Tarmolith is a home brew fantasy world which grows in diversity and complexity with each campaign and game session. Characters generated by players are the stuff of future legend and their accomplishments can change the course of history. Tarmolith was invented with colored pencils and a large piece of paper in 1995 and has since been updated and added to for over a decade.

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6th Campaign – The Crystal Caverns – Springfield, Illinois 2012

In which Kerian, Crunokt, Jherek, Hin, and Reyik attempt to make a name for themselves at the base of the dangerous Sakend Mountains. With each passing day of the Greening (spring) the party realizes that they are being further caught up in a dangerous turn of events.

5th Campaign – The Rise of the Winter God – San Diego, California 2011; Online 2012

In which Ilytch Bilgarov, Adrik Volundr, and Karaburan attempt to reawaken the God of Winter while surviving the dangers of the Movran Tundra. Rumors of armies gathering in the South have little meaning on the Tundra which is about to face its own invasion by Fategard Orcs.

4th Campaign – Calling Andoria to Arms – Springfield, Illinois 2011

In which Haldor (aka Lurden) leads a party south to Andoria to draw the Ogre Magi’s minions from Brishen’s important mission to the Illuminated Desert. With the help of Bon, Tanis, Kelakin, and Aulir, Haldor travels the dangerous path south where they successfully draw the attention of assassins. Ultimately, the party is granted audience with King Calaster and convince him of the eminent Ogre threat. The party also assists Haldor in restoring his legacy — a feat that leads to the discovery of Zarathor’s Staff and the slaying of a foul dragon.

3rd Campaign – Seeking the Spirit of Knowledge – San Diego, California 2011

In which Brishen leads an expedition to the Illuminated Desert to seek the Spirit of Knowledge. Brishen leads Kamal, Sakhr, Kallam, Lorel, and Tigs into the Fategard Mountains and ultimately into the Illuminated Desert where they discover that Tarmolith is not flat and that it is held together by a magical web of ley lines powered by the Ancients.

2nd Campaign – Calling The Plains Rialla – Phoenix, Arizona 2010

In which Haldor (aka Lurden) and Brishen Dale discover a mysterious artifact central to a new plot by the Ogre Magi to conquer Tarmolith. Haldor and Brishen enlist the aid of the adventurers Lelani, Ty-Ket, and Basim to assist Hrothmir the Untried (the grandson of Hrothgar the Wise) in calling a gathering of the Movran tribes in preparation to fend off a new Ogre Magi’s assault.

1st Campaign – The Second Ogre War – Springfield, Illinois 1995

In which Hrothgar the Wise, Zarathor the Bold, and their companions gather a Movran army and turn the tide of The Second Ogre War.