Hrothgar the Wise

This is Hrothgar as he would have appeared after being saved from his frozen imprisonment at the hands of the Ogre Magi.


Hrothgar Taromir

Author: Kalanar

PC in: Tarmolith

Game System: Pathfinder RPG


6’1" human (Movran Plains)
220 lbs, brown hair (most likely grey or white now), brown eyes.
Chaotic Good
14th Level Fighter
116 HP
14/16 Str
10 Dex
10/12 Con
14 Int
16 Wis
18 Cha

22 AC. Studded Leather +2. Small Steel Shield +2. Amulet of Natural Armor +2.
Ring of Protection +2
Fort 10
Reflex 4
Will 9

Axe of the Plains
Axe of Hurling

Feats- Armor Proficiency (Heavy)
Armor Proficiency (Light)
Armor Proficiency (Medium)
Combat Expertise /-4
Critical Focus
Great Cleave
Greater Weapon Focus: Battleaxe
Greater Weapon Specialization: Battleaxe
Improved Critical: Battleaxe
Improved Trip
Iron Will
Leadership (Base Score 19)
Martial Weapon Proficiency – All
Natural-Born Leader
Power Attack -4/
Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapon Proficiency – All
Toughness +14
Tower Shield Proficiency
Weapon Focus: Battleaxe
Weapon Specialization: Battleaxe

Traits- Natural Born Leader, Courageous


Little is known of Hrothgar’s origins. Movran skalds mainly agree that he was born to a small nomadic tribe among the Movran Plains people. How and why he left is where the debates begin, some say it was foretold by the tribe’s shaman that he was meant to find his fate outside the tribe. Others say the Ogres attacked and wiped out Hrothgar’s tribe, leaving a young boy alone and vengeful in the snow swept plains. Hrothgar’s story enters consistent canon once he emerged from numerous adventures in the Movran Plains and found himself in the Andorian Empire. It is there he became friends with an outcast Andorian noble and bard named Zarathor, the man who both shared Hrothgar’s adventures and is the main teller of his tale. Together, the warrior and bard traveled across the lands and took part in many adventures before founding Hrothgar’s Hall and attracting a small following of warriors. Before long, Hrothgar was swept up into the Second Ogre War, during which Hrothgar formed and led a small army of elves and Movran plainsmen in a number of major battles. With the help of magic, luck, and improvised tactics, Hrothgar and his allies emerged victorious and sent the Ogres in retreat back to their own lands. These cursed lands were then sealed off by Zarathor’s creation of the famed Ironwall. For his efforts, the Andorians awarded Hrothgar with a mighty longsword, but since he preferred the axe given to him by the dwarves, he gave the sword to Zarathor. The two friends, older now but still filled with wanderlust, struck off from their home with a small band and adventured in lands to the far east before making the fateful decision to seek out the legendary city of Quemkarza. Hrothgar and his band were never heard from again, though rumor has it they were recently freed from magical imprisonment by a brave group of adventurers deep beneath the Ogre’s horrific capital city.

Hrothgar the Wise

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