Haldor the Joyous

Haldor is short and not as strong as most of the sturdy men folk of Hrothmir’s Holdfast, his home.


Haldor the Joyous

Author: Kalanar

PC in: Tarmolith

Game System: Pathfinder RPG


5’9" human (Movran Plains),[4’5" when Lurden Dwezak, a hill dwarf],
180 lbs, red hair, green eyes.
Chaotic Good
7th Level Bard, 1st Level Tarmolith Savant
58 HP
14 Str
12 Dex
12 Con
16 Int
10 Wis
18 Cha

18 AC. Chain Shirt. Heavy Darkwood Shield +1. Amulet of Protection from Arrows.
Fort 3
Reflex 6
Will 6

Sword of the Planes
Staff of Oridon Tadene

Feats and Traits
Armor Proficiency (Light)
Bard Weapon Proficiencies
Classically Schooled
Craft Wand
Extra Performance
Magical Aptitude
Natural-Born Leader
Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapon Proficiency – All
Toughness +8

Bardic Traditions
The Society of Skalds
Singing Stone


Haldor the Joyous

Haldor, a young red-bearded human, made his way through Hrothgar’s Hall. The bard managed to avoid drunken revelers and lovers until he finally found a relatively quiet spot to settle down and look at the scroll Jolvarr the Scald bade him decipher. Sigrid the Mead Maiden set down a frothy mug of mead with a warm smile then left Haldor to his studies. The bard puzzled over the scroll and frowned, this was in a language he could not understand. With that thought, the bard smiled, recalling a spell the old scald had just taught him last week. With a few words the writing on the scroll glowed and Haldor was soon reading a Draconian account of life in Kamzan Fortress, a bastion of defense on the border with Andoria and the lands of the Ogre Mages. When finished filing away this knowledge in his mind, Haldor rolled up the scroll and leaned back, rewarding himself with a long draught of mead.

Just as he was about to nod off, Haldor felt a tugging on his tunic and looked down to find several children had ambushed him. “Tell us a story!” cried one of the children. Chuckling, Haldor responded, “A story eh? Shall I tell you of Hrothgar the Wise and Zarathor the Bold?” The children nodded as one and Haldor told them of a time long ago when the Ogres unleashed their orc and goblin thralls on the Movran Plains and Andoria. The bard told of a desperate moment during the war when the human and elven defenses were almost broken. But Hrothgar and Zarathor stole themselves into the main orc encampment and slew the orcish war council. This bought time for dwarves and other reinforcements to arrive and turn the tide of the war. The children soaked in Haldor’s words and when the bard was done, clamored for more. One girl, the youngest of the group, cried, “Tell us of yourself, good bard!” Haldor laughed, “But I have no adventures to speak of, at least not yet, it will be many moons before I have a tale worthy to tell.” The children would not be dissuaded, and so Haldor told the children about himself…

Haldor was born to one of the house servants at Hrothmir’s Holdfast. His father even now was not known to him and his mother never spoke of the matter. Haldor’s status as a bastard earned him much ridicule and he was picked on and beaten often by the hall’s bullies. But Haldor’s spirit was not broken. Indeed, over time, and with the help of his lord, Valdemar Orc-Hewer who trained all of the holdfast’s inhabitants, Haldor had enough skill to deter even the biggest of the bullies. But while learning the use of a sword and shield interested the young boy and came easily to him, Haldor was most interested by the stories told by Jolvarr the Scald. He often spoke to the old man after his tales were done and asked insightful questions about the different lands the Scald had visited and the history of the world beyond Hrothmir’s Holdfast. It was not long before Jolvarr had taken the inquisitive boy in as his apprentice. Years of toil under the Scald’s tutelage left Haldor, now a grown man, in possession of knowledge few in the region could boast of. But Jolvarr told Haldor that soon he must journey beyond the Holdfast and see these lands for himself. “You must see the world for yourself, Haldor, only then can you truly have a tale to tell…”

Haldor looked to his small audience and said, “And so you see, my little friends, soon I will be leave our home but I will return and tell you tales that will brighten your days or frighten you in the deep of the night.” “Now be gone with you and let me finish my mead.” Haldor chuckled watching the children scurry off. He leaned back and thought to himself, “I wonder what adventures and mysteries I will find out there.”

Haldor’s description:
Haldor carries his longsword and shield with obvious confidence in their use and he is treated with respect by those around him. The red-bearded bard is friendly and always ready with a tale to share. He looks much like a typical Movran plainsmen, but something about his demeanor, perhaps his eyes, belies something else.

Haldor the Joyous

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