Let us find where he lays his head. Maybe it will offer us safe harbor for the night.
Adrik Volundr: It seems he slept right here.
Adrik Volundr points to the campsite.
The party searches the camp site and finds a small trove of treasure and goods (taken from orcs and any other creatures that passed that way). Unfortunately there are no hag bones.
Ilytch Bilgarov: If there are orcs in the area, and by the corpses it would appear there are, they may avoid this area in fear of this great foe.
Adrik Volundr nods
Adrik Volundr: I was thinking the same thing.
The Cyclops’ eye has faint divination magic upon it… though it fades quickly with the death of the creature.
Ilytch Bilgarov: This is as good a place as any to rest.
Adrik Volundr: Agreed, it would be wise to do so before pushing on
GM: General Trade Goods worth about 150 gold.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Last time we inspected the Ancient Bridge area, it was full of Dark Creepers. I doubt that Grakhirt’s absence has swayed them from their ways.
GM: A Magical Ring (Enchantment), A magical Battle Axe (Faint Enchantment), two potions (faint), three scrolls (unknown)
GM: 123 gold, 456 silver, 812 copper, emerald and gold necklace (500 gp)
GM: The scrolls were penned in a flowing hand (in some subscript of elven — though the language of magic is universal)
GM: The scrolls are divine (you suspect druidic): Goodberry @ 8th x3, Owl’s Wisdom @ 8th x3, Spider Climb @ 8th x3
GM: Ring of Protection +2
GM: Battle Axe +1 / Human Bane +2d6
The party rests the afternoon of 6th Day of Mountain Thaw.

Mountainthaw 7th

From your position at the Ancient Bridge you can hear the roar of the Mithrasil. Without even seeing it in the valley below you fully understand how it is possible that the orcs have simply been unable to cross the river in force!

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You stand at the entrance to the Ancient Armory ready to descend into the depths. Below the ruins you see the damp, mushroom covered antechamber with the ornate metallic door on the far side (the same you discovered at your first visit).
The floor below the small, fortified tower, is completely dark. Only Ilytch can see without the aid of a torch.
Breelee of Bridlen casts light
Adrik Volundr lights a torch
Adrik Volundr: [CAST] Bloodhound
Adrik Volundr sniffs the air.
Adrik Volundr: There are a multitude of small creatures in there.
None of the mushrooms appear to be dangerous, several are edible — these might actually be of value to a connoisseur of mushrooms.
Adrik Volundr: The mushrooms appear to be harmless, and if we make it through without mishap, we can have some mushroom stew.
Adrik Volundr scans the area in front for evil.
Adrik scans the room for about six seconds before determining that there is no presence of evil.
Adrik Volundr: There is no evil present in the chamber beyond.
The room is damp and filled with mushrooms that vary in height from very small to gnome-sized. Ilytch determines that the “multiple creatures” Adrik discovered are large roaches. He discovers this with a sickening crunch. The air is thick with the smell of detritus.
Ilytch Bilgarov weaves his way through the mushroom path.
Adrik Volundr follows, looking alertly about him.
The door is ornately carved with elaborate swords, spears, and shields — this is what clued you into the fact that this might be an ancient armory. The door is well-crafted and appears to have withstood the passage of time extraordinarily well.
Adrik hears the “tittering” of insects — way more than the roaches that scurry from your light sources or crunch under your feet if they can’t get away in time.
Adrik Volundr grimly speaks
Adrik Volundr: Many more insects lie beyond this door, far more than are here.
Ilytch Bilgarov accedes Adrick’s warnings then unlocks the door and pushes it slightly.
Even with the slight opening of the door you disturb the nest of roaches beyond. They pour out by the thousands! They emerge from the walls themselves, hundreds, thousands of very aggressive roaches pour out of the walls and from behind the door. They are much more aggressive than you would have expected from such natural (if oversized) creatures!
Adrik Volundr shouts to the guards
Adrik Volundr: Get out of here!
Guard Tolen pushes Duglen up the stairs and retreats from the third swarm.
Skie Aerydeen readies her spear to attack the swarm.
The roaches fly, scurry, or climb toward you like a pestilent black tide, a ravenous horde! Thousands of tiny, clacking cockroaches washes over everything it its path.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Chains are no use here…
Ilytch Bilgarov slams the door shut to impede the oncoming swarm of roaches.
Adrik Volundr: No…the chain will work alright…but let’s see if we can use that oil.
Breelee of Bridlen pulls out her shield and steps next to Adrik and Skie (adding 2 to their AC as she helps form a shield wall).
The roaches seep out from behind the ornate metallic door. They don’t seem to be of any danger yet but it is only a manner of time.
Adrik Volundr: Move back a few paces, but throw those flasks on this as you go!
Adrik Volundr: Die!
Adrik Volundr calls upon the Judgmeent of Vatun and then lights the oil with his torch.
Adrik Volundr: Away with you, vermin!
The fire erupts and engulfs the roach swarm along with himself. The smell of frying roaches is sickening. You can’t tell (as yet) if Adrik contributes to the aroma.
Skie Aerydeen tosses a flask of oil into the conflagration.
Adrik Volundr pulls forth another vile of oil and throws it into the swarm at his feet.
The first swarm disperses and little roaches flee into the mushrooms leaving behind a burning mass at Adrik’s feet.
Adrik Volundr is covered in small bite marks but appears unaffected by the fire.
Skie Aerydeen drops her second vial at the base of the door and in the midsts of the emerging swarm.
The vial she drops is placed so it is still intact and does not explode (yet).
Breelee of Bridlen rushes through the dispersed swarm and places her vial at the door next to Skie’s.
Adrik Volundr reaches out a hand and sends forth a bolt of fire at the pile.
Breelee of Bridlen: That has got to be the grosses thing that has ever happened to me. This will NOT be recorded in song.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I expect there are much more foul creatures than roaches down here.
Ilytch Bilgarov: We will need our strength going forward.
Adrik Volundr: Agreed, no glory here, unless you wish a humorous song.
Burning cockroaches scurry into the corners of the mushroom-bedecked room.
Adrik Volundr: The hallway ahead is clear.
Adrik Volundr: As far as I can tell, Ilytch can you take the lead?
Roaches scurry in all directions but they are not cohesive and pose no immediate threat (unlike the previous aggressive swarms).
At the far end of the hall you see a humanoid creature covered in shreds of leathery flesh. The creature is skeletal and twin motes of fiery light glow deep in the being’s eye sockets. It is surrounded by a roach swarm.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I call on the Power of Vatun to shield our presence from this foul creature of the night.
Ilytch Bilgarov casts Hide From Undead on the party
Adrik Volundr uses a wand of magic weapon on Ilytch’s chain
You can hear the scurrying of roaches (from the hall ahead of Ilytch). You can smell the mouldering leather of long desiccated flesh from the same direction. To the south, behind the doors, you smell rust.
Adrik Volundr whispers quietly
Adrik Volundr: The door here smells of rust. Your “friend” is to the north.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Let us deal with the abomination first…
Adrik Volundr nods grimly
Ilytch Bilgarov: The roach lord is here!!!
This is, in fact, a Crypt Thing. It is very knowledgable (it may have even established its own state of undeath similar to a lich — failed lichification?). They are very perceptive, their claws are very dangerous. They are capable of shattering party formations by teleporting their foes throughout the area that they inhabit (which it promptly does).
Adrik Volundr: Beware its claws!
Crypt Thing pulls out a wand and summons a roach swarm in front of it.
Breelee of Bridlen waves her standard.
Ilytch Bilgarov shouts…
Ilytch Bilgarov: DON’T ATTACK THE UNDEAD!!!
Ilytch Bilgarov: FALL BACK!
Adrik Volundr withdraws from the crypt thing
Adrik is fairly confident that the Crypt Thing is not following the party as they retreat from the depths of the Armory.
Adrik Volundr: The thing is not following us.
You smell rust.
Adrik Volundr: Just rust…
Adrik Volundr: Should I try the door?
Adrik did not hear anything from behind the first door.
Adrik Volundr opens the door
Adrik opens the door. The door is hard to move but Adrik has been toned by the dangers of the Thardaryn Hills and a recent career as an adventurer and wilderness traveler. The room is empty of any “aberations”; the rust-smell is coming from hundreds of rusting weapons. The weapons are of no use to Nolivari.
Adrik Volundr sighs in disgust
While useful for the garrison “that was”, these weapons have not survived the test of time. They are barely recognizable as weapons at all.
Adrik does not smell the metallic scent of rust coming from beyond the middle door.
Adrik Volundr opens the door
The door is locked.
Ilytch Bilgarov attempts to unlock the door with the skeleton key
The key is not useful for opening this door.
Adrik reduces the ancient door to ruin in no time at all (less than a minute).
Adrik Volundr waits for the dust to clear then peers inside.
You look into the room and see several fine weapons and several sets of armor. They are tinged with rust but have largely survived the test of time due to their craftsmanship. A simple cantrip could clear the rust and the weapons and armor would once again hold an impressive edge and deflect weapons. There are 20 long swords, 20 spears, 20 sets of chainmail, and 20 shields. They are all masterwork quality items.
The shafts from the previously discovered spears have long since been reduced to ruin. The hilts of the longswords are brittle and the leather inside the chainmail padding is useless.
Adrik hears (from the distant room) a sound — the Crypt Thing’s raspy voice. Adrik recognizes it as a command word from the creature’s wand.
Adrik Volundr: Another swarm…
Adrik Volundr opens the door
Adrik doesn’t even have to move this door by forcing it. It falls over with a touch (it was already off its hinges). Adrik did not hear or smell anything from the room to the south.
This room was probably a mess hall in the distant past. The only thing of use is the massive table (which can be broken down). The legs of the massive table can be used as clubs.
Adrik Volundr: We have material here that we can shape into clubs
GM: The clubs themselves are brittle and have a chance of breaking — they are normal clubs but break on a roll of 1-5.
Adrik Volundr: Let’s go get that bastard
Adrik Volundr: Crypt Thing, you are now the hunted!
Ilytch Bilgarov: As soon as you attack the Crypt Thing… we are ALL visible!
Adrik Volundr: Are we just going in?
Breelee of Bridlen: Wait Skie.
Breelee of Bridlen casts Borrow Skill (taking Skie’s stealth for a round)
Breelee of Bridlen: [GM] [SKILL] Stealth [1d20
11 = 17]
There is a desk, a chest, a finely wrought table, and an unused bed (though it too is well-kept).
Adrik Volundr: It’s coming in!
Adrik Volundr: Skie, you and I need to change places!
Adrik Volundr: It’s behind you Skie!
The strange light in the Crypt Thing’s eyes fade as Ilytch’s club smashes its skull a final time.
Adrik Volundr: Well struck!
Adrik Volundr: Now that will be a song, eh Breelee?
Ilytch Bilgarov: That beast was foul! We are severely weakened, but at least we have salvaged a few weapons for the defense of Nolivari.
Breelee of Bridlen: Indeed, this foul thing is worthy of a song… perhaps for Devil’s Night.
Ilytch Bilgarov: It might be wise to rest if we wish to explore further…
Adrik Volundr: We still have another door below to explore.
The Crypt Thing’s wand is magical. It also has a magical cloak.
GM: Wand of Vermin (Cockroach Swarm) — regenerates 1 charge / month (holds 3 charges). It has 1 charge left.
GM: Cloak of Charisma +2
Adrik does not smell anything odd from the room beyond. He does not hear anything either as he places his ear to the crack at the base of the door.
Adrik Volundr opens the door.
Adrik opens the final room of the dungeon. He triggers a masterwork blade trap and a shimmering blade descends on him. He also triggers several stone-like structures that hoist swords and start to move into the room.
Adrik Volundr: Trouble comrades.
The strange statues were standing as you opened the door. They are made of marble and depict female warriors holding stone swords. Where once a hand supported the ceiling they now move with purpose — to defend several sets of shimmering weapons and armor.
Adrik figures these are magical constructs known as Caryatid Columns. They defend ancient treasures. These particular caryatid columns seem to be humanoids that appear to be Sylnarii Elves. They are not particularly robust but their stone swords can shatter weapons with ease.
GM: There is a suit of chain mail (made from some unique material), a longsword, a shield, and a set of studded leather.
Breelee of Bridlen: What!
Breelee of Bridlen waves her standard and shouts encouragement to Adrik.
Ilytch Bilgarov casts Cure Moderate Wounds on Adrick
Adrik Volundr: We must retreat!
Breelee of Bridlen: Retreat?
Adrik Volundr: Yes! We are overmatched!
The Party Rests

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Mountainthaw 8th

Adrik Volundr wraps a bandage around his head and plops down in the barracks room.
Adrik Volundr: Those … constructs pack quite a punch.
Adrik Volundr: If we continue fighting them, we will be sorely punished and perhaps lose every weapon we have.
Adrik Volundr looks ruefully at his magical axe
Besides the Caryatid Column defenders there were two suits of armor and two weapons glimmering despite the passage of time (a longsword, a shield, a set of shining chain mail, and a set of studded leather).
Ilytch Bilgarov: Let me see your axe. Perhaps Vatun’s power can repair what these creatures have sundered.
Ilytch Bilgarov holds out his hand to Adrick.
Adrik Volundr hands his axe over to Ilytch.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Vatun.. infuse me with your power such that I may make your herald’s weapon whole once again!
Ilytch Bilgarov: [CAST] Mending
Adrik Volundr: Impressive.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Vatun provides!
Breelee of Bridlen seems impressed.
Adrik Volundr test swings his axe, appreciating the restored balance
Breelee of Bridlen: Praise Vatun!!!
Guard Tolen: Praise Vatun!!!
Adrik Volundr: I think it is time we told the others of our plan Ilytch.
Skie Aerydeen: You have a plan? I hope you don’t plan to fight those things.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Indeed! Adrick and I have discussed it and we think that the only way to defeat these creatures is to not attack them.
Adrik Volundr grins sagely.
Adrik Volundr: Vatun has granted us the ability to do so this day.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Thus, we will use Vatun’s power of defense and stealth against these foes.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Let us get into position!
Adrik Volundr: The rest of you should not be involved, Illytch and I will handle this.
Skie Aerydeen: I’m impressed. I was expecting another frontal assault.
Adrik Volundr: There are times for such action, but not today, not with those constructs.
Ilytch Bilgarov: We can sacrifice no more weapons in our attempt to obtain these items.
Breelee of Bridlen: Can’t we watch?
Adrik Volundr: Indeed, a song of this would gladden my heart on a cold winter morning.
Adrik Volundr chuckles.
Effect [‘Invisible’] > [to Ilytch Bilgarov] [by Adrik Volundr]
Ilytch Bilgarov: [CAST] Sanctuary
Ilytch Bilgarov: [CAST] Bear’s Endurance [at Ilytch Bilgarov]
Ilytch Bilgarov: [CAST] Find Traps [at Ilytch Bilgarov]
Ilytch peruses the chest with his divination magic enacted. He finds that the chest has been trapped -
he can faintly see a magical rune.
You scan the Caryatid-guarded treasure room. The Caryatid Columns have not started moving (you haven’t quite entered the room which seems to set them off). The Column you damaged the previous day is still damaged.
Ilytch determines that the Caratyid Columns are magical — they have a moderate aura. The weapons and armor are magical (mostly enchantment). Lastly, the pedestals upon which the items have sat for so long are ensorcelled.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Adrick… each of the four pedestals is trapped. I don’t know how to avoid triggering them. My plan is to place the clubs on the pedestals to rebalance the weight, but I have no idea if this is the manner of trap.
Ilytch Bilgarov: We need to hire a rogue!
Adrik Volundr nods grimly
Adrik Volundr: Indeed, but for now I think your solution is the best we have.
Adrik Volundr: Do you wish me to run interference?
Ilytch Bilgarov: Best you not enter as I won’t be able to keep the constructs from attacking you.
You attempt to remove the leather armor. The pedestal glows faintly and some sort of magic is discharged.
Ilytch takes the armor (which promptly vanishes on his person). The Caryatid Columns seem to be aware that the armor is missing (they “see” it vanish just as Adrik does).
Breelee of Bridlen casts Ghost Sound of Ilytch cursing in the corner where the Columns at first waited.
Ilytch reaches onto the pedestal with the longsword. The magical trap magically tied to pedestal below the sword glows briefly… and then Ilytch begins to glow (Fairie Fire).
As Ilytch reaches for the Shield a bolt of blue lightning arcs toward you from the pedestal. Ilytch deftly dodges most of the electrical damage.
You “defeat” the Caryatid Columns and flee the treasure room. The Columns do not pursue past the boundaries of the treasure room. Ilytch dumps the magical gear onto the floor along with much of his blood (from slashes from the Caryatid Column’s blades).
Adrik Volundr: Vatun is pleased this day.
Adrik Volundr starts casting healing magic on Ilytch.
Ilytch Bilgarov: We will honor him with this bounty which may help us achieve his agenda.
Adrik Volundr: I was concerned for a moment my friend.
Ilytch Bilgarov: PRAISE VATUN!!
Adrik Volundr nods.
Adrik Volundr: Let us inspect these items and then get out of here.
GM: Adrik determines that the leather is a set of Studded Leather +1, Shadowed.
GM: You determine that the shield is a Light Steel Shield +2
GM: Adrik determines that the chainmail is Elven Chain +1
GM: Adrik determines that the sword is a Keen Longsword +1
Ilytch Bilgarov motions to Adrick to hand Breelee the magical longsword.
Adrik Volundr nods.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Breelee… perhaps you can make some use of this…
Breelee of Bridlen takes the slender longsword with awe.
Breelee of Bridlen: I will call her Songslice.
Adrik Volundr checks the items for any markings or runes.
Adrik Volundr: I wonder if there is a story behind this….
Ilytch Bilgarov: Let us get out of this dungeon. The smell of burnt roaches and undead assaults my nostrils!
Adrik Volundr: Agreed, I will look at these items more closely in the light of day.
The items are definitely of elven make; definitely likely to be Sylnarii. This said, the items have long since been abandoned to the depths of the ancient Armory below the ancient (and abandoned) bridge. These weapons were definitely the highlight of the garrison’s magic in the days past. Why they were abandoned is anyone’s guess.
Each item has faint glyphs that are barely perceptible that shimmer and move along the lengths of the items. The Shadowed armor literally sheds shadowy elven glyphs that shed shadows around the person wearing it. The long sword glows when swung with glyphs. The Elven Chain shimmers and in the light appears that a poem of glyphs is barely hidden in the coils. The shield, when hit, erupts with protective glyphs that light up and fade abruptly.
Collectively, the items are known as the Panoply of Synarii Poems.
Ilytch Bilgarov speaks to Tolen.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Your continued service to Vatun is noted… appreciated… and rewarded.
Ilytch Bilgarov: You now have the weapons from the armory. It is probably best that you return to Nolivari as quickly as possible.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Tell Princess Teliva all you have witnessed on your journey and give her our regards.
Adrik Volundr: Go with our blessings, Tolen, you have conducted yourself with honor and bravery.
Ilytch Bilgarov: May the favor of Vatun, and my armor, keep you safe from treachery on your return trip.
Ilytch Bilgarov scowls at Duglen.
Adrik Volundr: And I am sure you will continue to do so…may we see each other soon…but make haste and avoid any orc scouting parties.
Ilytch Bilgarov: If Duglen here tries to sabotage your mission or endanger your life, hesitate not to shed his blood for he ceased to exist the day he betrayed us.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Remember his warnings about the Lady Belarus. She will likely try to approach you for information or worse upon your return.
Ilytch Bilgarov: If you can make it safely back to the cottages, those good people will likely give you shelter for the night.
Guard Tolen: I knew that my return journey would be dangerous. I had hoped for a loyal companion. Now I have simply a lowly traitor worthy only of burden. To be fair, Rainpriest, I do not wish to take Duglen with me at all. I do not trust him. I have the horses and I know the way back to Skarl. After that I can make my way to the Veduny?
Adrik Volundr: Your grasp of ‘politics’ is improving Ilytch, your words are true.
Adrik Volundr: I understand completely Tolen.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Your words ring true. He is more of a threat to you than a boon.
Guard Tolen: I will make it back to Nolivari. See, even the storms build to shelter me from prying eyes!
Ilytch Bilgarov: We’ll deal with Duglen here…
The weather is indeed turning for the worst. It would stand against patrols of orcs searching for Tolen as he journey’s through the daylight.
Adrik Volundr: Leave Duglen to us, Tolen.
Ilytch Bilgarov emits a low growl when he speaks the traitors name.
Guard Tolen: My lords, let me be the hand of Vatun. Let me strike down this enemy. I can not stand the sight of him.
Adrik Volundr: The hand that should do the deed is mine, as I was the one most wronged by this back stabbing traitor
Guard Tolen nods
Ilytch Bilgarov: Indeed! Adrick can decide how best to deal with the bone sack.
Adrik Volundr: It is my responsibility…as distasteful as it is to do so.
Breelee of Bridlen: You are a brutal people for a brutal place. Perhaps we Andorians are no different… traitors should be executed.
Skie Aerydeen: He is a waste of resources and a burden to Tolen. Remove him from the equation.
Ilytch Bilgarov: There is noting distasteful about meting out justice to Vatun’s enemies.
Ilytch Bilgarov: If he cannot serve Tolen and Nolivari, then he has no purpose and should breathe no more.
Adrik Volundr: It would have been better to have executed him before cutting his tongue out…but I understand your action in doing so, Illytch.
Adrik Volundr: Let me get this over with then.
Adrik Volundr looks around for a suitable spot away from the party.
Guard Tolen: It is the message this fool would bring to Belara Haramass and her ally Tyralis in the guard. The more I think on this cur the angrier I get.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Yes… I need to learn that this is no place for compassion.
Adrik Volundr: I will give Duglen a blade to defend himself…so that he may die in battle. It is the way of my tribe.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Compassion has been my greatest weakness. First, with Karg the n’orcer. Now with this cur. I must learn to be stronger in my convictions!
Guard Tolen: My renewed anger toward this fool stems from his weak attempt to escape up the stairs during your battle against the strange stone columns. I had not mentioned it as you were badly hurt and perhaps had other things on your mind.
Adrik Volundr: That changes things.
Adrik Volundr: I cannot abide one who cannot face his fate.
Adrik Volundr: I will create one for you Duglen.
Adrik Volundr: You will still get a weapon, but rather than face me in the light of day, you will face the statues down below.
Guard Duglen: mmm!!! mrhu!!! oouhhahhmmm!!!
Ilytch Bilgarov: If you wish him to die in battle, let him fight the columns. If he survives, he is free to go. If Vatun wills otherwise, his treachery shall meet its end.
Adrik Volundr nods to Ilytch.
Adrik Volundr: Your thoughts are my thoughts as well.
Adrik Volundr stuffs a club into his belt and drags him down to the room.
Adrik Volundr: If you emerge from the room victorious, then you are free to go.
Ilytch Bilgarov: When you return, we must part this fellowship and move on. Our time grows shorter and Tolen needs to make haste back to Nolivari carrying the blessings of Vatun!
Guard Duglen staggers into the Caryatid Room. At first he stands his ground… landing a strong blow against the first approaching Column. He is then sliced into four pieces horizontally and his remains spatter the room as the women’s stone blades slice him to bits. Adrik’s torch flares brightly for a second with the death of the Telchurite.
Adrik Volundr: So dies Duglen, at least he died better than he lived.
Adrik Volundr: Our next move then is to go north, but by which route is the question
Breelee of Bridlen hands over her mastwork Andorian blade to Tolen.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Make haste Tolen and be safe. Bring the tidings of our victories to the Veduny and Nolivari.
Breelee of Bridlen: I can not carry two swords and Songslice will be important in the day.
Ilytch Bilgarov: When we return to Nolivari, you can have a place in the newly consecrated Temple of Vatun. Your efforts shall be long rewarded.
Guard Tolen: Vatun will mask my way in snows. I am armed against orcs and against the cold. I know that you will arouse the anger of the Unghuls. I am certain that they will seek to hunt you down and not me. I also know the way and it will be clear for at least a day or two.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Then godspeed to you Tolen. Brother in Vatun!
Adrik Volundr: May the fates reunite us soon. Farewell, my friend.
Guard Tolen: Rainpriest… my name is Tarex Tolen and I am ever a servant of Vatun and his prophets. Hail Valor! Hail Victory! Hail Vatun!
Adrik Volundr: Breelee, I think you will be singing songs about good Tolen before long.
Guard Tolen turns to lead the heavy draft horses into the growing storm. The ice and wind seem to part ever so slightly and then mask Tolen completely from view.
Ilytch Bilgarov: HAIL VATUN!!!
Adrik Volundr: HAIL VATUN!!!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Our path lay to the south. We must account for the northern currents. Let us begin…
Ilytch Bilgarov begins trudging through the snow to south using the Mithrasil as his guide.
You turn to the South and make for the Mithrasil’s banks. You quickly leave the Ancient Bridge behind and journey along the roaring river. Along the banks, you occasionally see bodies of orcs frozen and battered by the currents — the frozen corpses can be spotted through the snow flurries by the large carrion birds picking them clean.
You have journeyed for several hours when the drums echo from the opposite shore of the Mithrasil. The glow of hundreds of camp fires illuminate the Eastern Shore. You see, across the river, the war camp of the Unghuls on the northern edge of the Velet Dun.
Adrik Volundr frowns and looks scornfully across the river.
Adrik and Ilytch move silently through the brush at along the battered banks of the Mithrasil. Strange sigils and runes slide off Ilytch’s armor as he hides with Adrik along a small rock outcropping. The weather has broken somewhat and the orc camp can be seen in the distance.
Ilytch immediately recognizes the banners of the elite Unghuls known as the Unghul Slayers (Vlachmal’s personal lieutenants). Vlachmal’s bloody banner can be seen on a hill beyond the Slayers’ tents.
A glow from Vlachmal’s tent can only be Angtwain for it burns brighter than any normal fire.
As you watch, Ilytch begins to pick out the Unghal Slayers themselves — Wrothgul Skullbreaker, Terzat Foe-Eater, Srecknol the Piercer, and Crognar the Barbarian. Ilytch remembers the horrible exploits of the Slayers with a visible shudder.
Adrik Volundr catches Illytch’s gaze.
Adrik Volundr: One day, my friend, one day…
Adrik Volundr: But not this day…we are not yet strong enough.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I know this brother… but it pains me to see my birthright so close, but yet so far…
Adrik Volundr: But they will die, of that there is no doubt…
Adrik Volundr: and at our hands!
Adrik Volundr nods
Adrik Volundr: I know the pain you feel, Ilytch.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I do not see the banner of Grog Kettlefeeder. I find it odd that he is not at Vlachbal’s side. That is worrisome.
Adrik Volundr: I felt it when I was forced to abandon my tribe at the hands of those orcs.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Nonetheless… we must continue, for as you said, we are not yet strong enough to take on the Unghul army singlehandedly.
Adrik Volundr eyes widen as he takes another look at the orcs.
Adrik Volundr: I know him!
Adrik Volundr eyes flash and his hand reaches for his axe instinctively.
Adrik Volundr: He…he was there…the day my tribe was wiped out.
Ilytch Bilgarov: We shall have our day, Brother! We shall have our day…
Adrik Volundr: What is his name, Illytch, so that I may know it as his lifeblood is flowing out of him?
Ilytch Bilgarov: That is Crognar the Barbarian. He is not Unghul, but is known to be among the fiercest warriors in Glam’Roth.
Adrik Volundr nods, making a mental note.
Adrik Volundr: Crognar, you are dead, you just don’t know it yet.

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The party continues their journey south towards the Witching Glades and conversations turn to rumor.
Adrik Volundr scoffs as he tells the others about the Witching Glades
Adrik Volundr: Yes, I recall stories in Nolivari among the townsfolk. They say that those who enter the Glades will die a horrible death.
Adrik Volundr: I for one believe these stories to be nonsense, I will forge my own fate.
Ilytch Bilgarov whispers to Adrick
Ilytch Bilgarov: And this is the accursed place where the hag plans to raise my heir?
Adrik Volundr nods to Ilytch
Adrik Volundr: I would suggest we be on our guard.
Adrik Volundr: There may be attempts by the powers of the Glades to work foul magic on our minds.
Adrik Volundr: Steel yourselves then for what is to come.
Skie Aerydeen: We will not have to travel too much further South. We need only travel one more day and we will then cross to the Velet-dun.
Adrik finds a fairly sheltered series of trees that have fallen. Their still-green branches provide some shelter from the wind, snow, and ice.
Adrik Volundr motions to the sheltered area
Adrik Volundr: This is as good as I can find.
Ilytch Bilgarov: We should bed down here. I do not belive we’ll find better accommodations.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Well done Adrick. This site will serve us fine.
Ilytch Bilgarov starts to make camp
Adrik Volundr: Have you heard any tales of the Witching Glades Breelee?
Skie Aerydeen sharpens her boar spear.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I wonder how Tolen is faring on his journey. May Vatun protect him and all of Nolivari from the Orc horde that lies across the Mithrasil.
Adrik Volundr nods at Ilytch’s words
Breelee of Bridlen scribbles for a bit in a book but puts it down to warm up by the fire.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Breelee… how many days journey to the Dwaerim once we cross the Mithrasil?
Breelee of Bridlen: If we cross at the Velet-dun and can journey through without being molested by the Unghuls, two or three weeks.
Skie Aerydeen: We are also taking into account climbing the Dwaershield Cliffs.
The evening passes without mishap. Occasionally the war drums and debauchery from the distant Orc War Camp can be heard but it does not disturb your rest.

Mountainthaw 9th

Upon the morrow you awaken to find Skie investigating several tracks some distance from the camp. She points them out when you approach.
Ilytch Bilgarov: What do you see Skie?
Ilytch can see that there are two or three sets of tracks. Adrik points out that they are most likely lightly armored and armed N’orcers — scouts for some warband. They do not seem to have noticed your well-hidden camp. They were coming from the South and heading toward the Ancient Bridge (the direction you just came from).
Adrik Volundr: We did not have any issues this past evening, but I don’t think that will last.
Adrik Volundr grimly points to the tracks.
Adrik Volundr: This close to the main camp we are inviting battle at bad odds each moment we stay.
Adrik Volundr: I advise that we return to Nolivari with the information we have.
Adrik Volundr: Now
Skie Aerydeen: Then we part ways for we still plan to travel to the south and cross to the Velet-dun.
Breelee of Bridlen: Yet, our travels south will apparently be in the path of the Unghuls… at least another warband appears to have crossed if their scouts range freely on this side of the Mithrasil.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Adrick… we promised to help them cross the Mithrasil. We can’t head back until they are safely across… another day’s journey.
Ilytch Bilgarov: We must ensure they pass through this orc camp safely on their way. They must take word of Nolivari’s plight to the Dwaerim.
Adrik Volundr nods
Adrik Volundr: True we did give are word, but we cannot go beyond the crossing.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Agreed! We must get this dire news back to Nolivari as soon as possible.
Adrik Volundr looks about the camp.
Adrik Volundr: The word must be spread, the highlands are about to be overrun.
Adrik Volundr: Nolivari alone will not be able to stem the tide of this horde.
You break camp and pick up your pace escorting the Andorian Bard and her friend to the distant crossing point. The river remains nearly impassable even as you journey along its banks. Ice can be seen cascading down the torrent crushing to splinters fallen trees. To your dismay, the river’s banks gradually begin to narrow. Further south and east it may be that the orcs can (and have) crossed as warbands. The day dawns with a flurry of snow.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Should we send out a scout?
Ilytch Bilgarov: It would be unwise to stumble unaware into an Orc camp of this magnitude.
Adrik Volundr: I will volunteer for scouting ahead.
Adrik Volundr: If the wind favors us, I can give us advance warning.
Ilytch Bilgarov: May Vatun’s favor guide us to Victory!
You depart to the south… your last day hopefully. The weather does not give you a break. Flurries hamper your movement and only the prolific vegetation allows enough cover to keep your forward progress. Toward the afternoon of the 9th day of Mountain Thaw, Adrik smells smoke on the winds — burning of flesh and wood. These smells are the time-old signs of marauding orc warbands in the area. Burning what?
Adrik Volundr holds his position.
Adrik estimates that the warband must be in the valley beyond (approximately one hour away).
Adrik advances over the rough terrain with the Mithrasil to his west (his left shoulder). Following behind is Ilytch and behind him your fellow traveling companions.
You enter the mysterious valley and even those who don’t know the lay of the land can see the passing of an orc warband. Adrik determines that there are roughly fifty orcs — mostly n’orcers. There are also some cloven-hoofed beasts — likely dire boars. Lastly, the orcs are making for a narrow pass at the the Valley’s neck. Normally, such a pass would not be of interest, but it is the orc’s target. As Adrik approaches he begins to see the guardian glyphs of an ancient culture… he recognizes them from the Sylnarri Silver Statue that was given to Aravien Shadowleaf. Adrik slows and follows the orc warband’s tracks into another — previously hidden – valley. It is obvious that the orc warband is attacking something in the area.
Adrik Volundr: We need to move quickly. We can perhaps catch them from the rear if they are in battle.
Adrik Volundr: Whatever they are attacking is a friend of ours this day.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Let’s move quickly and hope we can flank them.
Adrik Volundr nods
Ilytch Bilgarov: The enemy of my enemy…
Adrik Volundr: You and I up front!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Let’s make haste!
Adrik Volundr: Skie, you and Breelee stay within bow shot, but no closer.
Ilytch Bilgarov: For VATUN!!
The “guardian glyphs” are definitely Sylnarri. The orcs, who have already passed and left easily seen signs, have already entered the hidden vale. It is likely that a Sylnarri target has been attacked and is the source of the smoke — heavy in the air and now noticeable by even the least perceptive.
Ilytch Bilgarov begins to run.
Adrik Volundr lifts his axe and runs after Ilytch.
You pass through a narrow defile of boulders — it is almost a cave. In warmer times of the year it would be completely hidden by vines. As you rush into the hidden vale you step into a nightmare! Fires burn in the distance, orcs and n’orcers run in all directions! Sylnarii guardians lie slaughtered. Several beautiful structures are burning — these structures stand in harmony with nature like Ranthyrim structures but incorporate much more artistic flares such as intricate blades, patterns, and glyphs. Several N’orcer’s carry a Sylnarii elf’s head on a pike and dance in euphoria! Other orcs have a Sylnarii elf bent over a burning structure. The Sylnarii is dead but they defile and burn her regardless. The once peaceful village… is now in the throws of death and destruction.
Adrik Volundr gives a scroll of dancing lights to Breelee.
Adrik Volundr: No!
Adrik Volundr: The same thing happened to my tribe…it will not happen now, CHARGE!
Breelee of Bridlen casts dancing lights on a distant snow drift.
Adrik Volundr tries to master his emotions as he readies for battle.
Skie Aerydeen: This is how it’s done Ilytch!
Ilytch Bilgarov: I stand humbled by your prowess m’lady…
Unghal Sentry: Bra gu "isk diskyltch daldu bald TESK! (You! The “ill itch” there is bounty of gold on you!)
Ilytch Bilgarov: I wouldn’t count on spending that gold just yet Unghul!
Adrik Volundr spits on the n’orker as he goes down.
Ilytch Bilgarov: We must not allow these n’orcers to delay us longer. The true battle lies to the north!!
Adrik Volundr cleanly beheads the hapless n’orker.
Terzat Foe Eater : (in common) Ill Itch! There you are! I will enjoy crunching your skull and feasting upon your grey matter while you yet live!
Adrik Volundr: Not if I have something to say about it, son of a goblin!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Terzat Foe-Easter!!! Your doom is upon you!! Fear the wrath of Ilytch Bilgarov… the herald of the Winter God!!!
Ilytch Bilgarov: [CAST] Doom
Terzat Foe Eater : [GM] [SAVE] Will [1d20+3 = 13]
Adrik Volundr: The wrath of Vatun is upon you all!
Terzat Foe Eater : RAWW!!!! Your measly god will not save you itch!

Skie Aerydeen snarls in irritation!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Vatun shows his favor to us this day Brother!
Adrik Volundr: The day is ours! Know that your death is near, Terzat!
Ilytch Bilgarov: I must call on Vatun to heal our wounds for I am sorely injured… ararhahhafhafhg.
Adrik Volundr: Stay up, friend! you are my shield!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Our foes cannot defeat us as long as we have each other!
Ilytch Bilgarov: Reposition to the other side of the building to regroup!
Adrik Volundr: We use your flames against you!
Adrik Volundr laughs heartily in the face of Terzat
Terzat Foe Eater : I will at least take you with me you bastard!
Adrik Volundr: Fight on, my brother…
[Ilytch Bilgarov: I feel my strength returning. Beware Terzat!!
Adrik Volundr: Well struck, Ilytch!
Adrik Volundr: Our foe is vanquished!
Adrik Volundr nods to Aravien as she approaches.
Adrik Volundr: Let us finish them off!
Ilytch Bilgarov shouts to Aravien.
Breelee of Bridlen: We’ve got your back Adrik!
Adrik Volundr: You certainly do.
Adrik Volundr: What a battle.
Ilytch Bilgarov collapses to the ground in exhaustion.
Breelee of Bridlen: We are victorious!
Adrik Volundr: Ilytch!
Ilytch Bilgarov: I’m OK my friends…
Ilytch Bilgarov: Merely exhausted from the long battle.
Adrik Volundr: This place, such beauty, to be marred by those orcs is yet another insult that they will all pay for.
Ilytch Bilgarov: You all fought bravely this day and Vatun smiles upon your efforts.
Aravien Shadowleaf: Teth leir olah hathril knolanath il shanara Sylnarii healeth.
Adrik Volundr shakes his head.
Aravien Shadowleaf: You, heroes, have saved me and now my kin. I am again in your debt!
Ilytch Bilgarov: All who are wounded gather around me…
Ilytch Bilgarov: For the healing light of Vatun shines this day!
Adrik Volundr: We only do what we must, Lady Aravien, it is too bad we did not arrive sooner.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Another desecration can’t be abided Brother. We must stop the Unghul from reaching Nolivari!
Adrik Volundr: Lady Aravien, is it possible for us to speak to your people? We have intelligence on what faces these lands.
Adrik Volundr: More specifically, the leaders that are bringing the orc horde upon us.
Ilytch Bilgarov: Perhaps we can rest here tonight in what remains of this beautiful village. Tomorrow our comrades will cross the Mithrasil and we will return to Nolivari.
Adrik Volundr looks around sadly at the destruction around him.
Adrik Volundr: It is much as it was so many years ago, but this time complete destruction was averted.
Ilytch Bilgarov: I had always dreamed of seeing an Elven settlement. I am saddened that the Unghul reached it before us.
Adrik Volundr nods at Ilytch’s words
Aravien Shadowleaf: Thank you for saving our town Tafarel.
The Sylnarrii of Tafarel worship an entity known as Araushnee, an early incarnation of Lolth.

5th Campaign - The Rise of the Winter God

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