Jorhimir Haaglemin

I towering barbarian from the Movran Plains


6’7. 235. Blonde Hair. Worshipper of Vatun.

21 Str (belt of Ogre Str)
14 Dex
15 Con
14 Int
12 Wis
14 Cha

+1 Spear (1d10 frost on crit)
+2 Longsword Shocking Burst (The Nobles Way)

+2 Chain Shirt
+1 Heavy Steel Shield


Adventuring to make a name for himself and to one day become King. Jorhimir wants more for his people. Jorhimirs fury is driven by his wife and son that he left in the North. He is also on the great Quest of Vatun.

Jorhimir Haaglemin

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