Kallam Nathu


Over 6-feet tall, Kallam is burly male with powerful and hairy arms and legs. A mane of black hair kept at shoulder length and a thick full beard on a square-ish head sporting angular features, high cheekbones, pronounced nose, deep set black eyes, an outdoorman’s skin.
Wearing scout clothing with a light chain shirt, a big falchion and a longbow on his back, handaxe and dagger on his hips.
The man exudes a threatening presence, in the way he moves like a predator on the prowl. Cold dark eyes piercing your soul, as if he is passing judgment. More can be told from the way others act in his presence. They keep a wide berth, with many glances darting to and fro, with a mixture of fear, admiration, and respect.


Not much is known of the man, and Kallam is a man of few words, keeping to himself. His name started to circulate among the Movran tribes a few years back. A scout among the Quhentyl riders, he demonstrated good skills at sniffing out orcs and gnolls hiding in the Plains. But his almost feral dedication to killing the Ogre Magi servants did not go unnoticed. Nicknames flourished, his reputation grew, soldiers admired him from a safe distance. Kallam the Ruthless. Kallam Cold-Eyes. Kallam the Merciless.
Despite all that, Asgardin Spear-Thrower, the leader of the Quhentyls, was quick to volunteer Kallam to join the party led by Brishen Dale, in search of the Spirit of Knowledge.

Kallam Nathu

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