Hinwanwa (Hin)

Elanthyrim Sorcerer


The monk Caden Ilithren was traveling toward Caelen. While still many days from the town he came across a nomadic encampment that was burned to the ground. In the center of the remains there was a single elven child, only a few years old. It seemed untouched by fire or ash. Finding no others nearby and being moved with compassion he took the child and continued on toward Caelen. In the brief journey he became attached to the child and decided to keep and raise it as his own. He named the boy Hinwanwa (child of the lost).

Under the watchful eye of Caden, Hinwanwa grew. Caden worried for the boy, for he always seemed distracted and wary. However, the monk was generous with his love and care and the boy thrived into early adulthood under his tutelage.

One night while hunting together Caden’s worst fears were realized. Just as the boy was about to fire an arrow at a deer he fell to the ground. He shook violently and a strange fire rose from his body but did not burn him. A small area around him was completely decimated by the flames. As the flames diminished, Caden took up Hinwanwa’s unconscious form and ran home.

The next morning Hinwana woke with no memory of the event. Caden stood over the boy. His haggard face showing he had not slept all night. Hinwanwa saw a pack lying next to the door along with a longbow and his adopted father’s Blue Ice dagger.

“You must leave Hin,” his father said sadly. “If the people find out what you are you will driven away. Leave now before their fear causes them to hurt you.”

“I can teach you no more. You must find your own way from here, but it should be away from Elantha. I’m sorry I cannot do more.”

Hinwanwa left that day in a daze. Anger, confusion, sadness all overwhelmed him. That was how he began his travels in the world of Tarmolith.

Hin has traveled south from the city of Caelen. The unseasonably warm safety of Elanthir was quickly traversed. No so the impenetrable Guardians of Elanth – a massive mountain range of towering cliffs and treacherous passes. Only Hin’s natural power, the training of the knowledgeable and wise Caden, and shear luck allowed the exiled Ice Elf to make his way to the Movran Tundra.

Upon the Movran Tundra Hin’s troubles did not end. He could not have picked a worse time to traverse the bleak cold expanses of the northern wilderness (in the winter months of Winter Night and Winter Deep). Before long, Hin was nearly snow blind, suffering from exposure, and starving. Of this time, Hin remembers little though it was through this trial that Hin’s natural powers manifested fully. Little more than a crazed wanderer Hin found himself in the Colchion Highlands, just north of the Witching Glades.

In the depths of the aspen forests of the highlands Hin befriended a band of wandering Movran Plainsmen inhabiting the northernmost range of the plains people. These humans were intrigued by the haggard Ice Elf and invited him to travel with them to the lengendary Plains Rialla (a rare meeting of tribes at a place called the Standing Stones) in the middle of the Movran Plains. Having neither little desire to stay in the frozen north nor any pressing need to go elsewhere Hin traveled with the plainsmen.

At the Rialla, a movran lord by the name of Hrothmir the Untried (grandson of none other than the Movran legend Hrothgar the Wise) made the case that the evil Ogre Mages of the south were preparing for yet another invasion of the southlands. After a week of festivities ending in the largest bonfire Hin had ever seen the Movran agreed to gather their strength and make their way to the Sakend Mountains upon the Greening.

If war were to be made in the South then where else would an adventurer like Hin make a name and home for himself? Hin traveled south with a contingent of Andorian Knights led by Lady Emilia of Port Navanar under her gold tree and ship standard. After weeks of travels, many sleepless nights listening to the howls of dire wolves (the evil raiders of the Ogre Magi), and several raids by the Gnolls of the Sakend Mountains Hin has made his way to the legendary Venthar Keep in Northern Andoria (picture on page 39 of the Player’s Guide to Tarmolith). The Greening is in full swing and the banks of the Ellisian River team with activity as the Andorian Knights respond to rumors of war.

Hinwanwa (Hin)

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