Lord Jherek

Druid-King of Narven, Lord of the Highroad, First Archer of Tarn


5’7" with dark brown hair in a small ponytail, he prefers to remain freshly shaved when he can. Wiry and deceptively strong, he moves with grace and speed normally reserved for elves. He wears a breastplate and carries a rapier and parrying dagger at his sides.


Jherek was a boy of 10 when he left Antium. His mother died during childbirth and was a very skilled tailor. Without her craft, his father could just barely support himself and his son. He performed odd jobs and any task that would gain him some coin, for he had no skills worth mentioning. It worked for a while but his father’s grief led him to drink, and drink led him to gamble. It wasn’t long before he began owing money, and Jherek was forced to steal food and money
for him. Finally, after watching his father destroy the good man he used to be, they came for him. He owed too much money, and they were going to take Jherek from him, and keep him as a slave. In those last moments, he realized everything he had done, and gave his son a chance to escape. The last Jherek saw, his father took a knife in the belly.
After being chased through the city, he found himself at the docks. He sneaked aboard a ship he thought was a fishing vessel, thinking nothing of his future, knowing only that if he were caught, he would die. Once the ship left port, after resupplying, he was quickly caught, and soon realized he was not on a fishing ship, but a pirate ship. He was afraid they would kill him, instead they kept him on board to perform every menial and demeaning task that could be
found. He was given food, and a place to sleep, but was constantly berated and picked on. Over the years, he learned the ins and outs of sailing. And yet, he was still picked on and made fun of, though he did begin to earn their respect.
It was during this time, as a teenager, that the captain of the pirate ship took notice of him. Being an elf, he realized Jherek’s potential. He was quick, he was deft, and agile. So the captain beganto train him to fight, making him an official member of his crew, hoping to turn him into a pirate, by taking over the role of father figure. Years later, after many pirated vessels, the elven captain called for Jherek to make his first actual kill. He had fought before,
and injured, but never killed. He was trained to fight honorably, but this bit of business called for something else. He was to murder a child, no older than he was when he was a stowaway. The child was the son of a merchant from a sacked vessel. He couldn’t do it, and the
child was taken belowdecks, to be slain the next day. That night, the Andorian Navy attacked, and Jherek grabbed the boy, as much loot as he could, including the captains prized parrying longknife, and jumped ship. They were picked up sometime later and brought to port, and Jherek left the child with the bards of Antium with some money to get by, and decided it was time he made his own path.

Lord Jherek

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