Basim Al-Zahid

V'adel human. Portly. Bald, with a thick beard.


Basim Al-Fazid: Male Human (V’adel)
1st level Bard, 1st level Cleric (of Sirrion)

HP 29
AC 18. Masterwork Full-Plate.
Fort 0, Ref +1, Will +6
Str 12(
1), Dex 9(-1), Con 10(0), Int 10(0), Wis 18(4), Cha 14(2);

Weapons: Earthbreaker (Habib)

Traits: Heirloom Weapon (starts with masterwork weapon & proficiency with that weapon), Genie Blood (+1 vs. fire, +1 bluff, intimidate, diplomacy, & sense motive vs. fire types)

Feats: Martial Weapon Proficiency (PH 97) (Earth breaker), Point Blank Shot (PH 98), Precise Shot (PH 98), Quick Draw (PH 98)



• Hails from Bartertown.
• Incessant whistler. Refers to himself as “The Happy Hermit.”
• Smokes a large pipe carved in the shape of a red dragon. Wears a large straw hat.
• Enormous appetite for beer, good food, and fun.
• Spends positive transformative effects of fire. After meditating deeply on this truth, Basim became an adherent of Sirrion; two hours a day in meditation; sun-up and sun down.
• Something of a coward. Hates violence.
• Believes in the redemptive power of baptism by fire. Believes in magic as a path to knowledge.
• Often goes into a tavern in disguise. “They say the Happy Hermit has arrived in town! Buy him a beer and your wounds will heal!” Comes back later to collect.
• Plays a tin whistle named “Jubal.”
• Carries a massive earth-breaker named “Habib” which means “beloved friend.” A family heirloom that he cherishes.


• Basim is the eldest son to the first wife of a wealthy V’adel merchant named Shadi ‘bin Abdul-Rahim, ‘bin Abdul Hasib. Shadi ‘bin Abdul Rahim traded in silks, rugs, and fine woolen garments.
• His mother was burned and maimed in a fire. His father still loved her despite her ugliness, but he took another wife with whom he had four sons.
• His half-brothers loved Basim, but they maneuvered to oust him from his inheritance by convincing his father that Basim was too care-free and irresponsible (all true accusations) to take on the family business. When Basim’s brothers took over their father’s business, they ran it poorly, and the family’s wealth declined. Basim and his mother were neglected and essentially deposed from the family, leaving Basim and his mother in poverty.
• Basim’s grandfather (Abdul Rahim), a soldier turned musician and story-teller, took them in and taught Basim the bardic arts. Basim’s mother was taught to sculpt with glass and metals.
• Basim’s mother became a famous brass sculptor, making far more money than her husband.
• Her husband tried to claim control of her wealth, but Basim wouldn’t have it. He took his grandfather’s massive earth-breaker and threatened his father with it. Did the trick, but his half-brothers came back and drove him out of town. His mother lost all her wealth.
• Mystified by his mother’s cruel fate, he took a vow of poverty (which he routinely breaks) and disappeared into the wilderness to find meaning in life.
• While traveling, he encountered an acolyte of Sirrion who recognized Basim as having a fire-type djinn in his ancestry. The priest taught Basim that “all things are flux and fire,” and of the positive transformative effects of fire. After meditating deeply on this truth, Basim became an adherent of Sirrion.

Basim Al-Zahid

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