2nd Campaign - Calling The Plains Rialla

Adventure 1: The Velverdyne Monastery

Adventure 2: The Lost Phoenix

Adventure 2.1: The Castle in the Air

Upon leaving the Halls of the Dead the party is attacked by the minions of the infamous Ogre Assassins’ guild known as the Shadowstalkers. A fiendish, winged, ogre ridicules the party but promptly leaves (in the direction of the Standing Stones and the Plains Rialla) when the party retreats back into the Halls of the Dead. With clever tactics and illusions the party defeats five orcs and two ogres.

The party makes their way toward the Plains Rialla but is told a strange story about Elrik of Tarn and Elrik of the Moonshelf. They decide to investigate and after a series of adventures find a strange entrance to the Quasi-Plane known as The Glittering Forest (located at a blurred connection between Tarmolith and the goodly plane of Arborea). After venturing briefly into the Glittering Forest the party discovers the long-lost Castle in the Air (literally a floating tower) – an ancient place once occupied by the long dead sorcerer-hero Oridon Tadere. After fending off Harpies, Hummunculus, and a tricky imp the party secure the tower and The Staff of Oridon.

Adventure 3: The Plains Rialla – Part I

The Party discovers that the Hall of Peers, central to Lord Hrothmir’s prestige, is being reduced to rubble each night. After a concentrated search, the party discovers residual transmutation magic in the crystal-clear waters at the base of the Sacred Mound. Sigrid of Habbakuk secretively shapes the stone and allows the party access to the earthen bowls under the Standing Stones.

There, the party are attacked by vicious undead, plague zombies, presumably to be unleashed upon the Rialla at some point during the festivities. The undead are defeated handily and the party stumbles upon the source of the strange curse. A legendary Chimera, unleashed by foes of Hrothmir, is prodded each evening by crossbow bolts into a maddened rage! The beast’s struggles and mythical strength reduces the structures above to rubble each night. The beast is defeated but not before Haldor is torn limb-from-limb.

Crestfallen at the loss of their friend the party leverages what little prestige they have earned with the Druid’s College. Jolvarr the Skald brings his voice to bear to aid the party on behalf of his apprentice. The party spends a small fortune in gold trade bars (awarded to them by Lord Hrothmir) and ultimately Sigrid of Habbakuk arranges for a secret rite and reincarnates Haldor on the spot. During the burning of Haldor’s soulless shell Basim is granted a vision of a flaming mountain – a place where Haldor will be reborn as Heir of Zarathor the Bold.

Adventure 3: The Plains Rialla – Part II

The Plains Rialla is now in full swing. The divisive atmosphere and negativity is almost palpable – and Hrothmir hasn’t even spoken yet! Loyal to Hrothmir, the party begins to use their skills of persuasion to counter the negative vibes established around Hrothmir and his allies.

The Party learns quickly that the Adraband, a powerful and wealth Movran Tribe, is behind much of the negativity. Several bards (though the party suspects only one) wielding a lyre has also been, successfully, implementing a smear campaign against Hromthmir, Svanhild, and Sigrid of Habbakuk. To make matters worse, the Druid’s College has been seen in heated arguments with Sigrid – the party’s most powerful ally.

The party counters the negativity by holding an impromptu event (rather than going individually to each tribe). Hrothmir secretly bankrolls the event with a dazzling amulet of gold and rubies (most likely from the legendary Dragon’s Horde). The party offers free mead and beer but only, at first, enough to encourage the attendees to loosen up. Before they are no longer receptive to the party’s speeches the party stages a series of excellent performances (jokes, music, feats of strength, displays of balance, speeches, and songs). The event is a resounding success.

The party also protects Asgardin and Svanhild on their wedding day from several disguised assassins. The party’s lines are nearly broken but cleverly hidden use of magic, shear skill at arms, and tenacity prevail and eight assassins wielding a powerful “shadow essence” poison are slain.

The party prepares for festivities to follow at one of the most extravagant events the plains have ever seen.

2nd Campaign - Calling The Plains Rialla

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